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**Award-Winning** Sci-Fi Short Film: “Helio” – by Shadow Council Productions | TheCGBros

– [Announcer] Attention. This is your intermittent
reminder to get light. If you are feeling noticeably anxious, fatigued, or otherwise
not your normal self, you may already be overdue for a session. Stop by your local light clinic and get your necessary exposure. Do not forget, light is
a prerequisite for life. Your Council of Health is here for you. (suspenseful electronic music) – Shame. (banging) – [Man] Open up! We need help! (grunting) – This is a light clinic, not a hospital. – I’ve got the credits. Save him. – I’m sorry. – I tried… – Oh my god. You have to get out of here, now. They’re part of the resistance. – He’s bleeding to death. – [Doctor] I can’t help him. – Save him! – I can’t. I can’t save him. – Save him now. – I know what they do to
people who help the resistance, I can’t. (electronics whirring) (shuffling outside) Don’t you understand? You can’t hide from them. You need to get out. – [Man] You want him to die, don’t you? – [Doctor] He’s already dead. You both are. (boots shuffling) (gun firing) (gun clicking) (electronic beeping) (explodes) (clatters) (guns loading) (guns firing) – The partisan has boosters. He’s heading for the ladder. (suspenseful industrial music) (crowd chattering) – [Announcer] See if you qualify
for a procreation license. Each hour you work is one hour closer to obtaining your own license to family. (zooming) Inform counselors of transgressors. To report a transgression in progress, locate the nearest call box to alert our Council of Security. If you see a crime in
progress and do not report it, you will be prosecuted
alongside the perpetrators equally and justly. (yelling) (guns firing) – Hey. Transgressors. (grunts) I’ll be back for you. (electronic beeping) – Hey, he’s going for the ladder. (crowd chattering) – [Officer] Move! Move! (crowd shouting) – Come on, come on! Go! Go! (alarm beeping) – [Announcer] Disobedience alert. Kill order in effect. For your own safety… – Move! Get out of the way! Move! Let’s go! – They’re setting up the pipe. – Denizens, return to
your homes immediately. Those who do not comply
will be treated as hostile. Denizens, please. For your own safety, return to your homes. Load it! – [Man] They’re gonna shoot him down! – Stay back! – [Man] Let’s get him! (crowd shouting) (gun fires) (grunts) (spraying) (guns firing) (screaming) (electronic whirring) (mechanical whirring) – Ready the cannon! – [Man] If we hold them off
he might make it! – Aim! (mechanical whirring) Fire! (exploding) (slow, triumphant music) (electronic whirring) (mechanical whirring) (wind whistling) (engine zooming) (dramatic music) (upbeat industrial music)


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