Awards of Excellence in Energy Management Insights

reducing energy use worldwide is a critical part of mitigating the effects of climate change and securing a safer future business leaders are using a powerful global energy management standard ISO 50001 to drive the organizational change needed for a true clean energy transformation the clean energy ministerial is proud to recognize the winners of the 2016 energy management Leadership Awards three companies standout for their exemplary use of the ISO 50001 standard meeting climate and energy goals while delivering significant business benefits new gold is a global mining company of gold silver and copper with operations in Canada the United States Australia and Mexico I'm proud to say that new afton is the first line in North America to obtain a certification energy awareness at all levels of the organization has increased which is important because it's ultimately people not systems who manage energy we like to make sure that the guys that we have on our sites equipped to achieve the the level of environmental management and the level of social responsibility that we expect from our company and that's in terms of minimizing waste maximizing efficiency and reducing our environmental impact while being able to show and improve profitability our vision is that energy management as new afton is self-sustaining something that is done by all employees on a day-to-day basis as part of what we do at new gold LG Chem is a global chemical company in the world's largest manufacturer of large sized polarisers the roach egg plant produces acrylic film for LCD modules and lithium ion batteries energy conservation and greenhouse gas reduction are very important elements of our strategy to achieve sustainable corporate growth we will continue to strengthen our energy management activities while developing differentiated products that if use the words energy such as car batteries electric cells and thermoelectric materials so we will strive continuously to pass on a beautiful earth to our children we introduce an energy performance assessment system this key part of the energy management system enables us to examine how successful passed energy reduction efforts have been by experiencing the success of energy reduction efforts all members of the plan actively contribute to conserving energy we have achieved the energy cost reduction of twenty million dollars since introducing the energy management system this not only contributes actively to improvements in product price competitiveness but also helps us practice corporate social responsibility through greenhouse gas reduction Cummins is a global power leader that designs manufacturers cells and services diesel and natural gas engines and related technologies around the world our mission statement includes a really critical part of how we think of ourselves it says that we demand that everything we do leave to a cleaner healthier and safer environment that's true for every employee every strategy every function every business in the company from an environmental perspective ISO 50001 has allowed us to have significant impact across the nine facilities where we've implemented that standard so in 2015 our energy consumption in those facilities was 20% lower than it was in 2010 as a result of that work we have tens of thousands of suppliers we're in 190 countries we make a million engines a year so if we can partner in those countries with those governments those suppliers those customers and leverage all of that infrastructure to address the environmental challenges that means we can have a real meaningful impact to learn more about these leadership award winning companies and how they successfully implemented ISO 50001 go to clean energy ministerial org slash energy management you

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