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good morning happy Monday that's it that's our entire show to do that face stay here um we need your watch time and your love this is Daniele Redford good morning good morning at Hrothgar night good morning there are these guys over here guys edy hello I didn't realize that middle school dance test when I next to me all the time so I appreciate it and Eadie I'm in a sandwich of brilliance at this table this morning and it's a good thing because we have very serious things to discuss we're talking about Hollywood we're gonna solve it right here today on a show you in the next I see what do we get for one segment about 20 minutes strap in we're solving hollywood in 20 minutes counting down from now there is an article in The New York Times about the future of Hollywood is a discussion that happens literally all the time like starvation the plastic in the ocean but if we could just figure out streaming man just put some movie theaters on that big Texas we're the real heroes do a fire fest on the trash animated film all right so let's talk about this you know that the New York Times spoke to filmmakers about the future of movies streaming and all the things and first we'll talk about the effects of streaming because that's obviously the biggest disrupter that's happening and it's really funny because it's not a disruptor it's a first you guys know this term disruptor right in an industry you have to explain to the people it's like how the mp3s were a disruptor yeah things like that anything that comes along and like radically changes everything like overnight right the name of the gestalt robot that the disrupt accounts for and the disrupter of all disruptors is right there in Netflix the one that started it all and Brooke Brooke blockbuster broke the idea of home video and changed the way really to change the way that we view movies and television period in terms of also binge watching for TV and our minds have changed since then in terms of how we do content which is a word we'll be talking about but now of course we've got Disney Plus coming warner brothers all of this has changed Apple is coming we talk about this a lot in terms of what it means for movies and for the theatrical experience now and in the future frankly there was a banner year for movies of the box office last year it's largely or in part because they cost more money but we'll get into that as well here's what JJ Abrams had to say for a long time people have been saying the business is changing but that's an undeniable now it's on I think I think the first thing that we should talk about is is I think there's an immediate sort of resistance right from from the old guard people that were making films in the 70s which that's just not done that way period anymore and people that really really really do love as we all do the theatrical experience and I think there's point-counterpoints to make there let's start them Joe star tell me about your hurt feelings because you were pretty sad by this made sad by a lot in this article I just some of the quotes are so interesting and so sort of like melancholy even the people who are like times are changing and that's fine there's still a little like we shall never see the like of Rivendell it's like a yeah like the industrial revolutions coming and we're gonna invent some engines but man it'd be cool to me elver hunt yeah I think it's it's gonna be interesting especially watching a lot of these older guard folks Spielberg Abrams the like sort of not break but eventually kind of wrap their head around like okay if we're gonna keep going we've really got to figure out how to how to hit this all guns blazing all guns blazing Oh God blazes all because for them you know it's also not about just like their vanity projects and their own vanity and how they feel but these are also people who have to recognize that they want their companies to survive further so that their kids can also be a JJ Evans crack that was meant to be probably everyone in the article crack but you know it's like eventually like some of these folks are gonna have to come around and just be like my company surviving far the next two or three generations far outweighs whether or not you come to see my next film on its own a movement of print on the wall screen with a cup of popcorn in your hand and your best ghoul on your arm like it doesn't I'm gonna read a quote from Tom Rothman if I always know I've been well when there's no transition no because I think actually there was a transition from what you were saying which is the idea of the old guard and who they are in that perspective and I think we talked about this previously with Spielberg who I love frankly I mean I would who doesn't well I'm sure there are people but my point is this when you are very much insulated and isolate it's hard for us to understand the water that we're in for anyone right it takes a lot to try and break out of your own perspective and when people are in extreme privilege I don't think they necessarily know that so Tom Rothman said this in a world where everything is on-demand I think that's what makes movies special exactly because it's harder is why it's more significant leisure choice guess what you can't see the upcoming Quentin Tarantino film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood on your phone right now if you want to see Leo and Brad together on the screen the biggest star pairing since Butch and Sundance sometime you gotta get a baby my point with that is there's been lots of big stars the pairings so [Laughter] so here's my point I think he means that and I think there's probably a piece of that that is sincere and true that there is something special and rarefied especially as we move forward about the theatrical experience however this idea of you gotta get a babysitter kids well $50 is a lot of money yeah for most people not you Tom Rothman and not you Steven Spielberg and I don't think they're even meaning to do this right but it's a lot of money for most people not only that a lot of theatrical chains across this nation and the world do not carry all theatres we had a viewer write in to us about the changes in Saudi Arabia around theaters because he has a drive to a different country to see a lot of movies I mean that is commitment that is a cinephile right and so like a lot of releases in rural America I'm sure you all watch Oliver don't even have broadband you know so it's like this is a pareve Airy narrow perspective of what entertainment is and can be for most people thoughts Danielle yeah it's you know and you mentioned should you have to get a baby sooner that's expensive tickets are expensive ticket prices are always going up it can be expensive you know to get the snacks and do everything it's a heck of a lot cheaper to sit at home watch whatever is new on streaming and like have a pizza and you can still have that time with your kids and you don't have to worry about any of those things um I it is but I think this is one of those like frogs and a pot of boiling water thing where the temperature has been like kind of increasing but people weren't noticing it around and now when when everyone's talking about getting a streaming service now all of a sudden you're feeling like oh this water is boiling and we actually have to like start treating this like it's something serious yeah whereas like with you know a lot of smaller filmmakers and other people they've been treating this like it's serious cuz like they never got the crack to make the big movie they've always been by it Netflix by Netflix I'll do it myself and put it on YouTube or since I can do something with YouTube bread it's these older dudes who are so used to making these huge weekends and being in theaters but now they do feel like probably they're scaling back where's like with the young and up-and-comers this is just what it's always been yeah I mean it's like Eric Coleman and I were talking this morning he went to see Toy Story and IMAX this weekend and I have the AMC monthly pass and so does he but he was thinking oh wow it's like 25 dollars potentially for a ticket plus you've brought your kids Plus you had to park plus there's concessions like it's 150 dollars you're looking at to go see a movie it is a big commitment Tim would have a valid point if the rest of the industry wasn't also cannibalizing and changing and shifting like okay yeah yeah it's a special experience cool go out and see it but I like we say like everything around it like the actual movie theater experience itself is changing not to macro the hell out of this thing but just income in general for people in their lives is changing you know I you can't expect people to drive lift a few times a week just so they can go see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood like that's crazy so yeah if it was still just like a buck and a quarter and we're gonna splurge on some red vines that that's one thing but it's it's not anymore like if you're an advocate for the Arts well I just think it's one of these things where a lot of these guys yearn for the times of old where you know you pile half the family into the trunk and they all bust out like clowns from a clown car yeah where you go through the dreaded to the drive-in you name II allow advise people have a conception of it that that's that way but also I mean I think we're really going to start making clear lines of demarcation between streaming type products and movie type products I mean in the article at states that most people go to the movies four times a year and for people like myself for like probably mostly people at this table that sounds crazy yeah I'm a four times you think it four times we're crazy obviously we're in this industry but I understand like you know they go to the movies four times a year and then you look at Nancy Utley said that there's something about there's there's supposed to be this concept of rising to the level of theatricality that there's gonna be this new standard for movies and then you know Amy Pascal said well if we're gonna start self censoring like okay this is this and this is that and not even trying to relieve some of these so-called smaller amid movies into theaters it'll be a self-fulfilling prophecy that certain things will be shunted off certain ways yeah and then you see the success of mid-level films over the last couple of years things like crazy rotations and girls stripping these were smaller films that did very very leaders yeah babies positing as a world where stuff like that literally couldn't happen yeah it's just obviously bad and wrong well let's hear from Ava shall we do Bernie so this is what she said and I think that she's she's she was sort of speaking from the perspective of obviously she's had a big-budget film in theaters and she's had smaller films in theaters and she's certainly doing to work with Netflix right now as well as she has a show on own so she says there's a privilege embedded in a theatrical re-release because I've had it I've seen it and I know what it is it's a lot of ego I'm told by the system that this is what matters but then people aren't seeing your movies take the number of people who saw Selma a Christmas release with an Oscar campaign about dr. Martin Luther King well more than a quadruple amount of people saw 13th which is her Netflix documentary about the prison industrial complex if I'm telling these stories to reach a mass audience then really nothing else matters thoughts I mean again this is that with what we've been touching on like this is that guard who doesn't want to admit that maybe it's if you're gonna get more people to see something on a Netflix then why is that why are we treating Netflix and streaming like it's the ghetto like it's not worthy of you know my movie is art and it's not you know Netflix hasn't earned the right to show my whatever who are you you know like if that's where the audience is and that's where the audience right fielder who are you you can't Apple that's her by the way up with someone because he recognizes that it's important and you know and it is then not to get you again to into the weeds with it but it is it can be a classist like argument because $10 a month for everything that's been made or a lot of things that will be made is a heck of a lot simpler for a lot of people and there's also you know when you look at the way that the theater experience has also changed you know now we've got what comforters I think you know these huge you know like rocking chairs and which cannibalized which might have a chains which is why tickets went up and which is why no one can afford to go to the movies anymore which is why we're here because Walmart viateur came in with their recliners and chased everybody else out of town I think there's I'm happy that we're all crazy together like we can be that group of people that goes to see for my wig there's something inherently frustrating about what do Bernays having to say about that too because when you pair that with what Amy Pascal said about sort of it's gonna be this or that it's either gonna be you're on the big screen who gets an invite to make yep it's gonna be the frogs that are still hanging out like those are that who is who for the next couple years isn't like it's it's the ultimate game but but also it isn't just a monolith of the people who want the theatrical part to be part of what validates movies has even a dispenser in the article states that she would like ideally at least a limited release to be okay that way it qualifies for other big awards you can't really as a general stated ghettoize these things if it's available and and worthy know what's that valid for these awards to be put up for those if it's eligible skewed I just think you know to go off of what she was saying about like if that's where the audience is that's where I've got to go it's there's a frustrating angle to that in that that also means you're gonna be making less everyone you have that works for you is gonna it's it's so you know we always make the you always make fun of like the Craigslist posts that are like being my movie there's nudity and you have to jump off a mountain but you'll be paid an exposure there's crafty there will be snacks mm people respond to that address dark this industry is people it's yeah I just think that that's such like a scary weird place that people as artists now have to fear where it's like we know that these pay days are gonna be smaller we know that these mountains are gonna be a little short so also though but the pay days are going to be smaller for the traditional model yeah I mean and now there's all these different models it's almost like I don't want to be reductive of these guys because obviously when the world shifts under your feet you gonna mean it's hard for you to catch up you know I mean it's like you're the best wagon wheel maker and now we got jets and stuff you like these are important I think everything should have a wagon real release and you start sounding really I'd say no wagon that's why they call it coach roads are as wide as they are to accommodate stage coaches still to this day so sorry I get all that but Jason Blum was talking about an article about how like nowadays even if you go to the streaming thing and they're talking about Ava Duvernay had a quote there yeah talking about her her niece just watches five-minute clips and nothing so I was good at what you said yes read the full quote from her because I think this is the point that you're trying to make about how our brains do not work the same way by the way one of the things that was pointed out in this article really quickly was that young people and this is by become male Nanjiani are not watching movies they're watching YouTube so I want to take this moment to say thank you for making my life possible young do you think that deserved it that's an he was saying he was in a bar with a friend of his who was a big Hollywood director and and he said they're not watching movies they turned to like a random 25 year olds and asked it what works what was her favorite movie and she said no I don't watch those and that was that and the same thing I heard the same thing again Eric has a friend who teaches junior high they're not watching him I know my friends kids they're not they're watching YouTube Cameron's never seen anything and this is what she said she said my nieces and nephews don't really care about produced content in the way that we do traditionally my niece can sit there and watch IG TV that's on those are the Instagram videos IG TV for hours which is on our phone on Instagram and it's basically little clips of nothing not always but mostly when I hear people being so rigid and strict about certain forms and presentations it just reminds me of that Simpsons cartoon old man yells iCloud and Katzenberg in the article goes the first gin the first generation he's counting first generation was movies and there were two our narrator was designed to be watched in one sitting and a movie theater the second gen was TV which is one our chapter so we're designed to be watched in front of a television the third gen which i think is what we're supposed to be in right now is merging to our stories and woody what he thinks is gonna happen is we're gonna do to our stories in seven to ten minute chunks yeah I mean first of all the first gen was weird look it's a train coming at us afraid of the light and you know there was a response in theatrically to the radio right thinking like how people are just gonna stay home and listen to the radio now and and talkies you know came in and there was a response to television and that was like CinemaScope and color and like big we gotta get big and there are has been a response to streaming and that will just continue and we've talked about this before though the thing about Jason Blum said you're also competing with people who don't need to make a profit ie Apple and stuff yeah apples like yo we're gonna make money somehow cuz you're gonna buy these phones we got this pre-loaded dope HBO on the phone whatever and it's not competing with the theatrical nor the streaming model directly the point that he was making was your is that exactly that Netflix well Apple and Amazon specifically are selling you other things like how do you correlate the profit or not of any given TV show for Apple when they're just selling a hundred million more iPhones and that's where they're getting the money yep same thing like they're selling new diapers on Amazon so they don't have to make this profit and now Netflix and every other street content service has to compete with that and it's a it's an impossible game to play but so much yeah do a merge tab a Netflix tour the Netflix tour where you can buy you know your Chucky dog agree that there should be more netflix merch there should be no just do it yeah make merch sell things we will buy it we consume for the for like stranger things things yeah yeah thanks like what if they just start selling groceries all frozen things miss Mays out lunch on postmates serger I hear here's another quote really quick – to your point about the way that we watch things talking about binge watching a television show yeah and what makes this hard is it it's this weird a psychological barrier where you watch 45-minute episode of a TV show and you're like okay I have time for that I don't have time for a two-hour movie right now but I can have time for that and eight fucking hours later and we're still there yeah but you know it's a two-fold it's a trick where the smaller chunks get you to watch more things Ryan's trying to teach us these tricks but also but also your mind once more and after a two-hour movie experience it's done it's not you don't have that more right so you've been trained to get more of the same things so like if you're gonna make one rom-com make 10 mm because when I'm done what done watching to all the boys I've loved before thank you I did want more I wanted the next one yeah yeah you wanted to watch always be my baby Elizabeth Banks was talking about she said that she's really heart and she's trying to find the light in it and she was really heartened by the fact that theaters don't seem to be that interested in rom-coms anymore and as much as people try to fight it it seems to be going that way or floor in that way presently and it seems like all the streamers just like yeah this sort of mid budget and some of these mid stars and emerging stars and stuff this is our wheelhouse we can do this as good as anybody frankly and they've proving it with things like always be my baby and stuff like that so I think that that's that's a good development because those movies aren't going away they're not going the way that don't know are going away the Western as I've talked about many times they're not doing that they're going to another platform the Western was massively oversaturated like 400 of them a year Tom Hanks got a meet meg Ryan hang on here's here's something that I'm gonna make Joe sad okay Joe these are the quotes that I think made you sad and tell me if I'm wrong um coming from Jason Blum who like if we're gonna listen anybody we should listen to him he was talking about how yes I would have liked people to watch whiplash which is a great movie and you definitely should watch it if you haven't yet I would have liked people to watch whiplash in theaters however I'd also like there to be no traffic in Los Angeles that's also not realistic agree there's no point to fight reality and then to was that he talked about how he was aware that it gets my phone isn't my phone or your phone happy Monday everybody send Ryan some love he's a good kid he works hard he watches the YouTube he's doing all the work that's young okay so jason blum the other thing that you talked about was essentially understanding that when people are watching things on streaming that maybe they were watching things in chunks like oh I saw some of that movie it would be something that they'll say and yeah I mean I watched a lot of that I watched a lot of that right before the end it was like I don't really care if the aliens gets the guy but his point I mean I was thinking about that the other day cuz watch time is something we talked a lot about and I was I was lamenting and I was like imagine a world in which I just made a thing that people watched all of because it was in a place to do that like oh it's like appropriately placed in a area where people were tuning into watching thing I was talking about this with my boyfriend and he's like what do you mean and I'm like like a movie or a TV show okay here you're just watching it because you watch the whole thing but that doesn't even happen with movies or TV shows anymore is what he was saying and he's like hey I'd rather than watch half of the horror movie the none at all oh that does hurt and it's also even if people are watching the whole thing you're still only getting half of their attention because they're on their phone the same time yeah don't you do that I absolutely do I absolutely do I do that I'm watching the second half of the horror movie on my phone well I watched the first half on TV oh yeah that way I get more content into my head we're gonna get to content don't you worry sir but I'm asking all of us to own it right now if you find your mind if you find it challenging to to pay attention to one thing because we've been trained not to well I'm drawing right now it still depends for me if we are watching like a competition show or something like that I'm not paying attention until the key moments where I know I need to pay attention I've like like Gordon Ramsay has pavlov to trained me at the moment I hear him say something like Steven bring up the dish I'm like uh-huh so you're trained positive sound effects that they've been using since the Precambrian it looks like my lobster might be undercooked do you find myself and I don't know if this is the result of streaming or just well this is kind of just the way I've always been my entire life but I will find myself being like oh my gosh familiar who's that guy what just happened in the scene well I was trying to figure out which guy was the best guy that's what's wild about like Amazon you'll be watching stuff on Amazon and you can just press pause and like whoever's in the scene you can go to their IMDB page you go down a rabbit hole we're finally watching Deadwood and oh we because I are HBO's through Amazon oh we've been doing that a lot just pause mid someone someone worked really hard to edit the pacing intention of that scene and we're just like yeah we've been doing in the Old West that's the Kristen Bell and Deadwood yeah she was she was I think that there's a book that I read many years ago called faster and it was basically about technology and how it was not was is moving at a pace that we are not adapted if we truly aren't adapted to it's just moving so much faster than we can process we all know that but I was having dinner with a friend of mine this week and we were tied she said I'm really scared I keep doing things like I'll buy water and leave it or she's on her laptop on a plane the other day and things like that and I said when you're at work how many times do you have open and she was like yeah I'd like infinite tabs me too and we are have trained ourselves out of the ability to focus and one of the only place that I am forced to focus isn't a movie theater because it's rude not you and to take out your phone and do all this other thing yeah I'm not even exaggerating when I say that the time when we are doing a live show is probably the longest I go without checking my phone yeah and that's notice you do have your phone in case just in case it's off but they said what if I need to fact check something yeah what if we Ryan's back checking and on fact checking and in we've got a fact check each other or what if he's too busy doing fact checking we need another backup I gotta take my phone out I got mine propped up open I'm not it is it is an interesting thing is that it's there's a sadness I think around that or as you start to it starts to become harder and harder for us to simply be equipped to think the same way as people that were raised fully immersed in that because we weren't I am making us sound very old today and I don't you think just on the positive side because like I said so it's all like skies falling at chess I just feel like no maybe for streaming well I'm just saying I think maybe that's going to be the lasting appeal of the theatrical experience is that it is indeed an experience and obviously it's expensive and obviously there's bars to entry and obviously that might cause I don't know the next 10 years maybe there's family theaters where you can bring you and a bunch of bum kids set on a damn ground and play with toys and stuff have a big thing drink some beers chill out and I think that isn't so like seats facing something but like big a screen like the playground that ice table yeah like so yeah corndogs stuff whatever kids are doing stuff and there's a soundproof room right here that's a big glass so you can see all the kids so if they're break its up you can see them destroying stuff but you can't hear them boom there the screen there's of something like that to where it's encompassing that you need a shark tank I understand like the world's gonna involve that way whether I do it or not it's like it's all you know I'm a conduit baby I mean is the next step if we're already you know like I said we've we've already got everyone's got their daddy chair and that's what you sit in now when you go to the theaters I mean the next step is just to bring in your whole damn living room yeah exactly I think maybe just we'll see I mean you know part of the rent-a-center clear I am all for I am all for not fighting the tides of change we have seen how we how we view entertainment change a lot over the years we do not have silent films anymore we largely and rarely except for you Roma which I loved absolutely we don't really have black and white films anymore you know there's there's a number of things that have changed and it will continue to change and that's called life so I think fighting it is silly but the other thing too is that there's a lot of positive about it one Netflix is doing very well in terms of having a diverse array of filmmakers yeah Holly the studios are playing catch-up with Netflix and Amazon – is theirs and this can be good and bad creators have a lot of freedom now there's something to be said for notes sometimes but but sometimes it means you do get incredibly interesting different films and not cookie cutter films and three is like I said people don't have access everywhere to these films in theaters so it's like somebody was talking about you know we still need we still need sort of the festivals and things like that to shine a light on things like moonlight that's probably true and they do serve a purpose but then probably more people saw moonlight because and they've been made aware of it at home you know than they did in theatres I don't have video and that but I'd have to guess so I think there's a ton of good that the streaming services are doing and until you guys point like we're just gonna have to accept that the theatrical experience is just gonna evolve into something new again what will it be 3d James Cameron before the drone box spit like like you know put a bunch of spray bottles shootin when you go through a waterfall exactly I really hate that stuff honestly I would really like the movie to do the work of putting me there rather than being rattled around or anything in call of duty or something yeah exactly but there's probably something to be our na are you know I don't know I'm not necessarily in a theater and you know again it might just be because I'm not paying attention to that field but I do feel like even just last year everyone was like vo years 12 years 15 years ago people were talking about VR like VR is the flying car at this way obviously it's getting closer closer right now third right now there are over there's hover bikes and Dubai right now think I have a bike stick just hover around you know main sort of lime spears it's crazy so it's like I mean I feel like a lot of stuff is coming down the pike the studio is sort of running to catch up on the just the array of voices thing too and I think I love that like a minority filmmaker arms race a little bit of money you know that four times a year that people go out they will make the one of those movies one of their four times I think that's just that's a that's a plain fact that we've seen over the last few years with my number of films so that's great you know here's a question create about creativity and then I'm good I do want to do a little content-type which is this here's what Paul Feig said in Lawrence of Arabia one of the greatest shots of all time is when he comes over the vast landscape as this tiny little a camel and there are moments when you want to do a cool shot like that but you go when people are watching this on their phone they're not going to see anything it's a terrible way to have to think but you have to keep it in your brain even when we're doing an insert shot writing from a computer screen I'm like yeah but you got to make that bigger because when somebody's on their phone they're not going to be able to read that thoughts on the limitations of the fact that Joe is watching things on his phone and even here you know Dan Morrell had to break me of my goofy thumbnails like when I did it could have been worse like those thumbnails looked insane like my first drafts and then like if this is my screen Dan would be like okay there it is and then he'd just like walk across you got me he's one of the people it was like not remember like phone especially for us like foam people watching this on the phone I assume not watching mostly tear listening listening yeah but it's like take you know we're looking at everything on just like big monitors and he'd be the one to be like okay now walk 30 feet back and how's that look yeah yeah I think there's I would hope that we don't start really leaning into that that sort of idea of like both people are gonna watch it on their phone because hopefully they're not always like I'm hoping that that that's on the consumer end more where we're like that shot probably looked cool if I wasn't watching this on my phone but it is what it is and today I'm watching it on my phone maybe next week i watch it in my living room do you want it true question do you guys watch stuff on your phone I really never oh well I I watched YouTube I watch YouTube on my phone I don't watch movies on my phone because I'm old like that's my line I'll watch it but I do stuff my dad would never do my dad would never be watching basketball with a basketball podcast in his ear while he was drawing on his iPad that by definition because they'd had those devices but he would never even done that he would have never thought to do this sort of thing he was really concentrated he sanded wood you know type person he would never multitask like that it wouldn't even have occurred to him mhm so I think we are we're all I don't know if it's a evolution or devolution baby but it's happening I don't I don't really watch it stuff on my phone I really don't think it's mostly because I take the bus so I wind up watching things are catching up on stuff a lot cuz I just waste so much time on that stupid bus yeah um it's not an enjoyable experience it's fine okay very good that's you know it's not the same my phone watching I feel like is mostly the the stuff that was made for the medium like you want to just endlessly scroll through some cat hashtags on Instagram like that's my phone stuff my phone stuff is cats too now surprisingly circling back to what figs talking about then are we gonna make the movie Scrooge to come true where he's like do you know how many people in this country own dogs we're not programming to those dogs sorry like a couple YouTube channels that program to animals I really are I want to play jump in yeah I mean I look Medad to everything as we know but I think that is sad in a way that you can't sort of have these epic scale shot there is something that feels different about seeing something in a theater I was thinking about I stopped book-smart in a theater which is a movie that was very very critically acclaimed did not do that well in theaters probably would have a much better shot on streaming for sure but I saw it in a theater and I was asking myself what I feel differently about this movie if I had seen her in streaming I feel like I would like I saw it in a theater and there was a there was a sense there was just a larger scale in my mind about what it was and then if I think I would said oh there was this cute little movie on Netflix this weekend you know like it would have felt I don't know if that I I really don't know if it feels more or less significant because Roma felt very significant to me and I saw that on Netflix anyway what do you think well I mean part of that is what you're saying is it's the experience of like I am here to watch this thing I can't just take a phone call in the middle of watching it which there is I do think that except for things that we've set up where it's you know event viewing where you know what Game of Thrones became and for a lot of you know folks there's a difference when you are able to just get up and go to your own bathroom in the middle of it it does change I think the way that your brain thinks of it you know like I could take a call I could check a tweet I could do whatever whereas when you were in the theater like this is what you came to do you paid to be there and if you do any of the other of those activities you're second aren't you well and also I think it precludes us from some people from making films if we start to go to down the rabbit hole of like oh you can constantly just turn off stuff in seven minutes in this and that like I saw a movie called Mandy and I don't think it's the greatest movie made of all times but I saw it at a screening at the Egyptian and I was like trapped with it and I was like there were some times where if this was playing on my phone or my iPad or my TV I turned it off the jig water you know like you need to realize I'm Andy but like when I was sitting in it though the droning and the monstrousness of like the soundtrack and the impressiveness of what was going on and all stuff I couldn't escape was part of the experience yeah and the fact that I couldn't leave without going scooting a part of me over fifty damn dudes you know I mean that was part of the experience and I think yeah we're gonna I hope we don't start denying ourselves categorically of things of that nature because I know somebody bought Mandy somebody's gonna from from what I say was just flattering myself to that much degree somebody might say buy a neon happen try to watch on a damn phone would be like this is weird but there's kind of like a fall not a false narrative but like there there's the precise Ian Mandy did really really well on Amazon show loved it I I really enjoyed it but um it did incredibly well and then everybody said oh it should have got enough theatrical release cuz it would have done so well in theaters that's like not necessarily true yeah they would have been what because people like to go oh in the old days too but like a lot of the stuff you love from the old days did terribly and you just love it and feel like it's big because it's always been present wonderful life lost leader model it seemed like back in the days it was like look guys we're gonna my studio characters are coming back but look guys we got we got 50 things we've got a book by some broad we got this we got that 50 of them we throw them out there – I'm gonna make money yeah it's not that way anymore everything is important when Dumbo fails it's even important for that Mouse maybe it's human it's a it's important that these things go and because the slates are so big and everything cost 1 million dollars all this jazz and it you know so I think back in the days yeah we Revere taxi driver to I think tank driver turned out to be a hit but it costs nothing as we talked about maybe last time yeah you know interest is for nothing you know we're like oh you know in the old days like there's such a bigger reverence for horror movies and stuff like that but like the Evil Dead movies like weren't these massive five-year run successes they just feel that way because we've grown up surrounded by Evil Dead posters and loving Bruce Campbell and a lot of those movies they find their second footing when they went to the home market exactly that was what wound up happening maybe I'm working theaters and they want it becoming cold hits once you got it at home last dragon yep the last dragon oh my god no so many more about that movie from but the the sort of the response thing is interesting to me because so at in our household we're really big How to Train Your Dragon fans we saw the first two in the theater adore both of them we didn't get a chance to see the third one after the run we just watched it this weekend and it's probably ranks number three of the three for me and I wonder if you know we finished it we were like that was fun and then and then immediately had a fun like I didn't hate it but here's what I'd fix conversation and I wonder if we had seen it in the theater especially my wife who's very emotionally attached to those movies I wonder if going to see it in the theater versus us watching it at home would have like impacted further to the left to the rider to the positive or to the con you know these are a big deal and now we're in the theater treating it like a big deal and maybe it didn't land us as solidly as it needed to or something like that what does what does that do versus we watch it at home and then what's the difference in seeing like a comedy on like a little fun like people watch stand-up comedy clips on a phone that blows my mind I can't even appreciate comedy on the phone I want to be in the room with you I want to I want to energy i well i only like comedy when it's life i don't like watching and i used to i mean when i was younger like i'd or doll the stand or specials and everything but i think just like having done stand-up for so long and seeing the difference between how it feels and that's the other thing that you get with the movie theater experience is that you are collectively all part of this group and you're feeding on each other's energy and that's something that you get with a live performance and something that you get with a movie theater performance that you don't get when you're watching it on your phone or when you're on the bus sure i mean look there's there's always something to be said for for the theatrical experience i do i do want to say though in terms of paul feig quote because that no one actually did make me a little sad cuz I I do love beautiful cinematography however you know those restrictions that's what creativity is born of those restrictions and these technological changes allow things to blossom so I brought up It's a Wonderful Life right it was not acclaimed it was a massive box-office bomb the reason that it became what it is to and I happen to think I love that movie and I think it's genius but the reason that it became what it is is because a syndicate was really cheap to syndicate a Christmas time on television and because and then that just ended up happening every year and so generation grew up with it like oh that's a Christmas that's the Christmas movie we watch It's a Wonderful Life and then people examined its like creative merit after that which i think is is warranted but but that's interesting the same thing with something like Breaking Bad write Breaking Bad on FX was not doing that while the ratings weren't that high and then it came out sorry AMC thank you thank you whoa an actual fact check AMC and I just credit FX with everything cuz they do amazing work but in this case they didn't so the point does it came out on Netflix people were able to binge it and then suddenly Breaking Bad was like a phenomenon and this is to me one of the greatest television shows of our generation so it is this there is no right or wrong answer in any of this and I think maybe that's what we have to accept is be comfortable in the ambiguity and that's a life lesson to learn also context is key all of these different all these different things that we find ourselves in all these different situation we find ourselves in artistically in all its kind of jazz it's really it's it's the times we're living in we're living in interesting times as the Chinese proverb says and we're we are interesting yeah we have new things to deal with just like everybody has and we're just dealing with ours you know with a little bit more of a immediate reaction immediate reaction to my disses you know my disappointment the theater experience hey everybody you know where this culture now we could tell each other how dissatisfied we are with every damn thing instantly and that's gonna change us as a people the fact that we can do that yeah well it makes you recognize the prevalence of our our tendency as humans to see things from a negative lens myself included I'm sure so my I'm gonna talk about content so this is a word that we were asked about I'm sure Dan Purcell said we don't think they were using the word content a ton in this article and he was like I don't know if I love that seems like a conversation that includes like JJ Abrams and they're calling movies content made me sad sorry commodification of part where it's not just art it is something to all just soon stuff it's all stuff what was it but see that that is though I gotta say that is an almost necessary evolution of us talking about these things because the IG videos on the phone the the YouTube videos I watched this guy shout out Dan the Lakers fan he's probably got 300 I don't know how many subscriber he has not that many but he's got enough for me to watch him and he just he's just the guy writes about the Lakers like me I like him he's just a guy and he is as famous to me as anybody and sometimes the guys like as far as famous as anybody to some people this is not right you go to comic-con and you just like take a picture I've been doing comedy ten years nobody tried to take a damn picture hey hey the headliner feature you were pretty funny I know but I'm just saying like if that was a opening the last couple times going to comic-con and actually being recognized as a content creator don't say famous persons I kind of creator because it's different but again by definition we have to start defining these things and that is like a humbling and weird experience I remember my boss at IGN when we would it was a lot sometimes with the comments you know like soul sucking and crushing at the same time somehow first they crush you then they just rip you to shreds and it was like – you to them there you're not a human being because you're you're getting particularly they're not these videos are being viewed more than some television shows are which is not true always and I'm frankly I wish was true here but so you're not even a human being so when they're saying something nasty to you it's not to a real person it's just to this like ephemeral thing on a screen so that is an interesting that is an interesting evolution because I think that's what celebrities felt like to me as a kid like a not real thing you know a movie star was like yeah and now we're broadening we're broadening our RR we're broadening the terminology for what a star is what a what a notable person is what a public figure is even what is what do these checks mean what does this meet what does that mean there's like there's a mom with a cool blog and she's got a blue check you know why because she's got an audience that's just as big as a lot of hey she's got her audiences as big as ap bio Haleh even the 15 minutes of fame now it's a everybody gets to be kind of famous yes you know like everyone gets to be a little well-known right it is the true democratization that way though because I don't know if you guys remember this from I think it was in the last Mad Max but they were talking about the world before which is what Mad Max likes to do um the world before it was all a desert and they were like everyone had their own show then like literally everyone and that's what it feels like to me now like that's who we are in the world like that word if you got big doing makeup tutorials you've got big doing makeup tutorials when Dan asked the question he said what do you think of this you know I just don't I think it's a weird way to describe art and film and and I was like you know jazz Joestar says we lost the whore when we let it be called content but counterpoint to your point Edie is it's just a useful way to encapsulate a lot of things otherwise it just gets hard and clunky yeah because there's so many what kind yeah and it's the distribution of it and the form create the context and there's no good word for a lot of what we do what are we doing right now literal question here like I recognize there is there is a little bit of that too not liking that term as Leah Tara I just remember when The Truman Show was a dystopian nightmare not actual reality that people were trying to fabricate around they had to trick the differences and it's sort of like Big Brother also is that we Big Brother was not forced on us like we couldn't wait to update yeah we can't wait to get the new next Big Brother into our home so she can turn the lights on for us with the law like a stupid old ass for being like I don't want no damn robot listen to how my my phone and my computer are listening enough you know I don't need to add a third thing but that's but it's true and the same thing is true of The Truman Show like they had to trick Truman we can't wait to we're such an exhibitionist like goddammit look at me please if you don't I don't exist I'm really sure yeah and that's been a moment of existentialism anyway that's my Monday this has literally been our whole show we had other topics but sorry Eric we're not going to talk about the toys today but you asked me to talk about it later this week we went long on this one content is king and as a result we have a junket video for you to look at the toy storage and got some very funny things from actors who are famous look at it now on youtubes meme it me most important toy to Bonnie right now we all have to make sure nothing happens to him boy story 4 is the sequel none of us knew we needed what was the thinking behind making another sequel after it had such a stellar finishing point seemingly in Toy Story 3 yeah I had the same feeling when we were talking about doing it forth when I said I thought it was we're done but the thinking behind it was that there the end of Toy Story 3 which is so amazing is the end of Woody's time with Andy but it's not the end of Woody's story and we realized we if we kind of chase down what is next for woody now that he's in a new bedroom with a new kid it's not gonna be the same as Andy's it just can't be and once we started going down that route it was kind of like well if we do that then we should this this would happen and in this so it kind of is the story it really did kind of build itself and we found a way to that I think nicely ties of Woody's arc yeah you know and ER Stanton was the first one to kind of suggest it it's something he had been cooking up while we were working on Toy Story 3 he's been a part of these films since the beginning and and he came to us and he was like you know what I've never seen Toy Story 3 as the ending where these movies are all about woody and and this now is the next chapter in his life he's he's gonna he's gonna have a new purpose he's in a new space he's with a new kid and that seemed worth exploring that and bringing back both wow what are you doing here no time to explain come with me we need to get back to our kid Oh Sheriff Woody we find out the woody in the film was made in the 50s yes so what in your mind do you know what he was doing between then and and finding Andy that's a good question we would he has this great implied history history to him that we even got old out a little bit in Toy Story 2 but I think the real point of it dramatically for us is he has survived he has been important all these years he has found a way to to be there for his kid and all the things he's talked about all these years so he's had the longest tenure of kind of doing the the job of the toy and of course in contrast to many of the other twice um in which we meet in this film haven't been so lucky really so it's just about his his tenure more than the specifics I guess job we're interested in um woody and Buzzy's relationship throughout the franchise and how it's changed what do you guys see as the defining moments in their friendship throughout the fall film well certainly the first one that moment kind of a realization under the milk crate you know where were I think woody realizes that he has to he has to face this that he's I mean that's kind of the first crack and woody that he faces the reality of that he might not always be number one I think that's an important I think that tweeting that's an important one and and when when Woody's facing kind of the question of his mortality and into in deciding that he's maybe gonna make step away from from Andy and all that he's loved and known and Buzz coming there and reminding him of who he is and reminding him of the value of him loving a child and being loved by Andy that that was a significant one for the two of them and then it kind of in this film they've gotten this professional shorthand where they can almost communicate without speaking at this point like they trust each other pretty deeply so we like to think we've shot a pretty good progression of those two guys you know Toy Story three the grabbing hands and the furnace that's powerful how would you see their friendship developing or their relationship developing beyond Toy Story 4 no I started having my in my head I mean I think that it's one of the things like in life when you have really great friends but you know certain things there are seasons in life where you don't always you move or you you you you have different jobs and things change I think but you still hold on to those those friends are still important to you I mean I have friends of mine from haven't seen since the eighth grade but if I saw them right now we would go right back to it I think that's how buzzin what do you you know so we made some new toys in this film of course and I'm sure you had lots of conversations about what toys to include were there ever any conversations around including some other licensed characters such as the mouse I have you know I don't know if we ever talked about Mickey but yeah we were constantly in conversation about what what new characters to include every toy story film is kind of introduced some new characters as we've gone along the way and at the end of the day it's really about what's gonna support the core of the story you know and when What's in for this it's woody and in his journey and so I think Duke kaboom and in Gabby Gabby and giggle make dimples duckie and bunny all of them are kind of they're all yeah they're all in service of woody story and his progression if he goes along in this movie and if they don't serve that purpose they may have not made it into the film there any plans to include lots or any of the Sunnyside toys in fall we always wanted to make it feel like an adventure that's not just repeating anything before it so lotsa was never in there I love Gabby Gabby I think that she's a new she's a new type of toy that we've never experienced before in Toy Story so it was it was much more rewarding to go down that path and discover new toys than to try and redo something

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  • I have zero problem being focused and invested in a movie when I go to the cinema without getting bored or looking at my phone (except if it's a really bad film, then I get impatient for it to end but I guess that's normal). At home though? I almost never watch a movie without doing something else at the same time, usually some type of needlework or playing on my phone. I don't know why I can have that focus in one context and not in another but that's what it is. But what that does is I go to the cinema for films that I expect to be visually cool (action movies, musicals, dance films…) and not so much for small dramas because you have to choose somehow, can't watch everything in the cinema, and that's a factor that works for me.

  • Right around the 36:00 minute mark when you Roth mentioned that people might more frequently listen to you guys than watch, I had just switched the video from sound only to Picture-In-Picture on my phone so I could see the visual anecdote Joe was acting out. You guys are super in-tune with your viewer/listened base.

  • To Roth's question, I found myself asking the same question a few days ago, but vice-versa. Would I feel differently if I had seen this (for me specifically: Suspiria and Hereditary) in a theater rather than on a streaming service? I definitely would I have, and I regret not seeing them in a theater. But maybe it depends on the genre? I loved hearing the panel's thoughts!

  • I couldn't help rolling my eyes at the focus debate. I'm so tired of hearing about it, because it's all conjecture. You see a handful of people acting a certain way, and go "EVERYONE CAN'T CONCENTRATE ANYMORE" It's the same as the "well back in my day…" debates that have been going on with "Millennials," where they've proven that people romanticize the past when in truth humans have been doing the same things over the centuries, just with different tools available. I remember in undergrad our professor pointed out that as much as other teachers complain about laptops in classrooms, he once had a kid pull out a whole newspaper and read it during class before they had things like laptops. Simply put: if you don't want to pay attention, you'll find a way to pay not pay attention; technology has merely made it easier for people to do that. I find myself on my phone while watching (primarily) Netflix shows not because I can't pay attention, but because there's so much added runtime since they don't have things like network restrictions and their final edits may not actually be the best, most efficient form of the episode. However, if a show or a movie is actually well made and interesting, I can sit through the whole thing without even thinking about checking my phone (I saw Bade Runner 2049, an almost 3 hour film, twice, and both times I never once glanced at my phone). If something interests you, you'll pay attention to it.

    There's a lot of other factors, like the availability of information (like of course I'm going to look something up on my phone if I want to because I CAN–don't tell me if you gave someone from, hell, the 1600s the ability to instantly access information on something they're wondering about, they wouldn't immediately do it). However, I don't do it in a theater because I know I'm not supposed to, but yeah I'll do it while sitting at home. It just drives me insane when people use it to make the blanket argument that we can't concentrate anymore.

  • as someone in their 30s who has a kid and a full time job…i just don't have time to watch t.v.. I consume 90% of my content from YouTube and go see a movie once a month(rewards programs). there are only 3 tv shows that I make time to watch (on Hulu) and usually not by appointment. it's all about what is convenient with my schedule. also, I have a job that allows me to listen to content but not watch it. so I spend more time on YouTube listening to stuff (like Screen Junkies).

  • I come from a family of 7 and my dad used to have us lay down in the back of the station wagon and cover us with a blanket and tell us not to move so we could afford family movie night at the drive in. 😂 Ed's clown car reference isn't far off the mark. 🤡

  • I’m from Saudi Arabia , if I want to watch any movie I have to wait till the blue-ray Is out and download it . I know it is Stealing but it used to be the only way to watch movies, now we have theatre 💙💙💙💙

  • One quote in the discussion references how many more people saw a Netflix movie over the theatrical release of Selma. I thought Netflix did not release numbers? How can we know how many people have actually seen a given Netflix movie as compared to a theatrical one? Did I miss something?

  • Kudos for this show. I learnt a lot about movie history, Hollywood and streaming from this episode. Keep up the good work. Ed Greer, you are hilarious!

  • This was an important conversation to have for anyone who loves movies and I'm glad you guys devoted the whole hour to it. Thank you!

  • Honestly, I do find it difficult to resist being on my phone when watching something at home.  But it's part of the reason why I love going to the theater.  Because it's immersive and demands complete attention. I absorb film much better there.

  • Movies aren't going away, because streaming only killed the home blockbuster experience. Not everyone has a kickass home theater setup that supplants IMAX.

  • Movie theaters : pro / large screen con/ other people, expensive ticket and food , other people
    Home theaters: pro / privacy con . . . . screen not large enough, not wallsized free of obstruction

  • The backbone for that disruption being a growing internet, stronger pipes to handle more and more bandwidth. . . . support a robust and nongated internet.

  • The saddest thing for me to hear was when a 15 year old girl I was tutoring (who was quite bright) said she didn’t watch old films because the picture quality was bad( So nothing that’s not in HD((

  • We spent $22 on tickets and $12 on concessions to go see Child's Play in a theater of 8 people where 1 took a phone call mid-movie and purposefully talked at the screen in an attempt to piss people off before dipping out of the theater quickly before the credits rolled… the theater experience has to do better…

  • i want to know how many of these disney plus, apple tv, dceu plus services are going to be available worldwide. we have netflix, we have amazon, now tv, bt and we have sky on top of the five major channels. and we still have to pay licence fee for BBC content. i don't know anyone who can afford all this.

  • $150.00 to see a film, are you crazy! leave the kids in the car (crack a window) go to walmart get your own snacks and sneak into another screen for a double feature.
    i'm kidding i live in UK a standard ticket is about £10, most multiplexes have free parking for a limited time, 3 hours ish and i take my sweets and drink in with me, nobody ever stops me.

  • I prefer to watch movies in the theatre but only because I'm fortunate enough to live in a city at the moment where I can watch movies pretty cheaply on Wednesdays and take advantage of student discounts on other days. People also are pretty quiet and respectful here and it's very unusual for people to be on their phones or talk loudly in the theatre.

    I now have Netflix and to be honest, I never watch movies on it because I just don't have the mental bandwidth. It's not just the distractions of my phone or my roommates but also the niggling idea at the back of my mind that I should be doing more with my time like reading books or finishing podcasts or preparing for class. For some reason, it's much easier for me to justify sitting down to watch a half hour or hourlong episode of a tv show instead of committing 2 hours to watch a movie at home. So if I don't watch a movie in the theatre, I will pretyy much never see it except on a long bus or plane ride where my leisure options are limited.

  • I can already predict when and how many movies I will probably watch a year, 1 (february) + 1 (april) + 1 (may) + 1 (june) + 1 (july) + 1 (august) + 1 (december) = 7 movies a year! As you would guess that can change of course, when I was younger I dragged my parents to more movies in the theater, nowadays it's pretty much that number.. …

  • Thank you midwestern prices:
    Movie ticket – $5.50 (matinee price) w/luxury seating
    Refillable fountain drink – $6.00
    Refillable popcorn – $6.00
    Total – $17.50
    I see on average 3 movies a month

  • Please add one more camera directed at the booth woul be really nice to see what is going on in there… Ryan and JTE always do something which bring a smile out

  • Im past forty. I have been nursed with Hollywood features. I have not set a foot in a theater for 10 years and I don’t miss it at all. I’m on YouTube

  • the movies are cheaper in Canada. the food is super expensive. The drive-in is even cheaper. staying home and watching movies is boring and I don't want to pay for abunch of films I don't enjoy on netflix….. Canada netflix really sucks.

  • the multi-tasking part got me. i cannot for the life of me watch youtube videos without simultaneously playing on my phone. the same way that i cannot just play on my phone without playing any youtube videos on the background. and yeah, some people get weirded by that but i do catch almost everything the video is showing/saying.

  • For the record I don't watch you guys on my phone unless I'm in public. I spend a lot of time watching YouTube (including this show) on my PS4. I pull it up on my phone if I want to leave a comment like this comment now.

  • I think you're being a bit unfair about younger people's attention span if it's not interesting or engaging why watch it. Nintendo CEO Reggie said it best "If it's not fun why bother".

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