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Atomic Tom Grammy Awards 2011 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

Hey, it’s Shira Lazar backstage at the Grammys, brought to you by Turbo Tax. I’m right now with New York based band Atomic Tom. What’s up? Holla. Holla. And you know I knew you guys because of this crazy video you had. You did it with your i phones. It was everywhere. People realized you’re big and you’re not going anywhere. Right? yeah. I think we’re trying to. [laughter] So tell people about your music and what you’re up to now. We are on the road right now. Actually, our first national headline tour that we put together ourselves with our good team and we just started coming down the west coast. We’re about to head east. We’re having a lot of fun. We’re about
t also, at the end of the month, go back in the studio and start working on some new tracks. Then
the plan is just to tour the rest of the year. So, let’s talk about this video though. This i phone subway video. How it all came about and now it’s viral. Yeah, we do these creative video blogs and everything and my younger brother was the one who actually came up with the
idea. He was imagining like band playing you know, playing their song on the i phones. We decided, we picked a location to do it. We wanted there to be a risk factor, so we chose like the New York City subway and found
out that the B train takes seven minutes. So that was enough time to go perform
the song and we just did it. In one take. [laughter] Well what you see on there is one full take. We did it three times. That’s not that many times. Right. But the last one was the money take. The energy was real good. People were into it. There was a baby
on board if you look really closely. In a stroller like this. I didn’t even
know there was a baby on board. You’re so into the music. I haven’t seen the video. I think you should open up your laptop and maybe check it out. I don’t have a laptop. Well, you have an i phone. So, were you surprised of the reaction? Completely, we put it up there expecting like maybe ten
thousand in a month, if we were lucky. We did not think it would two-hundred thousand in one day. Then a million within three. We were actually in LA at the time too. Home is New York City and so, it was like the band was split. At least
in two different locations at the time. It was just like, holy crap what’s going on? We need
to like figure all this out. It was pretty crazy. Is that important for bands to putout videos like
that? It is about the music, but it’s about how you deliver the music to the people and tell a story. It’s a good networking tool. It’s a good
way to get your music out there. No matter what, I mean, lots of people
are becoming big on the internet, because that’s sort of the medium now where people look to all the time. For us, the song will always be the thing.
That’s the most important thing to us, but we have a lot of fun finding ways
to reach out to new audiences and get the music out there. It’s a great creative outlet Eric’s really good at editing videos, so it’s
a lot of fun to kind of to kind of put that element of our band out there in that way. So what’s the next thing for Atomic Tom, in the future? The new album. New record probably either late this year or early next year. Really for us it’s just getting the show out there. We want people to see how we make these songs rock. And bumping into some cool people at the Grammys. We’ll actually be in San Diego at the time. Well, we’ll be thinking about you. Your soul will be here. We’re not going to the Grammys. It’s okay.
You’ll perform like you’re in the Grammys. Alright guys, thank you so much. Thank you. Best of luck. Sponsored by Turbo Tax. Turbo Tax guides you step by step to the maximum refund you deserve.

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