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David's lovin 20 yeah we have a funeral at noon a brad where are we 54.8 you've lost four percentage points in the last five minutes I need you like my head is sweating it seems like all the optimists have already voted now it's all up to the bitter single people you know I heard people actually have money on this I've got money on this Jay you'd better my wedding no Dave Dave yeah Sid just voted what's she say I don't want to tell you I'm sorry man hey maybe she pressed the wrong button I have fat fingers I do it all the time not saying sit has fat fingers hey mom let me loose stomach deep it's just recently Dave how'd it go dude I didn't happen yet Terry oh no shit yeah an out though no I'm trying to get married oh yeah hi Trisha I haven't seen her oh she here Sydney's in a bad place right now what does that mean did she leave she go home she doesn't want to see you she's really shy where she is in the kitchen across the hall Thank You Ali Ali what hmm did you just text her others come did you just text course I did Dave you epic loser Jesus okay we're in a fucking church days Dave I asked Sydney if I could harm you physically oh okay she said no disappointing good talk there did anybody leave no nobody left it's my mom upset she's fine it's in this thing I okay now I know it's a fuckup it's it's a matter it's not a fuckup Dave like you didn't forget to put on your shoes this is this is you this is your thing no this isn't me it is it is like a fault in your wiring but you don't perceive the consequences of things before you do them yes yeah I'm sorry that it's like why why today what why would a person just do this to another person I know why would you do this why would you do this it's not rhetorical date oh um I I don't know like you did it and you don't even that done that makes me so insane I get it that I get that but look it's a lot of things it's it's bad it's really bad but it doesn't change the fact that I'm here and I'm dressed and I want to marry sorry should I applaud the fact that you got dressed today are you fucking serious that the words are not forming properly but I'm trying to tell you that I'm I'm standing here 100% committed to you right well shit Dave you are 53% so I don't care about the numbers I you are 52.2% right now we're actually gonna lose this if I could undo it I would sit I swear she through the nose one by one cuz that's really fun Stacey Riordan I get that so he's been weird Michael Marquez who the fuck is that he came to the bar baby she changed her answer yeah she's a no no makes sense Greg Whittier no idea he was my karate instructor I don't know you took herati Wow there's an after school thing cool he's a known see you don't even know these people I thought your sister wasn't on Facebook she's not she doesn't have any email address well she made an account that's what she says you know of the 11 people that just voted only one thinks you should go through with it Caroline Bray Wow a fucking stranger thinks I am worth marrying said can we just put the phones away you sound crazy but there is an entire roomful of people in there not not your random Facebook people but but like real actual people and they're here for us that's why they're here they want us to get married do they of course they do let's find out soon soon can we talk about this you picked up the phone date that's what you do the next time that you don't know who to marry or or or what movie a watch or what latte to order call somebody you call Brad you call a hotline I mean talk it out with your fuckin uber driver okay fine that's really good feedback whatever you do you don't post it on Facebook you don't open it up for public comment yes I'm sorry you don't ask every every every math teacher or ex-girlfriend or sabotaging sister to weigh in on it your doormat you make a choice Dave 50.8% it's a real horse race now I need you all of you no no not yet no everybody just said we're not doing that yet hey it's derry-o who are you this is Terry Terry Terry uh Dave's roommate from Michigan State Terry hi hi Terry thank you for coming thank you for the toaster oven he got us a toaster oven I don't know if it's bad luck but we already started using it must be bad luck but it cooks really evenly hi max hi Murray hi sit really no it's good thank you for coming dad relax you're freaking me out hey Brad good morning Reverend hi so some of you know most of you know by now Dave put up a poll last night online asking if he should go through with the wedding right super dumb I know but the problem is that it's actually really close so just just to honor Dave's wishes if we could get a solid yes or no I think he's gonna feel better about the whole thing so if you haven't done it yet just pull out your phone and go to Dave's profile and and vote one way or the other we actually want you to do this so take your phone take three seconds and and vote mom do it awesome thank you sorry are we doing the Facebook poll or the read it Paul the what which Paul are we doing it deleted the reticle I deleted the reddit poll how many fucking poles are there there were there were two last night I deleted one now this one I hate him so much so sorry just to clarify if we did the reddit poll last night should we still do the Facebook pull two or yeah sure sure whatever oh okay for consistency yes okay let's all do the Facebook poll they thank you so yes by a hundredth of a percent what do you want to do sweetheart David say something okay everybody just sit and not you Oh Dave I I can't walk you through this I can't I can't do it every time we argue or disagree or do something profoundly stupid you have to take ownership you have to decide no uh-uh without their help Dave I know this poll had nothing to do with me and everything to do with you and that's the only reason that I'm up here so now it's up to you if you want to do this thing then get up here and let's just do it already and if you don't then now is the part where you walk out you okay yeah I'm just probably worried about choking on the stairs said I've won every system and I met you I've never changed dad Oh see you're not and now only more oh I never really voted I just hit the button by mistake told you okay we're doing it for real now I'm still really glad it says yes yeah be a rough start okay ready you and I would go together baby I just really enjoy taking polls I took like 30 polls yesterday I just love taking other people's lives into my own hands but I'm yes I'm definitely yes I've been to some fucked up weddings before but this my cousin got married butt-ass naked covered in butter covered in butter okay he's still married these bitches won't last two weeks so I'm a no I was yeah I was a hard yeah no I loved it I think it's great they have tomato soup in a cup here it's just real fine usually tomato soup comes in two bolts and a cop breadstick but then it's like a tiny piece of bread so it's that's my favorite thing that's why I'm a yeah what was the question sorry


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