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Art, Money and Entertainment – Analysis to Salvador Sobral winning ESC

hello people this is my first video talking a topic that is often not addressed which is art in this specific case music and the relationship between money and entertainment versus art and how it relates where the composer artists get their income I am making this video as reaction to the latest results of the Eurovision Song Contest Portugal won it by presenting a very original song from the rest of the countries why was it original it had no English words it had no electronic beat it caused really a reaction to everyone it was interesting because many people me included did not believe the song would win not because the song was necessarily bad because it’s not but because it didn’t have these characteristics that we associate with this kind of competition even had the choreography the electronic bit why did it win then I want to use that question to address a more important one which is Ultima shion’s make a living and now does that influence the music that they make because we live in a capitalist society to stay alive in the world today you need a job you need to work so then you get money so then you can buy food with that money that you get so you can feed yourself that’s how you survive pretty much what happens if you’re a musician who gives you the money to be a musician and so you can survive well to answer that we need to ask ourselves who pays for our music if I write a song and someone pays me so that person is pretty much the reason why my life because they paid me so I can feed myself so it’s in my interest that I make a song that will please that person will continue to please so I can still continue alive and now you can say but when I’m making music I just follow my feelings and I don’t care about what others think of me you really have never watched the Eurovision Song Contest before this is a bit the philosophy behind the Salvador su Brow’s mindset and you want just because of that mindset but it’s just one guy so how many people behave the same way and they have no success put this into a big context we have to get a bit intellectual and look a bit at the history of music and the biographies of some composers it’s going to get a bit nerdy now so apologies in advance let’s go back to the times of German composer Johann Sebastian Bach it composed hundreds of cantatas music for violin and keyboard and orchestra and who paid in two main identities the nobility and the clergy he was a couple meister the director of music so to speak of Prince Leopold and he worked in a church composing music for ceremonies also giving music lessons there therefore he wrote religious music just normal same things in the church and the very advanced music and complex one because he was getting paid anyway and he didn’t matter how many people went to church and also the prince was musically educated was high class so he could appreciate complex sonorities the same goes for Mozart Mozart started to work for the nobility in the Salzburg Court however he was growing a bit of frustration because he had to cleave the nobles he couldn’t write the music that he really wanted at write the music the nobles wanted include then tired of that resign his position and went on a journey for this artistic independence and what happened to Mozart well it started to have financial problems and he went back to Salzburg to work again for the nobility because he had no other financial choice he image we got fired and had to work as a freelance musician and that made him financially unstable for the rest of his life even though he one of the most genius composers who ever lived with Beethoven the story is a bit similar but Beethoven was more revolutionary because we team started this mindset romantic artists the artists who just follows his passion and doesn’t care about criticism or popularity and doesn’t need the church or the Kings actually he needed he was financial by patrons were mostly from nobility today the three quartets opus they’re still called the razumovsky coitus why because there is this guy who had money his name was razumovsky and he paid him to write the string quartet that’s why during quarters exist this guy is an educated high-class man lover of music so Beethoven can write complex music with difficult relatives that won’t that won’t be a problem because he’s used to that as a music enthusiast he kovin also used some Russian teams in the quartet of course to please his patron he was idealistic and artistic yes but he was also quite smart one will review publishing 1807 about these string quartets says the following three new very long and difficult Beethoven string quartets are attracting the attention of all connoisseurs the conception is profound and the construction is excellent but they are not easily comprehended [Applause] so composers could write complicated music they could pouch 12 the boundaries because we were writing for a high class the connoisseurs he still even got some criticism so you can imagine our revolutionary dis music was the mindset started to change because now a cause of bourgeoisie people started to appear who are the bourgeoisie they were merchants who had some money by making business and trading and they now had some spare money to spend in going to a concert or buying some art for example this one’s opera started to get big and composer started to get rich by writing operas you had now composers who just dedicated themselves to opera composers like Rossini Donizetti and very true they also wrote other music with surgical music chamber music but he focused mainly on opera because it’s what gave them money at the same time Chopin was writing piano concertos and ballads while giving license to these bourgeoisie people and pretty much leaving a quite humble and poor life compared to the Italian opera composers Rossini even stopped composing opera altogether to dedicate himself to being a chef which is was his true life’s ambition of course these repercussions in the music the themes and the music written in this period in this country the Italy or lighter the plot of the operas is not very complex the melodies are simple to add the story and the scenery and the dance to complement the music once you know what you’re in the piano ballad you just have a guy sitting at the piano playing so of course Oprah will attract more people and will attract a wider audience that will mean more money people also like the Chopin ballads but they were smaller in number and they were mostly hope from a higher social status by the way side note before going to the Opera you need to have money to buy a ticket to go to the Opera so don’t get impression that there was a farmer cultivating potatoes in the morning and in the evening he was going to opera because that’s not really the case there were still a lot of inequality but by now it was improving fast forward to the 20th century you have the start of the modernist art and yes a big shift the popular entertainment culture and for the masses and the high culture for any read us painters painting abstract paintings composers writing music without memorable melodies or standard harmonies we had a lot of experimentation going on and the artistic philosophy behind these was we are artists we do our thing we don’t have to please the audience you know I have a vision which is necessary if you want to do music of anything-goes I mean you have to have a personality and to give you a vision of things if people don’t agree with your vision that’s the height which was the same philosophy that’s all those who brought used to win the competition but in the 20th century you have no markings and no more church who is sponsoring these avant-garde artists the government represented by cultural institutions one of the most important ones is here come founded by french composer pierre boulez in the 1970s a major important Research Center or composers have maximum freedom to experiment with electronics computers and synthesizers before that in the 1950s a German composer called kaleidoscope houses was experimenting in Cologne in a public funded cultural institution called the VD are doing the first electronic music these guys were the first people doing electronic music without these crazy composers and innovators there would be no e no trends no electronic stuff but most of the people were not listening to these guys people were listening to the Beatles and Elvis Presley and that’s fine the composers were fine with that because these experimental composers were getting paid they were getting furthered by the government writing is elite music so they can focus on doing their best work their best experimentation Zwick the music and the language and innovations forward and far and they don’t have the financial need to please the audience mm for example composed group an a crazy difficult piece for three orchestras and three conductors it is it because it was a very imaginative and brilliant composer but also because he had the funding to do it if there was no funding there would be no peace you can ask why was the government funding this kind of Arts that few people listened to it would be a topic for another video but the short answer is research and development these guys were inventing the wheel before Skrillex was born is crazy composers had already invented all the software and hardware you uses they just didn’t apply it in a commercial way because if you need to you were already getting paid why would they care about selling thousands of CDs but these knowledge that they are doing will affect future generations and these future generations will take these knowledge and make something more commercial for everyone at the same time the Beatles and Elvis Presley were not receiving any government funding so they had to make the music to attract a lot of following so like Italian opera good lyrics that everyone can relate melodies that people can sing and non-musical things also started to become more important like clothes and fashion dance moves and the charisma are also super important example who can listen to Michael Jackson without remembering the iconic dance moves [Music] like the Opera the pop artist needs to offer not just the music but a complete experience to attract people there are so many components that sometimes the music gets a bit neglected but that’s not a problem because it’s not it’s not just about the music it’s about the show the performance the light that dresses everything but don’t get me wrong the Beatles and every sprightly they were doing really revolutionary things things that are now standard they invented it we have an idea the first album ever dev the lyrics of the song printed in the album was Beatles Sgt pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1967 and now it’s pretty much standard there is just one small example of their innovation but now the pop music really crafted the machinery of attracting audiences and making money using all these techniques that these big artists developed that’s why every boyband needed to have an assortment of carefully selected people you had the cool handsome guy where the nerd slightly intellectual you had the Latino guy you had the black guy etc etc so that everyone can relate to the band the elite still exist but they are disappearing the access to culture now is more Universal democracy spreading and everyone has access to films music literature and you need to know for Who am I writing to my music is open for everyone and everyone is welcome to you my music this is matter if they are hard class or not I like that perspective and I share that pot myself but if you write a song that is not in English you already have a big amount of audience that will not tuned in for your song because they don’t understand the lyrics so they don’t like it for example I love see garage it’s a rock band from Iceland and then singing an Icelandic and in a language that they themselves invented and I find it totally beautiful but I know that many people will say I don’t understand the lyrics I won’t bother listening to it [Applause] see Gujrat is quite a successful band but they will never enter the top 10 of most listened bands because they chose to sing in icelandic but their goal is not to be in the top 10 otherwise singing in icelandic would be a really poor choice to achieve that goal their goal is something else singing in english could help in the votes yes people say but I never cared about the vote so I would never do the song in English I just wanted to think of the beautiful song as it is if for example I love listening to Coldplay I find the first albums really good there they change their sound to become more modern and electronic and to please more people and then I stop liking them I know it’s typical Leapster I’m sorry [Music] I’m waiting to find no [Music] yes I can but I just preferred the sound from the first album it’s just my taste really it’s just my taste but thanks to that decision they went from a normal band to a top 10 selling record band even though they lost a few friends like me begin many new ones to compensate for the loss I think they made a good business and financial decision even though I don’t like their music anymore for example Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj they undressed themselves in video clips made kind of erotic stuff to appeal to more audience it is the goal to sell records if doing erotic dancing and showing your ass and boobs I also achieve that goal why not do it the answer is that these strategy only works in a short term because people get is retired of that now I come back to the Eurovision Song Festival the countries wanted to win so they started to use these techniques so heavily that there was no cultural difference between all the countries they all did crazy then moves crazy electronic up beating lyrics in English and if you don’t do it you will never win but the motto of the contest is celebrate diversity and there was no diversity no elements that could distinguish one performance from the other with the exception of Portugal and Salvador Dali kind of musically rarity in the comeback something that we haven’t heard in many years instantly when you hear the instrumental that sounds completely different and original and I was talking the whole time about the difference between the elite and the masses and how they appreciate different things but what root was really really extraordinary was that Portugal won the most votes from the jury it won the most votes from the public and it won 758 points the highest score ever in the competition industry besides that the performance of Salvador subra and the composition of his sister Luise also wonder and I hope I pronounce this correctly Marcel Bisson son price which is a prize given by the composers of all countries it’s beautiful I think it’s the best prizes because to be seen by the other composers as a good composer or having a good song it’s one of the best things so I’m really happy to see you know what I feel like this price is more important than winning the competition because this is given by commentators people from all over Europe that know music and listen to music and to be recognized by musicians and by people that understand music for me is very I think even more rewarding than I people is I don’t think normal people without something but I say it anyways yeah hey by the way he said those statements be before winning the competition these prizes were awarded before the final so I found it beautiful that everyone agreed on beauty and there was not this difference in taste from the high-class versus the method which makes the word bind together she’s why I’m making this video and each which is why I was so happy about the results of course not everything is beautiful and lovely many people reacted immediately to the fact that they didn’t like the song and they thought it was unfair I liked the comments that said the song is so boring and made me sleepy that makes me presume the person wanted this uplifting electronic beat and Portugal did not present that so it was a nappy hair statement ok goddess employees and how many that they have selected another 60s ballad I’m sorry to go haha yeah no enjoying this 100 magical I may write a beautiful instrumental melody for piano and violin and doesn’t matter how beautiful it is there will be someone who thinks it doesn’t have lyrics and that has no drum beat that’s boring and the opposite also happens you mean compose the greatest electronic beat of your life someone says oh it has electronic so it’s generic we have different tastes and I really hate when people start saying what genre is better than the other and making our are keys because it’s about transmitting different feelings and as a bonus for watching this video so long I answer the question what makes a person an artist instead of an entertainer and it is a personal opinion but for me an artist is a person that is genuine is different goes against the standard way is not trying to please everyone but to manages to grab people’s attention and interest because everyone can do crazy things and go outside of the standard I can sit in my garage and I can write the most crazy music nobody wants to listen to that but if you are different you have an artistic vision you may be even called elitist or arrogant by some people but despite that people who sue follow you and connect if you achieve that then you know you are an artist and that is what solar is in my opinion is there anyone in particular that you want to dedicate your victory to to other musicians I hope he continues to make awesome music but if he needs to do some dance moves eventually to pay some bills or something I won’t judge him anyway thank you for listening and in the description you’ll find the links of the videos that I used bye [Music] my [Music] [Applause] yeah exactly you exactly

  • O vídeo um pouco longo,apensar de tudo.
    Bons argumentos,talvez se usares o sony vegas pro 12 tens mais qualidade de imagem o que é sempre mais apelativo.
    About the english is fine..i my opinion 😀
    Keep going
    Good Job

  • I really like your entire analysis. It's very complete, with a smart holistic approach to the question in hands, with a very articulated line of thought too. 😉
    You only didn't approach the question of educated taste, and the "why" our brains get used to this electronic beats and how they make it feel excitement, some psychology of music. But it was already a very complete and intelligent analysis.

  • Interesting! Take care of the scenario. Put it like a (nerdy) living room, or library ou just a nice curtains. And the image in font of you and not under. the content is different and cool. Keep going!! <3

  • Meu,ja tou inscrito!
    Todo o sentido!

    Ja o recomendei este video num video também importante que se chama
    "amar pelos dois – How to Stage intimacy "
    que fala dos movimentos das camaras e da historia por traz e a razão pelo qual não tem mais ninguém, e apenas ele a cantar, entre outros pormenores!
    Muito Bom!

  • great stuff! i agree with some other comments that your setting doesnt match your great content 😁 but that said, i loved it and agree 100%

  • pena que o Salvador é apenas um conto de fadas num mundo completante distorcido pelo dinheiro, a excepção que confirma a regra.
    A regra é que vamos continuar a ser bombardeados com lixo, lixo e barulho que polui e adoece a verdadeira arte ate um dia que ela eventualmente morre.

  • Si pudieras hacer el mismo análisis en Castellano te lo agradeceríamos muchos en America Latina!!!

  • gostei da opinião , pois aprendi muito. Eu gostei do que Salvador Sobral fez naquela noite. Posso dizer que os meus ouvidos só descansaram e os meus olhos só mergulharam na música dele. Nas outras actuações daquela noite houve por vezes um excesso de luzes, coreografias, que até me fazia esquecer que estava a ver um programa de música. Por vezes, precisamos ouvir apenas música, e só a voz a cantar e voarmos para onde a música nos leva. Esta é a minha opinião pessoal!

  • Clap, Clap, Clap…. OMG! How much I learned with you in 21 minutes. Such well explained…wow….Brilliant! Now I understand why Salvador was so contested, but in other hand, so lovable! Thank you so much for your video, your lesson, CONGRATULATIONS! MJ

  • ha muitos ouvintes de hippop que estao formatados e nao reconhecem outro estilo. bravo pelo video! Eu tb deixei de apreciar Coldplay pelas mesmas razoes.

  • Man… or should I say. Dear Sir. I loved your video you are so full of content and so cultural. I praise your sense of culture and education. Sorry, maybe I sound stupid, but I so admired what you did here. Thank you for sharing this and going through such an altruist process of transmitting your knowledge, even knowing that the majority are mostly engaged in football comments. All the best..

  • Francisco Chaves. Que burro fui ao não reparar que era português. Pelo sotaque deduzi que era "middle eastern" . Foi só quando desci para ver mais comentários que alguém mencionou o nome Francisco. Ando sempre distraído 🙂 , no entanto, sinto que não preciso fazer nada sobre o que comentei em Inglês, porque não precisa tradução, por razões óbvias.

  • olha francisco a tua apresentacao parece ser muito coehrente. no entanto tens que ter atencao aos verbos em ingles e ao slang.

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