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As atrizes indicadas ao Oscar 2019

Hello everyone! I’m Carol, but you already knew that because of the name of this channel. This year I managed to do something I’d never done before: I watched every film nominated for best picture at the Oscars. yes, I did it, and today I want to talk about the women nominated for best actress in 2019’s Academy Awards. I just wanted to say that as a film student, and an actress, I know absolutely nothing more than you guys do. This is just my opinion, I’m really just sharing my opinion about the performances I saw, and how great I think these women are and how they shine. First I gotta say something: all the performances nominated for best actress carried a heavy analysis on women’s role in society. women were snubbed in other categories like technical categories, best screenplay, best director, and I think that’s wrong and things can’t stay this way but the best actress category is filled with reflexions on women’s role on society in every performance that was nominated, so I just want to quickly go through each of them. First I want to talk about the angel, the phenomenon, the wonderful princess that is Yalitza Aparício. The coolest thing about Yalitza Aparício is that she’s a primary school teacher in Mexico, she’s mixteca, and she showed up to the casting call for Roma without knowing what it was all about because the casting directors wouldn’t tell her, she even thought it was human trafficking at some point she went to the casting call, she got the part, she acted in a Cuarón film, and delievered a performance so delicate and beautiful that meshes really well with the overall tone of the film… I don’t think someone with a lot of previous training in acting could have achieved that result. She represents a racial minority in Mexico, there’s a whole thing going on about her not being the face that Mexico wants to portray, that she isn’t a reflection of Mexico, but I think she deserves to be there, she deserves to be in that position and to be a best actress nominee at the Academy Awards. I really liked Roma, okay? I just wanted to put that out there that I really liked it. Most of the actors on Roma weren’t actually actors, I think the only one who was formally trained was Cléo’s employer. I really like what Cuarón did in this film and I think Yalitza really deserves this nomination. Now I’m going to talk about Glenn Close. The Wife is a really good representation of women’s role in society as a subservient being in relation to men being the perfect wife, always being there for him, but never being a priority everything Glenn did is in the details. In the looks she gives, and sometimes when she exceeds her limits, when Joan get’s worked up and mad, she goes through a rollercoaster of emotions all the time, it is very interesting and beautiful to watch. And like, Glenn Close has been nominated seven times for the Academy Awards, I think it’s time she snatches that trophy. This video will come out after the Academy Awards, and I don’t know who won, but I bet on her because she really deserves it. Lady Gaga! Guys, I love Lady Gaga. I’m like, her #1 fan, I think she deserves an Oscar for best original song I don’t think she necessarily deserves best actress, because all the actresses nominated this season really set the bar high, but it’s another interesting look on codependent relationships, because her character, for those who have seen the movie, wants to build her own path in music, she’s had this dream her whole life but she’s deeply in love with Jackson, and she can’t just leave him behind. The plot of A Star Is Born isn’t new, this film has been re-made 4 times, but I think Gaga’s acting was very precise in capturing a woman that is strong and at the same time has so many masculine figures in her life that kind of dominate her life, specially her father. She ends up leaving him to be with her boyfriend, Jackson, that becomes her husband, and she lives in the middle of all these strong masculine figures while being a woman. If you pay attention closely, she’s the only woman in the entire cast of A Star Is Born. there’s one other female character that is a stage manager that has one line, but Ally, Lady Gaga’s character, is the only woman in the film and she’s the main character, so it’s very telling of women’s relationship to men. ok guys, Olivia Colman! “God save the Queen!” she’s the queen, and she doesn’t need to be delicate and cute and she doesn’t need to be lovable, she doesn’t answer to anyone and still, being this amazing woman, Queen Anne, queen of England, she has two women fighting for her affection, Abigail and Sarah it’s a very interesting movie because it has three female leads telling Yorgos Lanthimos’ story. She doesn’t have the obligation of being lovable, because she’s the queen, and even then she still needs love, care and affection because she’s been through a lot in her life. I think it’s interesting seeing a woman in a position of power that doesn’t need to be lovable. Because we’re always so stuck with this idea that women need to be lovable to make other people feel more comfortable around us and Queen Anne doesn’t need to be lovable, because she’s the Queen. I think we should all take that for an example. We don’t need to be lovable all the time. We can be sometimes, but not all the time. Last but not least, I’m going to talk about Melissa McCarthy. Melissa McCarthy has a very interesting performance in this film, that reminds me a bit of Willem Dafoe in the film he got nominated for best actor, I don’t remember the title now, I think it’s “At Eternity’s Gate”, I’m not sure. She’s a very ambitious, work driven character, she wants what she wants, she wants to write the biography that she wants to write, and people keep shutting doors for her. so she finds a way to open those doors and set a path for herself, even if it’s not in a very legal way. She has this thing of being unapologetically herself, and in doing that she ends up in situations that really mess up her life. This is something women struggle with, being unapologetically ourselves, standing up for ourselves as individuals, like, I’m here to work, I’m here to be a professional, I’m here to do what I’m here to do, and I think the character Melissa McCarthy plays has a bit of that, which is chasing after her objective that is writing, even if she’s not taking credit for it she’s still writing and it is the best time of her life. This movie is based on a true story, which I think is very interesting because I like when actors have to play real people, so I thought that was really good, like Melissa McCarthy’s overall performance. Here’s where I’m ending this video, there’s no groundbreaking insight that’s new or super interesting on these performances, I’m no connoisseur of film and acting but these are my opinions I think it was a really good year for the best actress category, the films make us take a look at very interesting topics. I still think women were snubbed in other categories and deserve more nominations in other categories, last year we had Greta Gerwig nominated for best director because people rallied up for her to be nominated, and she was because she deserved it, but maybe if people hadn’t gotten involved she wouldn’t have been nominated and I think that’s unfair. So, Academy, let’s work on that. Let’s give women recognition for their work, like every male director gets every goddamn year. Tell me wich films you guys liked best in the comments below, what you guys would like me to watch, if you want me to talk about any other films, and this is where I’m gonna end this video! Bye, thanks for watching!

  • Mano eu n tinha percebido a parada da Ally como a única personagem feminina, adoro opiniões que me fazem perceber coisas novas. Parabéns Carol! 😁😁

  • Que surpresa agradável a Olivia Colman né ? Nem da pra reclamar, mas você podia fazer um vídeo das maiores injustiçadas do Oscar né ? Fernanda Montenegro Cof Cof

  • Carol!! Muito foda seu vídeo!! Acho que seria legal também falar da Charlize Theron que apesar de não ter sido indicada, faz um filme que também fala do papel da mulher na sociedade: a "maezona" que cuida de tudo sozinha e que tem um marido que não faz absolutamente nada em casa, mas que não se importa com isso.
    Carol, por favor, faça mais vídeos!!! <3

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