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Are Gender-Specific Grammy Awards The Answer?

I think we do live in an age
where we talk about equality. And in 2011 they stopped having male and
female categories. So it was just one category.>>One category.>>For-
>>I didn’t even notice that.>>Each-
>>Best new artist, things like that.>>Right. Like instead of doing
best album by a female. It’s now just best album,
[CROSSTALK] best new artist, it’s not best new female artist.>>So that has lot to do with the reason
why you don’t see females being represented.>>Mm-hm.
>>Cheryl Crow who has nine grammys. She got most of her grammys
under the female category. So I think if they go back to
having male versus female, that would help to give that exposure. Cuz I know everybody wants to talk well,
how about equality? Yeah, we got equality. But sometimes I don’t see a difference
as in you have country music, R&B music, then divided for
the females and males. Then that way you can have
more exposure for the females. That’s what I think.
>>Yeah, well I have a question.

  • seperate but equal… funny how we want it when it favors an agenda and works in ones favor….but when it was white and black it was deemed unconsitutional 🤔 don't cry now just because your losing. this isn't a sport. are the powers that be implying music by women is somehow different from music by men? idc either way. all i am saying is be consistent with the logic.

  • This is ridiculous. Woman have been dominating recent Grammys. Look at adele and Taylor and Beyonce. But a man does it once and it’s an issue. People are really going to make the public sick of all their “im offended” crap

  • I agree with Loni because then more deserving artists would win awards. They split the musical categories up (country, rap, etc) so why not the artists.
    Oh Lord but then I can see someone wanting to split the artists up by color! "Best black artist" "best new white singer" ooh chile nevermind.

  • I agree they should go back to the way they were before. They made a lot of changes that leave a lot of opportunities for artists to get nominated or even win out

  • Honestly, most women would rather be singer than be producers, writers, ect. So these categories are going to go to men, since there are more men doing these jobs.
    The only woman I could think who writes her music, is creative , popular and deserves awards for her talent is taylor swift. And she wasn’t nominated, maybe her album was after the cut out date.
    But Lorde is mediocre. Pink is mediocre. Rihanna is mediocre ect. These women do need to step their game up.

  • yeah, but, gender is not specific. there are people who don’t identify as either female or male. doing that would just give more emphasis on gender.

  • These people need to make up their damn minds. Gender specific OOOO SEXIST, non-gender specific OOO STILL UNFAIR AND SEXIST.

  • I understand what Loni is saying, I feel like we'll wait a long time before we see everybody fairly represented but it opens a can of worms we'd have a million awards shows. So I think the better solution is to not idolize the awards.

  • “Exposure”?! Uuuh. Maybe wrong choice of words. In that case may as well have “best white r’nb”. Since we’re talking “exposure”. Why is there a reason to segregate genders? Implying 1 somehow has an advantage over the other.

  • The best artist should win regardless of gender. We can't have it both ways when we don't get what we want! We are equal and should be compared on the music not whether male or female.

  • Yes, their should be gender specific categories…For example: The best male or the best female country star should have it's own category. Then overall it should be a category called the Best Country Artist. what's wrong with that?

  • If their aren't any gender specific categories then let's not have any categories be separate(sarcasm). Let's put country, rap, RnB, Jazz, gospel, and pop all into the same category and let's see what will happen. Everybody and they mama will be pissed off.

  • It's not even about gender tbh. The Grammys are an industry politics popularity game now anyway. So the merit/prestige a Grammy once held, isn't worth much today IMO. They said this was the Grammys lowest viewership in 9 years. Not because of gender, but because these record labels and the recording academy is feeding the masses these wack clowns to represent music. So it has nothing to do with gender. Maybe the music industry should start putting and rewarding actual talent first.

  • idk i get what Loni means, but it's also pretty cool to have and award show category that is not gender specific. Maybe the problem is that not enough women are being nominated idk

  • Nah I prefer gender specific categories, no real reason why, it's just that the Grammys have been doing it for a long time so I'm kinda used to it. Neither here nor there I guess ✌

  • They weren’t screaming sexism when Taylor swift winning for her mediocre music. Adele won everything last year. I think the only person who got robbed of their things this year was SZA

  • In all reality, with the absence of talent in the music industry they cannot even compile a decent male and female category anymore. Yes it is true

  • This is some affirmative action bs. If you’re not that talented, you’re not that talented. Why does everyone have to be a winner?

  • Watching episode on t.v. where products are locked up! All the Walmarts I have gone to in my state all make-up, razor, nails products etc…are locked up. I have to pay them before I pay in the front or they put it in a case!!

  • Nope , that's equality , and that's what you insisted on for years , now you retracting your words cuz you didn't win !!

  • I think it should go back to gender specific because to me to group them together is kind of like oranges and apples a lot of the time things that appeal to women don't appeal to men and vice-versa.

  • I think we should really unsubscribe, but just low key keep watching maybe than the Real will stop torturing us I've done it with sadness though 😢 😩

  • I think the change needs to be in the voting, not the category… Ppl just need to vote from an unbiased perspective… Like to separate is like saying women could never be good as men… And that's not the case…

  • The problem is you can’t have it both ways, society is so fucked second “we’re all the same”, next second “we want our own stuff”, like make up your minds! Either we are the same or not. You can’t just pick and choose, it’s ridiculous. There’s was never a problem when it was separated, now they got what they wanted and trying to go back wth? Smdh

  • They always asking for equality they got now they complaining….. See why the industry don't take women as serious???? We flip flops to much lol

  • so whose the next SIT DOWN cast host. " gabrielle union Wade" or janet jackson. " id visit in the audience " wonderful bunch.

  • They should definitely put back the male and female category, males might not be willing to listen to a whole ass Taylor swift album or a female a whole ass Rick Ross album…. I’m just saying that to say different types of music applies to different groups of people and these groups might just be male and female. So certain songs might not get the recognition it needs by one gender and therefore locked out.

  • I just don't look to compare men and women. They are just not the same. Equal and fair is what I believe. I want the same opportunities yes, but I do not want to sit in a urinal. Like geesh the only woman i compare to a man is Young Ma and that's because shes a stud.

  • No! I am a woman, and I sincerely believe there were more Grammy winning men this year than women. It is not unequal simply because women aren't winning. Women aren't always better. Men aren't always worse.

  • This is what the Recording Academy/Grammy President said, “women who have the creativity in their hearts and souls, who want to be musicians, who want to be engineers, producers, and want to be part of the industry on the executive level” need to “step up.”
    I personally feel that women have to work harder in most industries than men.

  • adrienne, girl, you been in the industry too long to know that "best female new artist" and "best female album" were never GRAMMY categories. c'mon now.

  • This is irritating. Four women were nominated for the category that started this whole conversation and Ed Sheeran was better than all of them.

  • Wtf why is everyone this a gender thing?! It's about merit, popularity and the content of the nominees body of work and if a male happens to win- then he won on his own merit not cause its sexist? Man foh yall 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Can ya pleeeeeease stop with these BS short clips. I wanna know what Tamera's question was! The Real's Youtube account employee SUCKS!!!!!! Wendy Williams isn't stingy like this. GET IT TOGETHER.

  • This is Marxism. Let people get rewarded on what they EARN through talent and hard work, NOT based on their gender.

  • Women have no basis to complain about the lack of female awards because they were the ones who advocated for the elimination of the gender categories.  Be careful what you ask for, you may get it.   I think the gendered categories should come back.  The voices are different, the energy is different and what they choose to sing about is different as well.  It is difficult to compare men's songs and women's songs.

  • segregation isn’t the answer. the answer is more female representation. however, if there isn’t enough female representation and nothing changes then i’d be here for if someone did make an award show dedicated to women in music. kinda how black people made the BET awards when we werent represented enough

  • The media is trying to push an agenda on us! They want us to all believe that being gay/transgender is right. Soon we will have a genderless society. God made male and female. There’s no such thing as any other gender.

  • it's awful if we have to go back to having male vs female awards because women don't get rewards otherwise…That's truly horrible. No it was a step in the right direction to have everyone in the same cathegory. There is no need to divide by's not like in sports where men are clearly physically stronger/faster etc. To go back would be to diminnish women further in my opinion. Instead the management need to get some pressure put on them to get female and male nominees and winners.

    If it's THE PUBLIV THAT DETERMINES THE WINNER HOWEVER?? I DON'T know if it is, but if it is us common people that vote.. THEN they should divide it because then obviously we are not as gender equal in our mind that i thought and hoped for.

  • hmm. doesn't this sound similar to getting paid equal if ur doing the same job with same with experience and longevity? I guess females suck

  • I've always thought if the Oscars were Best Actor/Actress in the same category, it's gonna be the actor winning everytime

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