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Award-Winning Entrepreneur Vince Tan on Summit’s Founder John Chong

Hi everyone, Vince Tan here. I am a serial entrepreneur with multiple business
from all around Southeast Asia. And also a speaker. Today, I really want to share with you one
thing specifically, it’s because I just want to say that John Chong from Summit
has always been a very visionary guy, in terms of the education business. I worked with him for over 5 years now. I have to say that I never said this enough…
that because of John’s vision in terms of what education should be in the future has
brought so many speakers from all around the world to educate the entire Southeast Asia
market. In fact, he even promote me to all around
Southeast Asia, many different countries. I have to say because of him, I was able to
bring my knowledge to help even more people out there. To, in fact, by now probably has grown to a few
hundred millions worth of businesses. Not just from me, but the rest of my students
as well. So I have to say that because of John and
the company he has built, which is Summit that got me to where I am today. I think I’ve built easily, over the last
few months just from education business alone, probably a few millions just within a short
few months. So I have to say, thanks to John. I’m looking forward to continue working
with you guys. All the best to you, John. Take care.

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