Ariana Grande could get CHEATED Out Of Winning Biggest Award at MTV VMAs!!!

  • It's not Ariana's fault. She's working 24/7. She needs a break actually. She's most powerful woman I know.

  • You know?
    Best artist and best song either has to go to Ariana Grande..or to no one!
    Ariana needs rest and we need Ariana to have a great health..
    So if she being absent there..
    We know she needs rest

  • Honestly BTS should have been nominated, there MV for Boy with luv has the highest record for most views within 24 hours. BTS probably worked harder and put more effort into there MV than the people who got nominated.

  • I’m pretty sure someone like lil nas x should win and is not just gonna get handed the award because she couldn’t make the show

  • This would not be the first time Taylor winning the main honour of an award show more than once

    Grammy for Album of the Year: 2
    Billboard top artist of the year: 2
    Billboards woman of the year: 2
    American Music Awards artist of the year: 4
    BMI awards, songwriter of the year: 4
    ACM awards Entertainer of the year: 2
    CMA awards Entertainer of the year: 2
    VMA Video of the Year: 1 (so far)

  • That is so damn unfair if she loses arianators better go off because she deserves the win

  • Experience a loss of a love one, A break up, not to mention her struggle with anxiety, and still had TWO #1 albums put out in a year nobody has work harder then her

  • how come everyone in the comments is offended that their favorite western artist is getting robbed yet the same thing is happening with Asian artists?? But nobody notices that???

  • So annoying that Swift has nominations with you need to calm down. It was a total flop as a song but it gets nominations because of its political message…..

  • When the news is about Ariana Grande I’m interested
    But the fact that she may not attend is breaking my heart 😢

  • She will be alright. She should win video of the year with thank u next. But idk because billie has more views with bad guy AND it came out 4 months prior

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