AWARDS CEREMONY! | Offseason Softball League

man welcome to the award ceremony for the off season softball league we had a great season it was a lot of fun and now we're going to get some awards and the first award of the night is the Kupchak award this beautiful cup and jockstrap is going to go to the person who performed the best cup check to make sure we're all wearing cups when we play slow pitch softball you have to wear a cup you know this Benny gotta wear a cup and the winner is su he had an incredible cup check on Andy it was amazing congratulations soup there's your jockstrap and cup use those well okay I need one too oh yeah it's kind of important all my own oh um you don't mess with America man no I like that she oh did I get you connect to get you off I kind of felt something around now it was one of them soup is still hurting lumpy is uh oh no giving them another edge second award of the night Most Improved Player of the Austin softball league miss Michael Myers along congratulations best individual performance about himself only goes to fireball fireball in five home runs on opening day it was incredible unfortunately you can't be here today we've got a live via satellite what do you got to save yourself fireball fireball can you hear us can you hear us I I can't hear anything the mic the mic is defective Oh Robert you gotta fix it he can't hear us it's broken will man you wolf in here anything at all we'll try to get him later we love you far ball best bad flip of the obscene softball league goes to someone with the only ever walk-off grand slam mobile he slammed his bat down wasn't even a flip he just slammed it down to beat a Grand Slam there you go novo speech um I slammed it cuz it was in the heat of the moment and it was a pipe yeah again in real life normally you don't slam things down to the crown no whoa put that down what the heck and then stuck in the ground I think he's dead and I thought you to celebrate in the war this next award goes the person who had the best robbed of a home run robbed a homer and it also includes a ball Mariners 40th anniversary logo bulbs is on seventeen season Andy he had a great robbed of a homer dude I don't just rob homeruns dude I plan like a heist and Andy by the way also in the best mental illness war yeah you do have quite the mental illness it was a medical few seconds ago I know this but the now I am Russian and the accepting the water from you is awful well I love you too buddy and there thanks look at that did I do that yeah and you know what also comes with the award in like this GoPro Hero function I'll put this one on too we forgot one Andy you also win best home run that in a car with your home run derby homer to get a car I don't know what I just thought I destroyed it oh that's the donut a car oh and I do not pay the insurance cool but speaking of almost any weird things best home run that it is ooh creature that goes to the bronze needs we played on a field that had a gue I'll be on left-field fence and the Bronx being said several zoo animals sorry that hit the animals in the zoo through my brothers are other beasts sorry that's true and also by the way these you wanted a Greg bird card that I pulled autograph take that thank you and I'll you like opening packs of cards there you go opening day does any top box hey good job kid big kid with the creek one in this pool looks like Susie pickle foot and now the best friend award for the offseason softball league this person's friendship is on a paralleled I've never seen friendship like this before Fernando's right yeah Brando's friends thank you for being a friend thanks Bobby best friends are forever yes thank you also by the way though we have another award world's best friend I didn't forget some other good friends we have here and brando's brain in bed yeah world's best friend and best friend Ewan bow we're jumping into a big one now the siyoung Award winner for the off season softball league is see ya congratulations the color choice and look I'm gonna start a fashion trend hello shoeless Hulett Sierra like Shoeless Joe Jackson this official balls the 1980 World Series goes to the player who are the best sweater and the audience on bowling in the winter is of course Betty Ward awesome Star Wars sweater the Christmas special he's very happy about it very amazing sweater and are we gonna save yourself man wear that sweater way more often yeah yeah not ours congratulation thank you you deserve it more than anyone did he jump into the ravine Oh sweater jumped into the ravine and apparently uh passed away there's a big one manager of the year for the offseason softball league who could it possibly be me I want it I want to jam peach if I win this or I'm the manager here everyone care for me thank you one of my dear friends is made an appearance the deer does not want to play softball for some reason I keep asking her and she is not interested but Fernando I think you can convince her to play right okay good work your magic work your charm that's the most American award of ever seen in my life yes it is American Andy the most American award and goes to the most patriotic player in the audience off ball league Uncle Sam Uncle Sam your love for your country is unparalleled in the austin softball league and maybe in all of America so congratulations remember guys pay your taxes pay your taxes and also understand you get this box in 2007 t-tops series 1 packs and a bus on opening day tops there you go buddy lumpy keep saying cierra perfect timing for that vegetarian player wins this lovely zucchini on kid nice catch that's why he's the best he can catch things how's that taste tastes like victory right no and more on gee cucumber you also want a cucumber award everyone watch out everyone gets to be cucumber cucumber P oh no this award is incredible the most savage player in the Austrian softball league Bradley Cooper oh it burns just burn people to their very core you got me good recently sabe que yes you also win the award for best scoreboard operator of the off game probably because you have a briefcase for everything and yeah very nice forward very pretty and also of course Bradley Cooper greatest of all time the goat all right this very creepy award a large chocolate bunny goes to the player with the best hops the one who makes the most diving catches is always jumping around well car there you go buddy don't eat that all in one place no she'll go wait wait wait there's more you also in gold global war and you're gonna box you down so many jobs opening day games best friend one although everyone knows that the real best friend is Fernando's friend oh my gosh don't throw those away that's how savage AF is this Punisher award goes to the player who had the most embarrassing individual screw-up of the obscene softball league this player had multiple pop up the catcher they should even try to catch Regina speech oh thanks for the pulse that I could see these three Gold Glove awards go to yes pretty good defense the scattered applause my not my guy was a good defensive player Oh pusher good amazing guide and catching a championship game and Dallas defense is always stellar congratulations for the Gold Glove winner definitely I say pushes on me every night oh oh pusher you're great our teacher of defense and Dallas oh great yeah good job guys but wait also pusher you get to 17 tops every day and Dallas box for you too Jeff you get nothing more these dodgers banded for the winner of the worst injury award and that's me where we see mobile hit me in the thigh very painful why commit have been you this tiny smiling leprechaun award goes to the best leprechaun game he was oh my gosh October's best friend almost killed him oh no honestly all what more proof that the best friend is pretend ghost friend and of course he's wearing some green because he's always thinking leprechaun thoughts right away Gabe you also get to those 17 tops opening day I finally found my pop of gold yes leprechaun game oh nice jump now the Opening Day award goes to the player who I think will be the player in the game on opening day tomorrow and the winner is oh I'm fairly certain me will have the best performance of anyone tomorrow on opening day he's going to be spectacular many home runs do you agree course now the moment we've all been waiting for the biggest award of the night the Most Valuable Player of the offseason softball league is holding Bobby's defense is amazing its shortstop and in the outfield these guys for everything he had a million home ride gave us day by day by day by there you go I don't know say Thank You Robby for everything I appreciate it and yeah you're doing the Hobby do the hobby everybody does all me yeah and all me there's one more thing I forgot it's kind of important along with winning the MVP trophy you get a brand new Nintendo switch Thank You Auggie the way we're not done yet ringing about Best Dressed male and female oh he wants to win he's not going to win I don't think who's going to win we got a lot of good candidates here pusher is looking stylish Sierra even has shoes on now she's trying to win so badly Uncle Sam looking sharp best dress mail goes to gay oh man it's hard could beat that leprechaun suit fashion advice Gabe shout to mom she bought it for me and now the last award of the night the last award the best-dressed female goes to Regina lies do you have any fashion advice for yeah I'll tell you drew shop till you drop alright thank you very much for everybody thank you for an amazing offseason opening day Oh be on season softball leagues are tomorrow it's a like button subscribe tell your friends about these videos won't be good at all his friend he's very happy to be part of this and you know what we are going to see you tomorrow for opening day yeah [Applause]


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