**Award Winning** Sci-Fi Short Film: "Clarity" – by Dustin Brown | TheCGBros

the human brain is the most complex system in the known universe we know we are approaching the deepest of mysteries 100 billion neurons and trillions of inert connections this is truly the cosmos within to navigate and manipulate this dense web of neural circuitry we need to create a map of the brain a wiring diagram nearly 3 years in the clarity prototype is on the verge of making this a reality this is the holy grail in understanding and treating neurological diseases I urge you all to support this project we are at the edge of understanding you cannot put a price or a timeline on this we will produce results well I think it's like 7:15 well I know mom it's a red eye that's why it's early yeah everyone's leaving for the break um I'm gonna call you back okay bye I'd like to start with a posterior section 120 kilowatts skin abrasions on the abdomen and limbs they're looking stressed that's normal great it's the same no progress I've gotta keep working over the break what do you mean it's publisher perish you know that publisher why so soon I thought you wanted to wait for human trial well something's changed we can't we can't wait what did Arthur say is he pulling the plug get back to work okay I have a red eye I'm supposed to go home and visit my family remember cancel it I can't cancel it it my whole family is there and my mom's not doing well okay you could be there comforting her you could be here changing the world that's an easy decision to make when you don't have a family every tell you my father was a physicist I won't buy it was a calculating man very precise as if he lived in some walled off place in his mine but when he looked at me as a whole face lit up in her life came out physics was in this world I was you ever heard of Joseph Brenner No exactly what if we section the accelerating voltage sorry get some rest we start early tomorrow you did good thanks dr. Brenner Anna [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Anna have you been here all night I figured it out you can't do that it's too dangerous I'll have that high a voltage who knows what might happen not to mention it's illegal this was your idea I know but it just so it's working but are you happy there's another way we could narrow the wavelength which lowers a kvp while keeping the resolution intact what you think I hadn't thought of that problem is the mice are too small listen the mice are sick there must be some kind of radiation back scatter you can't pretend you didn't notice that it's worth the risk I'm not your student anymore I'm your lab partner and I'm trying to tell you this is dangerous so listen to me we are not equals I have to get this thing out of me if I don't finish this I'm nothing I think we should take a break come back in a couple weeks and we'll just see where we're at you don't know it yet but that moment of discovery is the most amazing feeling in the world hey it's always reminded me when I was a child oh my god your hands with the radiation were you ever going to tell me I didn't sign up for this I chose you this is my legacy I am giving it I don't want it you cannot ask me to be okay with this Sam you know me I don't have a family I don't have a life this is my everything well what about me what if I've been exposed we are small insignificant long after we are gone this will exist you're right you are nothing [Applause] you

  • This reminds me of the scientists,that died, from the radiation from the Hiroshima and Nagesaki Bombs!
    Mega Radiation!
    And a quick death!

  • Having a degree in science it makes perfect sense to understand what the rewards and dedication that dictate what is needed for discovery! Madame Currie died doing just that!

  • It is OK – but only that – certainly not deserving of these awards – This has all been done before – from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to the Incredible Hulk – nothing new here.

  • Wow smoking.. Every body is talking about smoking.. Smoking not bad but too much of it is bad, is just like too much of every thing is bad….

  • White people always create these obscure "award winning" short stories with high production value, but weird stories and artistic vision. The purpose of storytelling isn't for you to convey your warped political views on life and existence. The purpose of storytelling is to entertain your audience in a meaningful way. Did this short film do that? For me, it wasted 20 minutes of my life that I won't get back. I had no idea where the story was heading, and at the end, very little (if anything) happened.

    Wanna create a good film? Put emphasis on story and a little emphasis on mood and atmosphere. A good story builds the atmosphere on its own.

    Trust me on this. A film with low production but with a badass story (the movie "Upgrade"), trumps a film with high production but a crappy meaningless story.

  • Very well executed production. Pro level which these days is hard to find in bankrupt hollywood.

    Do not allow hollywood to steal and ruin you talents! Make your own way.

  • I liked the foreshadowing and plot/setting mechanics. The film is worth a rewind to get things you miss but the whole story is there and the experience enjoyable.

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  • Going to need to watch it again. What we are willing or obsessed enough about to put our own life at risk to prove What?

  • God I hate these non conclusion stories leaving you with too many questions and not enough answers… waste of time!

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