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Atty. Borja vows to put Katrina behind bars | Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit (With Eng Subs)

Thank you, Ate Barbie. Thank you… What’s taking so long?! Alright, take them in! – You can’t do this!
– We’re innocent! Hey! Stop! We’re the victims here!
Why are you locking us up?! Michael Villaluna’s
the one who should be here! You committed public
disturbance and trespassing! Public disturbance?! What Michael Villaluna
did was worse! He destroyed our livelihood! Can’t you see?! We’re the real
victims here! – That’s right!
– We’re the real victims! You are not the victims of
the commotion you caused. You hurt a lot of people!
Two of which are children! What you did was a crime! How would you know that
we’re the ones who hurt them?! We have evidence and
witnesses proving that you’re the one
who hurt the children. Excuse me. Sir. I am Atty. Nante Castillo. I’m the legal counsel for
Miss Katrina Salvador as well as the victims of
the bombing incident. Then you must know exactly
why we arrested your clients. I apologize on
their behalf, and it won’t happen again. Of course it won’t. We’re filing charges. Not just for public disturbance
and trespassing but also for the physical
injuries Mikmik sustained. Wow. Go ahead. That’s a brave statement. You won’t get away with this. Sooner or later, Katrina,
the law will come for you, not just for what
you did today, but also for falsifying
the results of the DNA test, for the attempted murder
of Grace Andrada, for burning down her house, and for physically
assaulting Barbie. Where did you
hear all that? Besides, do you have
any evidence? Oh, yes we do. Go ahead.
Good luck on that. Thank you.
I don’t need it. Attorney… Come back to us when you have
substantial proof, okay? Otherwise, we will send
your clients to prison first. That, I promise you. Where’s your station commander?!
I need to talk to him! Hurry up! – Move aside!
– Let’s go. – Take them in!
– Don’t resist! – You can’t arrest us!
– We’re not going anywhere! – Let us go!
– We’re innocent! Don’t worry, Katrina.
We will post bail for you. Attorney. What about us? What about our case
against the Villalunas? Nothing will happen to us, We just have to wait for
the investigation to begin. And we need to help. How can I help, Ma’am?


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