AWARDS CEREMONY! | Offseason Softball Series

and welcome to the award ceremony for the first annual offseason softball series we've had so much fun with it they were planning to do it again next offseason and not only that but we're going to start up a regular season series right away so I hope you'll enjoy seeing a lot more of these videos and without further ado let's give out the first award of the day it is a Gold Glove going to the best overall defensive player at any position this player has made many diving catches in the outfield and he's been the most consistently solid infielder Captain America get up here man I want to thank everybody who supported me and I hope you don't watch the movie and now a very important award this Dodgers flask goes to the player with the most home runs while drunk and of course it's Fernando but he's not here today because he's too drunk to show up oh ok Punisher accepts on his behalf and this trophy goes to the player who made the best catch of the series and there were lots of great options for this one before his incredible jumping catch up against the fence that he made late in the offseason the winner is javi do you want to say anything yeah nothing ok this Babe Ruth bobblehead goes to the most powerful hitter of the series the one who probably the most homeruns per it bat if we actually kept track of such things and the winner is Superman of course we love you sue got anything to say and now an award for the best single game performance and this one is pretty easy because one player hit three home runs in one game and missed a fourth homer by a couple feet and that you Betty congratulations I just eat french fries eat french fries Benny gets his trophy this jar of pickles goes to the player who got caught in the most pickles Costco shouts Costco Costco Pizza and now an award for the fastest player the speediest runner who could that possibly be Redman thanked three people uh let's see Bobby Benny and Gabe for letting me know that you two actually exist Gabe let the red man know about it oh he's even going back to his seat fast that makes sense this ornament goes to the winner of the Christmas spirit award a player who's always smiling always nice to everyone and he wore a great Rudolph costume during our special Christmas episodes little cars and this ornament goes to the player with the most professional routine the one who acts the most like is already in the majors and the winner is Dallas good job Dallas best single play of the offseason goes to a player who made a jump throw at shortstop that earned him this nickname Jeter if you want to good speech see six your butts cool this award ceremony takes you on Gabe's butt is getting cold Gabe wins funniest Player Award just for that comment you won the funniest injury award is actually a tie between Christmas sweater for when he got hit in the head and Costco from when he got tagged below the belt they each get a band-aid as a prize Dodgers band-aids thank you Costco Dodgers band-aid there you go you take more than one it's ok you're gonna need more problem the best hair award goes to hair 'hard you may need to say it's a comb anything to say yeah best catchphrase goes to spider-man 4 I got this I got this and even though we are all rookies since this is the first year of the series and it doesn't really make much sense to give out a Rookie of the Year award we're doing it anyway and the Rookie of the Year is Gabe his second trophy of the day feel like saying anything Gabe no okay a Sandy Koufax bobblehead and a Clayton Kershaw pin will go to the winner of our SCI you lured the best pitcher in the series and the winner is and Girl Power Girl Power next is the fan favorite award and we didn't even need to take a vote to know which player was by far the favorite among the viewers unfortunately you couldn't be here today but we've got them live via satellite all the way from Japan taka thank you for this hour just once I want to go to that leg see you Thank You taka can't wait until you come back and now the big one the MVP award and the winner is Latos most valuable potato this is his award most valuable potato lados congratulations and you know what Latos stay up here coz while you're up here you also win this bowling pin for best bowler of the softball series and and you win the helmet award for player who wore a helmet the most times you also get the perfect attendance potato cuz you were here for every game you didn't play in one of them cuz Mari tagged you too hard and injured you but you also get the award for most likely to get injured so here's a Dodgers band-aid for you – thanks guys and speaking of bullying here's a trophy for the second best bowler of the series and the winner is curry what do you guys say thank you to curry forgive me motivation and yeah and finally the real MVP award the most valuable player of the off season series there were a lot of good candidates for this one but one stood out above the rest on K also by the way on kit you win this little trophy for worst-dressed I can't believe you gave this MVP award to a Giants fan speaking it mr. Fung Dodger fills I think that's pretty fun well we're very fair Wow MVP ghen booth yeah MVP on K Benny there are two awards left a Tommy Lasorda bobblehead for manager of the year and a massive championship trophy and both of those awards will go to the winner of the next game the championship game and hey if you're new to these videos go back and binge watch them all from the beginning I need to subscribe button if you haven't yet and we'll see you tomorrow for the championship game I don't worry about you just a really good bowler


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