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ariana grande is officially iconic her stunning vocal range and chart-topping bops have given us so much life over the years we're left with nothing but a very wonderful feeling one thing that's become essential to Ari's brand is her instantly recognizable ponytail but her signature style didn't start out so stick straight ariana was just a baby in 2008 posing with her fellow cast members in the Broadway show 13 in Times Square her locks back then were super curly and dark dark brown re gave it her all though before playing to sold-out arenas she belted out a song at a local Borders bookstore humble the following year she became a Nickelodeon star and entered her first era the infamous bright red Victoria's do early re made the rounds at several premieres and events sometimes with her bro Frankie by her side yes that's baby Frankie – in 2010 Grande's red carpet ponytail made its appearance this one was definitely more everyday than her current style she worked at though and usually hid her hair band with LOX wrapped around it the next year saw more of the same ponytail while ariana did sport the occasional over-the-shoulder look 2012 gave us our E's take on the in concert ponytail complete with a bow then a major change happened can't believe that my album is already had moved on from child actor to full-fledged singing star ultimately ditching her fire engine red tresses for a more natural look she also started rocking a side ponytail sort of thing it was clear Purdue was still finding its way in 2014 she locked it down kicking off era number two the half up period sleep tight and on point it showed off her face kept her hair out of the way while performing and just looked sexy as hell that same year re addressed why she decided to go with the look saying in a Facebook post my actual hair is so broken that it looks absolutely ratchet and absurd when I let it down however she did let it down for the 2014 AMAs in Scotland she also tried buns like this messy one at the American Music Awards in addition to performing in Old Hollywood wavy glam and later a half bun pride in New York City we entered high ponytail era that kicked off a non-stop experiment of ponies were still in off there were no bangs ponies ponies with bangs maybe so much more excited for my tour back to no bangs you could tell Ari was feeling hers oh she added some jewelry tur do for the one love manchester concert and gave heartbroken fans of performance they'll never forget she crimped it and went blonde for her surprise Coachella appearance but she surprised everyone at the VMAs when she wore it down oh yeah and Pete Davidson was there too earlier this year she dropped her track seven rings and paid homage to her locks in the chorus real hair fake hair it doesn't matter her look has become a symbol of power and freedom out of mine ariana works hard but her ponytail works even harder all the breaking updates come on you know you want to be the first to know about all the latest hookups breakups or rest and so much more


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