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**Award Winning** CGI & VFX Short Film: “Dragon”s Scale” – by Media Design School

Stay close Becareful (stammers) Thhh…this way. This way. Father! I could… k.. I could… Keep going? I don’t know. We should go back. No I’m ready Take this I…I… I’ll be back before nightfall Looking for something? Uh huh Maybe I can help You will get lost, you know What are you looking for? D..d…dragon. I’m looking for the dragon The dragon? Do you know the way? I could be persuaded I have food Keep the sun on your back Are you going to try and kill it? I’m going to get a scale A dragon scale! Ahh, you want a wish. What do you wish for? To turn lead into gold? To fly like an eagle? To see the future, perhaps? It … it’s for my father. For what does your father wish? Hmmm … Not saying S.. stay here. Why? It’s safer. Hello? Hello!? Gec…gecko? Your trinket won’t satisfy me. Many people come here seeking favours. Either they are worthy and I grant them a wish Or, I kill them and I eat them. Why shouldn’t I kill you, boy? Because I gave you food…? And I showed you the way. I’ll t.. t.. tell you my father’s wish. Very well. He wants to fix my voice. I couldn’t possibly grant that. Why not? Because he is not here to ask himself. What would you wish for, child? Father! Father. Did you conquer the dragon?! I talked to it. Did you get the scale? No. I don’t understand. Is your voice fixed? It doesn’t bother me. I didn’t need the m..magic. That was your wish, not mine. I only wanted want was best for you. I know. I’ll be alright. You know, you’re pretty wise for someone your age Maybe I’ve done something right. Mo… Mother says I take after her.


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