**Award-Winning** Drama Short Film | Retouch | Omeleto

I haven't Horlick who she says your son cannot understand me to be a poor sport well now they know a job is a pure second coolest man back home after Santa enjoy lucky John McClellan arrival by junior you know tween general rebounders a coffee roundish things you yeah [Applause] sanim passage by so Josiah oh no no baby hey keep it away the family that says well cry daddy mama mother shut up hello when I saw about and get after you what am i exactly I say Paris I'm not that you know extremist overly light em yeah there's a financial I'm busy I'm putting on a very big house I was all you know either way no matter your play you no matter other if I yeah you no matter your playing oh you know me who are if I'm wash my LuAnn – ah Sushma yeah – um you know – you felt joy no matter Fabio playing be our window tracks a bachelor mother bachelors are forever – whispers – Kyle oh come on G my name is Onika rocks I like I'm going to refer to the poor self-esteem nah nah cheese nation now pad awesome therefore serene I'm showing the flesh hath not anything for in Ontario no no I would tell another photo chocolatey Gionta namely on Ashley's it to man Chalmers lying to them Oh bomb them in the hospital born there was a shot of us can fail about but bad sure wash that should be about it yes dear doesn't miss much money to access a girl hot I'll make you she's hot and I can bachelor sure to send us your well your home in love yeah actually it's a little eccentric send me no chance are you an example young woman I'm right coalition sound of pristine Masada quorum is fuchsia lemon do not my mother across the noble tonneaus be thankful Hamish I rather watch a man I love for a big you catch me damn it to wash for that I'll wash see I should help on job of name bees hi mom gave TSI numbers suppose not after sorry God in chato's admin corner now go some shadow weather worship you shit oh thanks that damn signs a damn job of Linda what's up ah – miss Cole are moving apart sign is over here for Charlotte who knows what I get you have a cheesy DFT piranha other Island US economy's in the garage what's your lot Cooper gormless hold up ablative early signs around knock about maybe I can have a yesterday be my Mickey gee no I mean yeah I guess how about that yeah – my mother begu she should manga which is how about another one discover another two special and she's gonna shit woman again or not she didn't tell me oh man came again girls talking a hobby they were yes I was a ninja huh hey Kurata Caramanica mana and Jamie not Jasinski see other he sees in that goes behalf of the I mean Oh Lord that that won't happen again she's a ghost and I can just shoot oh good you found me – right this is your name is Tammy's Queenie was this timing out about hope number – Jessie see how much money see how much honey [Applause] you


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