**Award-Winning** Romance Short Film | Long Branch | Omeleto

Do do do you need to get going ? Aa Aa I walk you, where need to go it cool… Do you wanna fuck? Yes! Yes, I do! Good! Aah? Let's go to your place, Mine there is people ove. Yeah, ah? How is your air support? Why? We're going to need to run Seriously, Where do you live? Aam LongBranch You are … No Noo It's It's just temporary This is going to like three hours It's more like two But one if you got a really pop cast Do you wanna.. do you wanna turn around? No! We're going this Roses, Roses -Hey ya, Give me aah One Rose for the lady Noo No No no no We are ok we are great! Whaat? Do you like romance? Hey! Don't you like flowers? Look, Tonight It isn't about romance, OK! Do you need to get that? Nope Maybe I You know, you should provably Use this time up to be aah get to know each other littler be, my name… Naaaah It's too personal Let's just keep thinks…surface Surface…? Right! Yeah yeah ok cool totally yeah Sooo, Do you have a lot of boyfrie… Naaaah Ok yeah, I think I get it now Soo, What do you have for luch today? excuse me Really! Is too personal? Salad, Ooh Ok so you like vegan Yeah, you know minus the chicken, bacon, fried cheese, goat cheese here Take my coat aah your coat is not going to bring back the feelings of my fingers Its ok, come on Better? Better We gotta go! ouuh No way! NOWAY! NO Look Its the last night I promise Could we get a taxi? Stop! Ok right Can you hold me? Yeah Dude! Stop calling me! Yeah I am not at my place Beacuse I'm sick of this, I'm not going be the person for you just because you feel lonely yeah So Fuck off Are you ok? Yeah I'm fine lets just be going Who was that? Naaaah Wait It was my ex-boyfriend Do you want to talk about it? There is not much to talk about He was a guy we dated and after a year he still can't spell my name right Cool I don't even ask what it is soo Morning! Morning! Seriously Where are we? Aaah Home Do have a pass port sand or something? Take it easy! Mm Yeah , I don't wake up my uncle You live with your uncle? Yeah and my aunt and their kinds But its ok cus I got the whole basement, part of the basement to myself and …Look I just going to talk you but I knew you wouldn't come over if told you I have to go!! Wow No you don't have to go , Hey! Just wait Look You were suppose to be so asshole That you look like five minute away in his shitty apartment and and we were going to have this hot dity sexy and then I was going to fall sleep and then you were going to fall sleep and then I would leave and never going to see each other again and I would feel better And this isn't me Stay, No Just It's been a really long night We can… just sleep I won't touch you I promise Wow Good night! My name's Naaaah You are so… eeh ah I sorry It's all right! I'm so fucking tired Aaah God, Me too! I don't even know anything about It's ok I'm an excellent speller


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