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Awards, promotions, retirements part of Rockford Police ceremony

SIX ROCKFORD POLICE OFFICERS SHARED THE SPOTLIGHT TODAY. IT’S ALL PART OF A PROMOTION AND SWEARING-IN CEREMONY AT DISTRICT 1 HEADQUARTERS. THREE OFFICERS WERE PROMOTED TO LIEUTENANT, SERGEANT, AND INVESTIGATOR. ONE RECEIVED A LIFE SAVING MEDAL. AND TWO RETIRED. WE CAUGHT UP WITH ONE OF THE RETIREES, LIEUTENANT MICHAEL AHRENS. HE TELLS US HE’S READY TO MOVE ON AFTER ARRIVING AT THE DEPARTMENT 26 YEARS AGO. Lt. Michael Ahrens/Rockford Police Dept. “I look back like Chief Nielsen, Chief Dominic Iasparro and the leadership and the care they had for the community and the department. It’s still with the department today. You can mention their names to a new guy and they still know them. I don’t know if I’ll be known like they were, but they’ll always be known to me. I hope I left this organization in a better position than when I got here.” ((BRITTANY)) AHRENS ISN’T QUITE READY TO STOP WORKING YET. HE SAYS HE’S MOVING ON TO A NEW CAREER, BUT DIDN’T SAY WHAT THAT WOULD BE. ((BRITTANY)) FREEPORT POLICE LOOKS WITHIN TO FIND THE NEXT PERSON TO LEAD THE

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