Australia v France | Women’s Full Bronze Medal Game | FIBA 3×3 World Cup 2019

francha was previously unbeaten that lost a game until they ran into hungry in the semifinals country seemed to be maybe maybe a team of destiny we'll get to them later but right now it's all about that bronze medal they don't want to go home winless in terms of medals Rebecca call Keaney falling Maddy Garrett and Alice Clooney they've been on a tear since they hit the 3×3 scene this year they won the World Cup qualifier in Puerto Rico then they went on to take gold the Asia Cup then they went on to win the first ever women's series stopped in shame dude which by the way they ended up beating fronts in route to that women's series win grants got a little payback though in a poor place they picked up a one point win against Australia so now with that game in the bag the Australians can take that in and maybe make some adjustments I'm sure Frost will be making some adjustments as well well there's a kili kili Rebecca Maddie Garrick is out last but not least the most experienced of the quartet it is Alice Cooney og she embed collating away and scorn throughout the tournament but his squad I think they hike I think they ready I think they're ready to go toe to toe again with this squad annamaria Philip petition Guapo Nadia AJ and mom and young Touareg of 195 over to the tall glass is not small but he's definitely outside she'll bring the heart to make up the difference how good is a Leticia Guapo pin 14 Franz has led them in scoring walk this entire competition season newest addition to the squad and I got a feeling we're gonna see her with team comps across her chest for the foreseeable future represent this team she gives them a great opportunity and maybe nobody gives me a better chance than that lady right there Mimi a cool a number one player in the world on the women's side has not shot it great but that doesn't mean that she can't pull through late no better time than now to find that stroke going up against Australia this France team ended Australia 17 game Winston 17 Game one Street I put it into it can they do it again no that's the question the winner of this one get bronze the loser empty-handed so this is a huge game the last place to qualify for that Olympic qualifying tournament Metco coming in with over 40 points scored in this tournament for our team meeting today a part of the balanced attack that is prized she comes in with 26 points and a four-point loss to Hungary is what landed France here and we're probably the favorites in that in that game they might be the favorites to win team Latvia sitting back relaxingg before they get to that gold medal game against Team USA that'll be the last game here in in Amsterdam we get our two wild metal games out of the way and our ladies final then our men's finally this is it y'all we're trying to get to the metal like magneto who's gonna be the first team to do it and Cooney coach on a hookup but laughter they get a hand on it call quick left and she left Marriott PI J in the dust it Australia they strike first and look they love to follow up that Asia Cup goal would at least the medal of bronze it was a bronze medal at the 2018 World Cup de France was able to take home meet you today gonna work trying to at least rock over to Australian quick move get it No you can get it to go down now Toure take a trip with me who need light on our him flex out our bounds gonna be seven seconds left on the shot clock this for bronze medal in a spot in the Olympic qualifying tournament huge stakes in every day today mister crib and then she fouls Garrett she's gonna check out and your gold medal on the skill stomp gold medal winner in a skills competition mighty foj checks in it's been checked up recovers get in front of coal Clooney working on Phillip step back you don't know me like that – nothing [Applause] Groppo our game looks very good with that hook shot not so much coal down low Cooney step on the baseline how to bounce back over the fronts trying to go back-to-back against this Australian team [Applause] here's Bravo lost the handle on that one how good is kini how good his kidneys defense been in his tournament if we had all defensive team she'd be owning a couple of fouls on cross maybe you ought to creator all defensive team hey they coming up with ideas on the fly to none Australia on the attack Cooney Oh in her bag you'll see oh well buddy probably too kept that one in there back that's okay it's alright Oleg passed the defense but she doesn't score hi J what happened top of the key Garrett garden loony on tour day on Guapo Groppo trying to body up on kili kili give us some body back now to put wopo on the free-throw stripe here are you getting Guapo making her debut two did win the fight shoe world university leak back in 2016 and participated in that torrent stop that the client's women's team won almost forgot to mention that both of these teams our winners on the women's series our first two and women's winners australia getting it done and chain do and fauns get it done and Toria I guess you could say they've been equally as dominant seeing a lot more above these teams in the future two one Bravo setting up shot she releases misses it Garrick in the corner working on terrain for one Australia pop oh sit down Garrett got a hand on that go to the whole mod one Australia hi say you know she's got a torch to kisses on the wrist swish five three cold deed uh Philip the terrain she goes around the screen drops it off Philip your covers it but look at the tenacious d from coal that's what she that's what she hangs her hat she's proud of her defensive ability Shane scared of nobody she stepped back but misfires hi Jane bored hi Jay looking to go to work Tori she splits the deed yes to the cup misses the scope gets the rebound today no saw stolen it was just enough to get the to go down [Applause] that went out of bounds off of France ten seconds remaining take some time to say thank you to our official sponsors our founding partner Nike on global sponsor Wilson official timekeeper Tissot we don't need to know what time it is right now [Applause] there's crunch time for both of these teams the whole game Olympic implications all over this Garrick know that one tipped out of bounds off of Cooney 621 remaining fronds on a three nothing run the pull within one Phillip Bosh a screen false to the paint drops it off Phillip have some of that five-five Kili oh she's left let go let me shoot it that time no sex luck for her she's beat up but fouled in the process so Keeley will shoot one Keeley was not on that gold medal winning team at the Asian Cup this year let's rejoin the team and then had a great tournament doesn't I'll make the free throw we'll have a great trip to the strike now France on the attack air mails it shot clock violation didn't touch nothing have a new chance one way or the other of men's and women's both the reigning gold medalists have been eliminated both Italy and Serbia Bosch a rush it to our own teammate Guapo wet wet 7-6 [Applause] go Garrett [Applause] stay with it today on the grounds who takes advantage gets the bucket to even things up 7 apiece approaching five minutes to plate or a doing her dance when she shoot the cookie she got good form gave it to Garrett eight seven I want to say from Eric over to Keely she hit that that would have been top five worthy no question but she did so we continued rappo trying to get past Cole oh she does and Guapo filling it up like the tank Soni and she has been all tournament called left doing the dust oh that time I'll add two nine eight to lay off the rim it goes yes Garrick rattles off the rim so right oh goes to that cross oh she's unable to finish it foul called on Kili at the rim so how to put to lay on the strike to write with a little bright because she's number one in the world only 24 years old stands 180 and oh so good at the strike not to mention MVP of the Europe Cup 2018 [Applause] we're out a 10-8 game team France in front Groppo setting up shop top of the key by Jay behind-the-back gets it to Phillip Phillip good hands unique to handsy she's once I put a foul Phillip push you one this sold-out crowd getting loud [Applause] great energy great basketball see that one drop through nothing but net black hole using the strength underneath now Philip will have a chance to knock down a free throw on that she does Garret going right right through the teeth of the deed but mr. crimp I say she passes up the tube gives it to Guapo instead she tucks the deuces these girls ain't lawyers no they ain't lemonade over the car J fill it out of the paint now J a little green light go get her with the head Z after pumping the brakes twelve eight spots by Jays down but she's up to possession game 3:17 left I'll Philip left all by her lonesome and she still touched no room oh look at Co oh I thought she was gonna hit that left the front the back of the room now we go down to Philip Buki me no argument from her bow on the shot it's number five on Australia France was four and Philip is back up at the free-throw line just like that this time [Applause] violet the rent auto tour a swimming swinging and swiping at that she got coal on top of the head in the process [Applause] so here's Beck on her way onto the all-star 5:00 in the WNBA eldest pasties stepping up to the free-throw line after she get our hair did MVP to Asia Cup one bronze at the Asia Cup of 2018 and was on the team of the tournament there she does not make the free throw [Applause] they start to possess him to PI J Maas a quick crossover left to right behind these loco so finishes it all Co stops over to Garrett Garrett down to og who me with the drop step she gets involved in the game 2:20 to play Australia chill about five and terrain Oh [Applause] pase with the moles coating couldn't hit it I don't know Philip had had that little shoulder shimmy like that foul on the play in a 17-9 game France we're gonna go to a no against the Australians here and Amsterdam to a splash 18 9 buck 42 to go the twos gonna start flying for Australian not only do they gotta start putting them up in a hurry they gotta start hitting them in a hurry [Applause] Garrett lost the handle on it bounce about 31 to play Rockville she backs off she wants some more space to operate off of the Loom over the gold and green dang Guapo and Phillip no get together as will kitty call Keeley Garrity nine point game you don't see leaves like this race very often he's been a dominant French performance Marge a stops on a dime and they get it down to the dominant Philip who puts another drop in the bucket [Applause] to freako vii ow on australian fill it not sit down game point team France on a bounce wound off of Australia but they want to challenge it can I get a look at it while they get a look at that shout out though we hear 3×3 Netherlands experience promoting in schools and playgrounds and clubs all over the country with 3×3 is the primary tool for doing the world cup here at Amsterdam provided some opportunities for underprivileged you to get experience in the 3×3 game and give me somewhat of an escape from some of some of the circumstances this is primary school on got of her world rules girls only tournament and overall just just a great opportunity for some of the youth who hope to have a future in 3×3 to participate so I definitely want to show a lot of love for that I got a chance to get on the mic early and have some fun with the kids so shout out to Martin host we say whoo great organizer here in the Netherlands and a huge part here in this Guinness World Cup and obviously all the other events going on to help the youth and grow the game grow the sport of 3×3 here in the Netherlands number love seeing the you seeing the fruits of that labor Netherlands players and teams just continue to get better and better meantime that footage is deemed to be unclear so it's gonna stay the call will remain but Australia can challenge again if they want to but it's game point for fronts I don't think we can go get there wopo up fake fill it D out to Guapo no oh and there Cooney hits the deck 11-point lead for Team clocks stand up late blue first people to listen to me say diesel edges rolling their eyes like wet Budi Oh down again Sumerian PI J not only does she have a goal in the skills competition she now has a bronze medal for its teammates and they're gonna spot in the Olympic qualifying tournament as their road to the 2020 Tokyo games will continue Australia meantime they come up just short didn't have quite enough here in the bronze medal game celebration time for Team Franz as they go to meet the main scene they'll be competing for a spot in the Olympics that's reason to celebrate what a win and Australian team has met nothing too bad I am they to choose just better in this game you see the emotions from the Australian team did his losses they hurt this is our scene players who put in blood sweat tears and games you didn't look at the game winner I was a practice preparation but the Australia still learning and I use this as a learning experience it is Crocs congratulations [Applause] they got a certain genetic walk about them

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