Attack of the Toy Tanks Trophy & Achievement Guide | Crossbuy – Stackable – Cheap Platinum

what's up – Rafi and welcome to my trophy and achievement guide for a tech off the toy things the game comes with six decks you can get the Platinum in about thirty to sixty minutes depending on your skill the gameplay is simple you take control of the provided where he goes war and battle it out across different arenas and be the last tank standing there are seven kill trophies you get the trophy for every ten kills that sounds a lot but believe me at the end of the game you will have a lot more kills the game offers a total of sixty levels but for the Platinum you only have to beat thirty levers most of the levels can be done in a few seconds after completing a level you also get the rating there's one trophy for gold rating and one truth for silver rating keep in mind getting a gold rating will not unlock the trophy for the silver rating and last but not least there's another trophy for dying once if you have some trouble if the controls go to settings and change the control scheme you can choose between two options so that's all important things you need to know about the trophies and achievements in this game this time I give you no full rock route because a full walkthrough for this game is really not needed just complete the first 30 levels and or other trophies will unlock naturally the last tip I can give figures to get through the game easily playing more defensive is sometimes better


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