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Appa – Tamil Full Movie | Samuthirakani | Thambi Ramaiah | Ilaiyaraaja

‘I bow to: Breaking the barriers
of caste, religion, clan’ ‘The pain of rain to alleviate
Mankind to elevate’ ‘The power of youth right
and the force to unite’ ‘To my father of the
celluloid world’ ‘The truth to be told
as events unfold’ ‘Father’ Dhayala! Our family will soon
have one more addition Goddess Shakthi Our family deity! Make sure my children and grandchildren are
hale and healthy wherever they may be – Which month? – third ‘She is slightly anemic I’ll
prescribe some tablets’ She’s a distant
relative of mine If parents are blood
relatives, % chance baby will be born with some
defect it seems? Don’t jinx it The
baby is fine now That’s enough Must never step inside
any hospital, Malar Good food is the
best medicine Eat nutritious food Be active, do plenty of
household chores Be happy Pamper your mind You’ll have a safe delivery Have you thought of a name? Ilavarasi Singamperumal
if it’s a girl Boy means Chakravarthy
Singamperumal At three months, he’ll turn over At
6 months, he will sit up At nine months run
1year, he’ll talk – I didn’t deny this
– Don’t butt in At twenty one months pre-school
At 33 months LKG I’ll ensure he stands first in10th grade
12th grade he’ll achieve it by himself Study MBBS here Send him abroad for
higher studies He will complete his MS
at Oklahoma University And find a job there I will get him married to a Tamil girl
who has studied there just like him She should talk
Tamil fluently Both of them will land here with a fat
bank account and the proud NRI tag I will buy a piece of
land in the suburbs And build a hospital
for them to- Build and then what? Instead of letting a toddler
walk, run or play freely killing his creativity, contentment,
compassion as a humanE being Raise him like a robot He’ll end
up being depressed and kill- Why be so pessimistic? Don’t stuff your dreams into
our unborn baby, Malar That soul has a desire, dream,
life of his or her own too We should be a pillar of strength
for our baby, that’s all (nursery rhyme) This isn’t for my ears!
The baby should hear ‘It is the th 7month now, why is it your
parents haven’t come to take you?’ ‘- So keen to pack me off!
– What was our pre-nuptial agreement?’ Oh yes!! Don’t tread so hard Gently like a bed of roses – Only then the baby will be a garland!
– Is this okay, dear? Here, dear – Hi, akka – Didn’t go for a walk? Poor lady! He is torturing her Don’t react to all that (phone rings) Drink up this herbal
brew, dear ‘Hello, uncle How are you?’ Malar, your father
is on the line I won’t let you hassle my wife You
can be her father or whoever! I will call you once
the baby is born Stand a mile away, look and
vanish into thin air! I don’t want any of your clan
to come and see the baby Labor of love for years! When you wake up look
at God’s picture If you’re bored look at me! (loud scream of pain) Don’t be scared Push
a little harder Take me to the hospital They will cut you open
and ruin your health Shouldn’t you lead a
healthy normal life? Maaa! Step outside, son What was our pre-nuptial
agreement? You agreed to pay for
the pregnancy I don’t want my wife or baby I will run away somewhere What happened? Why this delay? Nurse! How many times will you call me? Are you delivering the baby? – You’re so perturbed
– Of course I’ll be I have specified a time My baby should be born at
that particular time Okay, fine ‘4 patients at the
same time’ I don’t care about that I want
my baby delivered first ‘Uncle, tell me, what did we decide
about the pre-nuptial agreement?’ Just hang up For God’s sake I think this is wrong But
it is your call! If anything happens
to my sister- Get lost! You won’t be hearing
the end of this! You refuse to admit her in a hospital
with proper medical aid You are being so damn stubborn! (newborn baby’s cry) Come and see your son Welcome, Dr Chakravarthy
Singamperumal ‘Shakthi, our grandson should
inherit your good qualities’ What is my grandson’s name? Our family deity’s name You do the honors Vetri Easwaran Everybody is taking
me for a ride – What was our pre-nupt?
– Aiyay! Come on ‘Your father to foot
the bill-‘ Get his school admission
right now I’ll bring him over when
he is 18 months Boy baby I’m really happy Should bring him up to
love our society ‘How will I get Rs 20000,?’ Your folks didn’t pay up
the hospital bill At least they can pay
the school fees? Aiyay! Give it to me What was our pre-nupt agreement? This man? Hold him Hey! Come here What? You seem to be following me
for the past months In this same T-shirt! What was your pre-nuptial
agreement? You won’t tell me? Sonny? Why don’t you tell me? Why go to a school to play? My mother and you are at
home all the time I come home after work Let
him play with us I knew you would say this Don’t I have the right to
choose my son’s school? 100%, Malar But why trouble a toddler to
tick your wish list? Let him play till he
is 5-6 years old Then he can go to the
school of your choice I studied 1st grade
only when I was 6 No wonder you’re like this! My bloody fate! Listening to my father, I agreed to
marry you and I’m stuck for life Hey! What happened? ‘So disgusting!’ – Shouldn’t people we know respect me?
– Those people are lazy bums! They don’t even take
care of their kids So what? I have to face them!
Not you, right? I have to talk to them I have to cross their
paths daily ‘Shouldn’t I retain my
self respect?’ Aiyo! Malar It isn’t self respect It is conceit To keep up with the Joneses, should we
lock our child within walls? What is your final decision? Rs 20000, is the fees My son has to study there Is it possible or not? Not possible – My dear son? – What, ma? Why don’t you just agree? I have given in too
often, ma ‘Do what you want’ ‘- As you wish!
– Started her tantrums again’ ‘Why do you break
everything, dear?’ ‘You will only support
your son’ I’ll get you toys
worth Rs 25000 You can play at
home with me ‘No one respects me
in this house’ ‘Listen to me, my dear’ ‘Why should I live?’ ‘Aiyo! Dhayalaaa!’ ‘Look what she has done
to herself?!’ ‘What happened?’ (child crying) ‘Appa!’ Daddy! We live in a beautiful world,
amidst good hearted people The world exists
thanks to them This world is god-awful Do not trust a single soul, they will
dig your grave while you’re awake If you look at anyone, smile and
accept them as your friend Just a smile and they will dance
on top of your head! When you eat, share your food
with the person next to you If anyone gives you food
don’t eat even a morsel They will kidnap you, rob you of
your kidney and make you beg Love everyone So as to not prosper, huh? Love just your own self Your father’s advice
sounds good His father is scaring us Whom do we follow? What is your father’s advice? If you meet a good
person, smile If you see a bad man,
maintain a good distance Why buy trouble? We should live without being
noticed at all, son Should live without being
noticed at all, pa They are confusing us! Chakkarai’s ma? I believe they have to make
a Taj Mahal model Saw it in his diary We should not do their
project work Bhai will have it readymade in his
shop, just go and buy it My husband has gone
there now How does Bhai know about
the project work? Any link between the
shop and school? Stop nitpicking Go
and buy it now Vetri, come with me ‘8th grade project work Is
the rocket ready?’ ‘- Yes, Bhai – Give
it to him’ ‘Give me Rs 1000 ‘ ‘Taj Mahal project, huh?’ ‘ Thermocol Cutter’ How are you? ‘ 1 pair of scissors’ Are you planning to do it? No, Bhai My son will do it Won’t be the same as
what we can do Project work is for the
student, not you Make sure you place it
right in the middle – How?
– Right in the middle, pa Don’t be over enthusiastic Okay, pa (van honking) Should not draw attention – What should you not do?
– Not draw attention – Be the first one to display it
– Okay, pa – What are you holding?
– Taj Mahal Did your father ask you to say so? Mind your business, sir Vetri See you Bye, pa Take your hands off my bag – Don’t bang against me –
Don’t break my Taj Mahal – Move aside – Driver
anna, go slow – I did this all by myself
– Soooper! Aiyaiyo! My Taj Mahal This is why I told you not
to be a Smart Alec You’re such a Scrooge and
you made him do it So humiliating! ‘How will I face
Chakkarai’s mother?’ Money is no big deal My son is priority He should gain confidence So
I wanted him to do it Why don’t you understand that? He was humiliated in
front of everyone Why don’t you get that into
your thick skull? Did you tell them you made it? I did, pa Was it wrong what I did, pa? Your school is at fault Tomorrow is Parents’ meeting
You can go, I won’t come Studies, sports, activities He’s
bad in all of the above He is also weak Please look into this (list of complaints) Good morning His focus in studies
has lessened, sir He’s very mischievous
in class Is that so? (groaning in pain) Even his homework
is incomplete Lazy bum! Is that so? He’ll
improve now – I’ll take care – Okay If you give him a little extra
care, I’ll be happy I’ll apologize on
his behalf Come along Vetri Easwaran Let’s go Your son is so playful
in class He didn’t do a god job of
his project either Mediocre Okay, madam Vetri, please wait
outside for me I think he’s the only one who did the
project work you assigned really well Doesn’t matter if you
don’t encourage him You need not have humiliated
him in class He stayed up till : am
and he did a bad job! Student who got it from the
Bhai’s shop is good One who got an art student
to help, very good This project work is
for whom, madam? Students? Parents? Bhai’s shop? Arts student? Vetri’s father is soooper Look over there Govindammal,
very, very good Touch your heart and tell me You
think that little girl did it? Whom are you fooling? Students? Parents? He is right in
questioning them Or are you fooling yourselves? – Will you tell them face to face?
– Why buy trouble, sir? Best to be unnoticed Then why are you even seated here? Leave now Do you get pleasure in listing out
all the faults of our children? They are sitting here with
the herd mentality! According to them more than
their kids being happy they should retain their sense
of prestige in front of others Only that matters to them A child will play
That’s natural Why do you highlight it as a fault? You complained a
dime a dozen Know what he’ll do to
his son at home? Don’t run in Waaaait! Don’t, don’t hit our son This is how 90 % of the
parents react How will the kids like their
parents or the school? Shouldn’t he be eager to meet
the teachers in school? You are frightening
the children When will you let him be free? When will he be happy? None of your concern, sir It is MY concern, madam
Who else will ask? This is my son’s future If he’s in trouble my son should believe
his father will bail him out How many parents here
give that assurance? I’ve given %
confidence to my son – Yes, pa – Come this side Sir, come up A parent is creating
a ruckus Opening your eyes to facts
is creating a ruckus? Any problem, sir? Everything is a
problem, sir My son has studied
here for years 4v different teachers so far What do they know about my son? How can they monitor my son? That’s not your concern For any question of his this
is their prompt reply! Will you tell them so? Why should we buy
trouble, si- Why do you say ‘we’? You came of your own accord You invited us, sir You wait on the road to grab us! You erect a banner with
your st ranker’s face Tom tom to the whole world he’s
your student and a topper You distribute fliers, advertise
on TV and create an aura You thrust a false prestige
in the minds of mothers And confuse everyone They behave like temper
tantrum queens Try committing suicide My wife drank poison to
get her way, sir Unable to bear the torture at home
many men give in and land up here How many of you came here of
your free will, tell me? Look around Not even 30 % Bloody spineless people! Why did I think you
would support me? Shame on you! Are you a communist? Or a naxalite? You’re garnering support? Your son is expelled Who are you to expel my son? This school is not qualified enough
for my son to study here – Vetri? – Pa Do you like this school? No, pa Heard that? Ask your child too More than 50% will endorse
Vetri’s statement Pa, even I do not like
this school one bi- Let’s go Mr Dhaya You’re ruining your son’s future thanks
to your short temper and ego Son’s future is not
with the school It is within himself “Mankind…the entire human race Where
are you heading…which place?” “Why make a child suffer and
handcuff him or her?” “This world is theirs
to live as they please Let them choose what
they feel at ease” Why are you standing out? She broke everything, son Nothing more left to break!! Vetri, your mother has been possessed
by an avatar of Goddess Shakthi She will be okay once we sprinkle neem
leaves and water, wait out there ‘Malar, what’s your
problem now?’ ‘You are the reason
he was expelled’ ‘Should he sit at home and I must be
answerable to random people?’ ‘Look after your son Random
people don’t count’ ‘Easy for you to say!’ ‘I’ll be the one humiliated in
front of these people’ Who are ‘these 4 people’? ‘How many students follow
their parents’ dreams?’ ‘And roam jobless with their
dreams dozing inside’ ‘With no purpose in life
Neither here nor there’ ‘My son should not lead such a life
His dreams should come true’ ‘Get out of the house I
don’t want to see you’ ‘I have had enough
of your tantrums’ From the beginning all of you
have been biased about him. Listen to me. I won’t believe you one bit. Whatever it is, your fault
to have walked out It is all your fault I’m suffering because I
trusted your choice .. Only because of me, you led
a good life till now .. If you can’t live with Dhaya
you can never be happy .. He’s the greatest
human being ever! … I know he is a humanE being! … I’m sure of that … He doesn’t respect
his own wife- … I’ll break your teeth! … (loud voices arguing) … How dare you hit ‘akka’! … You’re all happy
with your lives … I am the one traumatized … ‘You have come here, right? This
is the end of our happiness’ … ‘Why are you both fighting?’ … My whole life is in shambles … What do you want now? … I want my son … Don’t fall for her tantrums and
lose face with her husband … Your sister will change her
mind by the minute … Good evening, Bhaskar … – How are you? – Fine, sir … I want to meet the
headmaster … Vetri, wait here I’ll
be back soon … Why are you sitting here, bro?
… – I want to pee – You
could have told me … Anytime you want to go to the
loo, call me at once, okay? … Okay, bro … Vetri … – Do you like this school?
– Very much, pa … You know my husband has
a balloon sized ego … We are shifting .
streets away … Why? … As a father it is my duty to give
my son a peaceful environment … – You? – Yes, I have to … If my son befriends your son who is
studying in a Govt school… … …my son will become a
country bumpkin! … Is your father a total whacko?
… A little bit! … Dhaya, we have no difference
of opinion on inheritance … We only look at life
differently … That’s all … Let’s maintain a distance … Anytime you need me
you can call me … Dr Chakravarthy Singamperumal?
… ‘Appa…?’ … Chakkarai…? … ‘See you later’ … ‘You shouldn’t meet
him at all’ … – Pa…? – Get in … Okay, pa … ‘Go with your mother’ … ‘We don’t have to be neighbors just
because we are colleagues’ … ‘Appa’ … ‘What, my dear?’ … My school doesn’t have a van?
… You are free country
chickens … What about them? … They are caged
broiler chickens … “Colorful flowers that blossomed today
when watered with love yesterday” … “Along with the breeze daily
you should sing blithely” … “Yesterday’s grief
and sorrow” … “Do not carry it to the morrow
Move on…go with the flow” … “Many paths lie ahead, think straight Take
the ‘Infinity walk’ don’t hesitate” … “Who can tie us down now to
the ground somehow?” … “It’s a small world after all Let’s
encircle it, walking tall” … “Who can lay down rules unfairly to
stop our fun and frolic spree?” … “Success…victory In our
hands as inventory” … “Win, to defeat” … “It’s no mean feat” … “The skies we can fly freely
Surrounds us infinitely” … “Those who strangle our freedom
let’s tie them to the ground” … “Syllabus we follow daily Not
‘life’s lessons’ really” … “Should we study?” … “Come out, buddy” … “Like a sparrow and the waterfall Let’s
swerve and dive, have a ball” … “No mountains or shores to cross
No obstacles as an albatross” … “Without a fault or defect open
your mind and connect” … “No questions or answers
to dissect” … “Success story…victory In
our hands satisfactory” … “Win, to defeat It’s
no mean feat” … He is missing? … Vetri…! Where did you disappear?
… Is someone here? Gone
to hell or what? … Malar, what happened? … Vetri is missing it seems … That man has lost my son … My son is missing … Bro, let’s go and find out … You didn’t listen to
me when I told you … I told you to give
the boy to us … Now he is missing … If anything happens
to our nephew- … Why waste time talking to him?
… Nod your head I’ll
finish him off …. Both of you know
me inside out …. Better hold on to the respect
I have for you! …. Don’t let this pipsqueak
reprimand me …. Hey! Move aside …. Making matters worse! …. Dhaya sir …. We don’t have confidence
in your confidence …. You searched everywhere
for your son? …. Didn’t find him? Then
why this damn ego? …. Give an official
complaint, sir …. They will search instead …. Sir, you start searching He
will register a complaint …. As the boy’s father he
should tell us, sir …. If you ask him he will say he
has faith in humanity …. He will start
preaching to us …. – Do you at least have a photo?
– Sir, . minute …. We are already late, pal …. We have nothing to lose
listening to them …. Flash this in all
the stations …. Will you tell us details of
your son at least now? …. What is your son’s name? …. Vetri Easwaran …. What was he wearing? …. Pant and shirt …. Color? …. Brown pant …. Blue shirt …. Was he wearing shoes? …. – What color shoes?
– Light red …. Is he mentally disturbed? …. – Something like that?
– He’s a real smart kid …. Very energetic …. How old is he? …. Chakkarai? …. Come and eat …. Where are you? …. Don’t cry He will come back …. (phone rings) …. You tell him what you know …. I’ll attend to this …. Keep talking if it is a
threatening call …. Gandhi, follow that …. Any birth marks? …. He has a slight- …. ‘Dhayaaaa…!’ …. Vetri is safe …. It’s me, Dhaya …. #14TH.., Senthamizh road .6th
Block, Neyveli …. Can I talk to Vetri? …. Vetri…my son? …. How are you? Did you eat? …. How could you do this to me?
…. Okay, she will bring you Come
back safe and sound …. Let me talk to her …. I’ll wait here Please
come soon …. Friend…? …. Yes, my friend …. My faith in humanity
is intact, friend …. I want my son with me …. The boy has been found
You can leave now …. Let me see the boy …. Oh! Reunion …. ‘APPA….!’ …. Let go of the child …. Give him to me …. Vetri, I am here for you …. Close your eyes …. – Appa…!
– Let go of the boy …. I’m here Don’t be scared …. How can you stand and watch them
hitting both father and son? …. Grab them both …. ‘Make them disperse or it will
blow out of proportion’ …. ‘He is our sister’s son’ …. Appa! …. ‘Let me go’ …. ‘He will ruin that
boy’s life’ …. ‘Don’t think you’ve
escaped’ …. ‘I know how to get
your son back’ …. Malar, listen to me …. You are repeatedly taking
wrong decisions …. Your brothers have their
own lives to lead …. You’ll be all alone …. How can you live alone? You need
someone to fight with! …. Come with me We have
to make it work …. I don’t want any damn
thing with you …. – What do you want?
– I want my son …. Won’t a mother know to
raise her son? …. These are not words of love
But a bruised ego! …. Our son can’t start his life
on a wrong footing …. Poor Vetri! Why ruin his life?
…. Let’s both raise him …. I know how to get him
back from you …. If you stand here I’ll
lose my temper …. Don’t you break that! …. It was part of my trousseau!
…. You heard her, right? We’ll
meet you in court …. ‘Don’t I have any right
in my own house?’ …. Vetri …. Between us, whatever maybe the
difference of opinion… …. …we will give and take …. You are a part of both of us
We’ll do this for your sake …. We will be together till
our last breath …. We promise you this on
your umbilical cord …. ‘Don’t be scared of
appa Dr Chakkarai’ …. Hey! Leave him alone …. He won’t strip …. ‘- Gawd! My father is here
– Give me the bat’ …. ‘Chakkarai, run’ …. ‘Come, huh? Brave heart!’ …. ‘I feel like smash-‘ …. – Hey! Mayil – I’ll
smash his head …. Let’s go …. I’ve only seen a
breathless sprinter …. You’re studying with
such deep breaths …. You’ll make a good doctor …. What, ma? …. Holding the book
upside down …. “I am mesmerized by you totally
You will be my fiancée” …. ‘Keep your tickets ready
for checking’ …. Take your ticket out …. ‘He hasn’t got a
ticket, sir’ …. ‘Make him stand right
at the back’ …. ‘Hey! Come with me’ …. ‘What are you searching?
Show me your ticket’ …. – What happened?
– My ticket is missing …. Show me …. Show me your ticket, bro …. I bought it Can’t
find it now …. What a lame excuse! …. Are you a pickpocket? …. ‘Don’t accuse me Take
your hands off’ …. ‘- Come down – I will
pay the fine’ …. ‘- Don’t manhandle me
– Get down’ …. Driver, halt …. I felt really sad
for her, pa …. What if she had been humiliated!
…. Why don’t people trust each other?
…. We should stick to
our values …. Give me . tickets …. 2 tickets please …. – Why did you do that?
– I took your advice …. – ‘We should stick to our values’
– This is taking it too far! …. Pa, when I see that girl my
limbs start trembling …. I can hear my own heartbeat …. Lub-dub, lub-dub it echoes …. My stomach somersaults, pa …. Whole world is spinning, pa …. Come close to me, please …. What? …. What now? …. I have this sudden
urge to pee …. – 3 tickets – Where to? …. – Where? – Danger zone! …. Danger- …. Why dangerous? …. Keep the ticket
safe with you …. – Appa…pa – What…? …. Don’t get flustered …. Appa? …. I need to pee …. I got a ticket …. I got a ticket for you too …. I am his father …. Come, sit here …. Don’t be scared Sit with us …. Come …. Don’t be tense …. Relax …. What is your name? …. Rashita Banu …. Where does your father work?
…. He has a mobile eatery
next to the bus stand …. Let’s get down right now …. Why get hyper? …. Wait, son …. Do you know him? …. I’ve seen him …. Our house is nearby …. Will you come in for
a cup of coffee? Talk to each other .. He isn’t saying a
word to me, uncle .. Are you ready to talk? .. Yeah! .. What does ‘yeah’ mean? .. I came once to talk to you .. You acted pricey and
turned your face away .. You want me to drool all
over you or what? .. Why didn’t you say something?
… Hahn? … What does ‘hahn’ mean?! … If you remember I started a
conversation once with you … You ignored me totally … – When? – ..12 th
of last month … Time 04:36. … ‘There was an empty seat I called
you to sit next to me’ … But you didn’t want to … I thought you were
glaring at me … I spoke with my eyes and you
thought I glared at you! … Why couldn’t you talk, dumbo!
… Then why say ‘eye-talk’
or ‘feet-walk’? … My hands will talk if
you act over smart … My hands can talk too! … I can also slap you … Okay, uncle I’m leaving now … Thank you for trusting me and
coming here when I invited you … You can visit us
anytime you like … But with your parents’
knowledge … Bye, uncle … – Bye, da – Bye! … Vetri … Appa? … How is the ‘feeling’ now? … Lub-dub Heartbeat? … Soooper clean, pa … A girl is… … …the opposite sex
That’s all … They feel and react like
the way we do too … Should never pollute
our minds … If negative thoughts accumulate
the beast in you will erupt … Make you resort to knife,
acid, violence … 5. minutes of exchanging thoughts
you’ll be squeaky-clean … You’ll be the best
human being … – What? – I’m very lucky, pa … I am the lucky one! … Have you all finished? … Yes, over … – Collect all the papers
– Okay, ‘ka … Give me your paper … Give it to me … Glory … – Akka? – Distribute here … Pass it on this side … Here … Correct each other’s papers but
be fair in your marking … Rajesh … Wonder who has my paper! … Whose is this? … Don’t know but a real dumbass!
… All wrong answers Name
Neelanandhini … The girl in the
sandalwood dress … You can be generous with
your marks for her … Correct her answers and
make her happy! … ‘Now use this situation
to your advantage’ … Whoever it is I always
mark it …100% … But my paper gets marked .0/100. All yours … ‘Collect the papers if you’ve
finished correcting’ … Chakravarthy … Thanks, ‘ka … – Glory? – ‘Ka … Thanks, ‘ka … Mayilvahanam … I’ll rip you to pieces … You’ll get it
royally from me … Here … Who the hell corrected mine? … Uncle Scrooge! … Hey!10/10. She’s wondering who
this King Pari is! … Aiyaiyo! … Not me … Come soon … The girl’s mind is now
open for a chit-chat … Locked up, it’s a burden
Unloaded, it’s heaven! … I am here for you Be
brave and talk … Let me get down first … Go … ‘Don’t discuss academics
Choose some other topic’ … ‘I don’t think he’ll say a
single word to her!’ … ‘Why buy trouble? Might as
well not get noticed!’ … ‘Mayil?’ … ‘You won’t utter a single
syllable for another decade’ … Hey Chakkarai! What’s
troubling you? … What happened? … Speed breaker mind, huh? … I know how to treat this … I’ll try it on you … ‘Talk to each other’ …. Don’t have to be so formal! …. Sit down and talk …. Vetri …. Appa? …. What’s happening here? …. You know how I got hassled? …. He is suffering from the
same problem, pa …. He has been going around in
circles with his cycle …. How are you, Chakkarai? …. Existing, uncle …. How is your father? …. I just enquired about
him, that’s all …. Why are your hands trembling now?
…. What happened? …. Bad upbringing, pa …. Vetri!! …. Did you offer them coffee? …. Give him a paracetamol also …. Go home and take rest …. – Ba-bag – Over there …. Drink your coffee …. Take care …. Looks like he will get pneumonia!
…. ‘Should never pollute
our minds’ …. ‘I want to pee’ …. Sit down, dear …. Where do you stay? …. Ambedkar nagar, sir …. Where does your father work?
…. Father is…no more, sir …. Drink your coffee …. Hi Nandhini Leaving, huh? …. ‘Thank you for trusting me and
accepting my invitation’ …. ‘You can visit us
anytime you like’ …. ‘But with your parents’
knowledge’ …. Thanks a ton, Vetri …. I feel like I’ve found a
new ‘Forever friend’ …. Mr Chakravarthy
Singamperumal …. Appa? …. You study ..20 hours a day …. Sleep for .4 hours …. – Ma? – What? …. I can score …100% even if
I write an exam now …. Why does he take credit for
everything in my life? …. You know he’s made this way …. Go and eat …. You’re burning up …. – Bad upbringing, ma
– Very funny! …. Mayil…? …. Why are you hesitating
to come in here? …. Why did you stand outside? …. I feel ashamed, sir …. Why? …. In ..10th grade, there are ..
hopeless nitwits …. Of all the nitwits
he is the worst …. They shouldn’t take the
final exam, sir …. They will fail for sure and our
school’s reputation will sink …. Your school is really
good-for-nothing …. Anyway I am bullied
all the time …. This is the last straw! …. You’re writing the
exam this year …. – And you’ll pass – How
is it possible? …. Your school isn’t the
cat’s whiskers! …. I’ll get you admitted
straight into college …. Trust me …. The teacher is a good
friend of mine …. Hello, sir …. – Very good, Vetri
– Thanks, pa …. You can do it, Mayil …. Most brilliant scholars have
studied less than a mustard …. Knowledge is like an ocean …. Education is essential for life
But life isn’t only that! …. You will ace the exam …. And fling your mark sheet on the face of
the teacher who derided you, okay? …. Yes, sir …. – Go in – Come, Mayil …. What is it you’re holding? …. Let me see …. – No need, sir – Why? …. Got low marks, huh? …. Very low, sir …. Show, I have to see it …. Wow! …. ‘Village’ is dog protecting a man royally
‘City’ is man petting a dog loyally …. Written more like this? …. Tons and gallons, sir …. You can study for
your exam later …. First bring your
poetry collection …. I want to read them all …. You’ll be the first person
to read my poems, sir …. You shoot rockets with your poem?
…. My father used it as
an ear bud, sir! …. ‘Scars’ …. ‘Who stands tall?’ …. ‘Exams bye bye’ …. Stand at ease …. You will bag the Guinness record if
you swim across .5 continents …. You’ve already crossed 4. …. This is the permission letter
for the .5th continent …. Your name will feature
in the Guinness! …. After looking at the records of
Chakravarthy Singamperumal… …. …. schools are hell bent on
admitting him in their school …. Do you know the specialty of the
school he is joining now? …. The school teaches the syllabus of grade ..
in 11 grade .. itself …. He has just now finished his grade ..
final exam …. Why can’t you let him relax
for a few days? …. One shove and you will
land in your hometown …. An idle mind is the
devil’s workshop …. – Leave me out of this –
Go and do your work …. Don’t want to divorce you
so late in life …. You’ll never get a better
husband than me …. Neither will I get a
suitable wife …. – Ma…ma, wait – What? …. Please divorce this man …. Why? …. The court will ask me to choose
the parent I want to be with …. I’ll choose you, ma …. We can be at peace! …. Bad upbringing, my dear son!
…. How far is Chennai from Andaman?
…. I’ll be well taken care of …. Don’t worry …. Tell them if you
find it tough …. Impossible doesn’t exist
in my dictionary! …. Bye, grandma …. Goddess, take good care
of my grandson …. – Vetri, good news – What? …. I’ve joined NLC TV …. My program will be on
your achievement! …. I am so happy for
you, Vetri …. Okay, see you …. Bye, Nandhini …. I’ll drop Banu …. Have a blast! …. I have a show to
anchor, see you …. Bye …. Kaput! …. Words get stuck in
your throat …. At least pen your
thoughts on paper …. Appa- …. Any problem with your cycle?
…. – Flat tyre? – No, pa …. You are not cycling then? …. – What is it in your palm?
– Nothing, pa …. Don’t lie…give it! …. Let me see …. – She gave this to you?
– No, pa …. Lying again! …. Wait, you pipsqueak …. In grade he’ll be a
State rank holder …. Same in ..12th grade too …. He will go abroad for
higher studies …. Trying to lure a student of the
University of Washington? …. No, uncle …. Get up …. It isn’t her fault …. Who are your parents? …. Where do you stay? …. She is not to be blamed, pa …. Let go of me, uncle …. You’re hurting me …. Appa? …. – I didn’t write that note
– She didn’t, pa …. I didn’t give it to him …. Let go, uncle …. Allow me to talk, pa …. Shut up Wait right here …. What happened? …. My darling daughter! …. You’ve raised your
daughter so badly? …. As tiny as a goat’s crap and she
writes a love letter to my son! …. Do you teach her to trap rich boys?
…. I am a widow, sir Don’t
humiliate me …. What will my neighbors think of me?
…. I’ve come here
with evidence …. How did my son get this if your
daughter didn’t write it? …. I didn’t, ma …. I didn’t write
that note, ma …. He raised his hands
and hit me …. Are mother and daughter
hand in glove? …. Want to lure a son-in-law
from a higher status? …. How do you explain this
disgusting note? …. Tell me …. ‘I didn’t write this’ …. ‘Do I deserve this? Why
did you write it?’ …. ‘Listen to me Don’t
hit her, ma’ …. ‘Why do we need to be
humiliated like this?’ …. Hey! Couch potato! …. Why should I talk to you? …. Get lost! …. I called you …. Stop hitting her, ma …. ‘Annihilation of caste
by Dr Ambedkar’ …. – Why is your friend like this?
– Bad upbringing, pa …. How sad! …. Who gave you this idea? …. Your idea, right? …. He wrote …. All I did was signal
with my eyes …. Pa, he is also an accomplice!
…. Quiet mischief?! …. My mother trusts me totally …. – So she didn’t believe a word
– Then why did she hit you? …. She wouldn’t have known how
to make that man leave …. Poor child! She bore
the brunt of it …. Sometimes we hurt ourselves to escape
being pushed into a tight spot …. ‘Grade .. results of .10th…..
students’ …. – What, pa?
– Very good, I say …. .2students are .1st in State .
of them are from our town …. Chakravarthy and Banu …. What about me? …. Let me check …. You’ve scored ..72% …. – Congrats – Thanks, pa …. Nandhini? …. She has got ..68 % …. What about Confidence King? …. Taking a dig at him? …. Even you’ve passed, huh? …. What’s my %? …. .8% is fail, pa …. ..44% …. Congrats …. Thanks, pa …. Shake hands, Mayil …. I aced it! …. I have nothing to say …. She’ll assist me in my eatery
even during exam time …. I gave her full freedom …. This is purely on her merit …. I have no right to
rob her of it …. Ask her directly …. He is …100% THE best ‘Appa’ …. Banu, tell us your view …. My father is my whole world …. I couldn’t have achieved
this without his help …. Talk…go ahead …. ‘My whole life revolves
around him’ …. Today is a memorable day
for our hometown …. . 7out of the .2 State rankers
hail from our hometown …. One of them is the
son of our soil …. Chakravarthy Singamperumal …. He has aced it with 499/500 What happened to that .
mark? …. I wrote properly, pa …. I don’t know how
I missed it …. Can I apply for re-evaluation?
…. I’m applying for
re-evaluation …. Some nincompoop has ruined
my son’s golden future …. He has scarred my plans …. I won’t spare that man …. I’ll revolt till I get that 1
mark …. Chakravarthy, what is
your future goal? …. Tell him …. He has been already admitted into
the best school in Tamil Nadu …. Why is he replying instead
of Chakkarai? …. I’ll smash his head! …. Which school, sir? …. Tell them …. Then Chakkarai will leave
us and go, huh? …. Where is this school, pa? …. Ask instead ‘Where
is this jail?!’ …. ‘We are very strict’ …. ‘We punish the student severely for
using cell phone in the campus’ …. ‘- That’s why I chose this school
– ..24x7x7 only studies’ …. ‘We don’t entertain any other
thought in the student’s head’ …. ‘Sir, that’s exactly why I
chose this school’ …. – Chakkarai? – Ma? …. – Take care, son – Okay, ma …. He isn’t going to some desert It’s
a decent school I’ve chosen …. Bye, ma …. – Sriram – Chakravarthy …. ‘In the ‘Council of the learned’ the best
seat is a father’s gift to his son indeed’ – Here you go – Give me . – What was your father’s gift?
– Complete freedom! . – Vetri – Pa…? . As your father I believe I have
done a good job raising you . Now even I cannot
make you go astray . You have matured
to that extent . Do only what you can feel
comfortable telling me . Don’t do what you can’t tell . Because that is wrong . Okay, pa . I want to see my mother . Godspeed, son . Hello, uncle . Junior uncle . How are you? . Who the hell are you? . Your sister’s son . Hi senior uncs! . Your moustache
looks terrific . Gawd! It’s terrifying! . Sweet cousin! Which
grade are you in? . As if he goes to school! All he does is
hog food 24×7 and lead a cushy life . His upbringing is such!
Give me one . – What is your name?
– Clear off! . Sounds rude Your father named you?
. What’s up? Care for a banana?
. Was that a dig at me? . Why did you come here now? . To settle down here for good . I believe you were hell bent on
separating me from my father . So my father sent me away I
decided to come here . Uncs, which school will
you join me in? . I need to swim Find
me a good pool . 100m long . I am doing research in history
Find me a good library . Get me a cycle, uncs . I don’t drive around in
cool comfort like you . With 21 gears . Why are you staring so blankly?
. With your money, maybe you can draw
different moustaches on your face . But that cannot guarantee your
son will turn out good . It requires a good heart . Would you be around 45 years?
. Will people few streets
away know you? . I am just 15 years old . The whole world knows me . That’s my father…! . – Vetri…? – Grandpaaaaaa! . I told you to shave your
sickle moustache . You deserve to be disgraced! . Ma, I’m hungry . Ignore her . ‘You just ate like
a glutton’ . This lends us dignity . – Bless me, grandpa –
May you be happy . You look awesome, grandpa . You are as fit as a farmer! . You remind me of your father . He’s a man after
my own heart . He tolerated all the legal
hassles your mother gave him . He stood firm, bound
by my words . Dhayala, I think this is a bad phase
for her, based on her karma . She seems possessed
by some spirit . Don’t abandon my daughter . You trust me so much I will
never let you down . I won’t let her go
or let go of her . What he promised me that day, he
has kept his word till date . If he had signed the divorce papers
she would have drifted aimlessly . That’s my father…! . – Where is my mother?
– She must be hiding somewhere . Only if she is still with her husband
will her tantrums work at home! . She expected everyone to toe her line They
slowly sidelined her to the backyard . Her protests fall
on deaf ears . She has also mellowed down . Poor thing! . Time is the best healer . Grandpa, why talk of the past?
. That time is dead and gone . Let us be happy in the
little time we have . My brothers’ wives will hog, when I go
to eat, they will add ladles of salt . If I want to boil water to bathe, they
will claim there’s no cooking gas . And rip apart my sarees left
to dry on the clothesline . You came like a godsend! . Appa . Mother will be
living with us . As you please . Come in, ma . What brings you here
in this rain, pal? . I have a guest at home . I thought I could stay
here for a few days . Who is this guest
throwing you out? . Malar…! . Come in, quick . Come in . Buddy? . You’ve globe trotted
on a pic-hunt! . From deities to doers . Surrounded by pictures
of bachelors… . …you decided to let
your life go by . Are brides in a queue?
Just not happening . Must make it happen . There’s a time for
every event . If that time expires we are
fit for an exhibition . I have all the creature
comforts one could ask for . Along with it emptiness too . What kind of life am I leading!
. Close relatives don’t invite me for
auspicious events, they avoid me . Relatives are redundant . They want their kith and kin to suffer
and they will dole out free advice . Why should they disown us?
We will discard them . months ago my own uncle didn’t
let me spend the night . Asked me to leave because my
cousin is in her s . It was raining
cats and dogs . I got drenched to the skin . You live only once, buddy . Carpe diem! Seize the day . Go ahead, eat . Hi Vetri! . What brings you here? . – Come home – Vetri, sit . Sit down . She has come home
after many years . If I am hanging around she will
feel guilty, poor soul! . I’ll come – days later
when things settle down . Did I trouble you by
bringing mother home? . I knew when you went she
would follow you . Do me a favor, bring me
some of my clothes . Okay, pa . – Bye, uncle – Take care . ‘M.Adaikathaan Vice
Principal’ . What is it? . I have passed, sirrrr! . – Beware!
– Disturbing me so late? . Give me the mark sheet Your towel
is the icing on the cake! . Will meet again, sirrrrrrr! . Your hair-do is hair-raising!
. I stole it yesterday . – Don’t flick my cup too
– I won’t need it . – Thanks, friend
– My pleasure . Why haven’t you joined 11th grade? I have to earn money . My dad has left behind a
cart load of debts . I can compère and straight away
do my masters, right? . – years later I want to start
a channel just for kids . That’s my plan . I will invest . Bachelor Sundaram as Mr Benevolent! I can come back home
by myself, pa . Come, Banu . – What’s your choice?
– History . Let me also stick to you . I’m anyway border case . – Do you know what this ‘border’ did?
– Buddy, show them the surprise . – What, pa? – What is it? . First I want Mayil
to take a look . Here you go . ‘Spread joy with
jubilance!’ . ‘Who is tallest of them all?’ by
Mayil Vaandu, book launch’ . I am making lunch for
all of you here . Let me chop the onions . This gives me the
greatest joy, dear . No one should cry because of me!
. – What is your subject?
– You tell me? . You tell me what
your dream is . I’ll tell you the
pros and cons . We’ll discuss but
you decide . Farming . We don’t have to discuss
this at all . Only department in our land needing
our help is agriculture . Good Go ahead . The farmers’ plight
is pathetic . Shouldn’t we treat them like
God for feeding us? . We take their pain
for granted . We should help the farmers . Your good heart will
get you through . – Take Science group – Okay . Stick to one . With 4-5 channels we have
a wider choice! . Sympathy, huh? . So sad! He reminds me
of my elder sister . She isn’t finding the
right groom at all . Shall we link them together? Will caste be an issue with him?
. Love can make all
differences disappear . We will bring Cupid in . – How? – What is this for? . Get me a pen . To Mr Kalyanasundaram Spread
joy with jubilance . Selling salt to the sea? . I am your sponsor . We are quits now I am also
a sponsor for you . – What…what?
– Why this rush? . What you reap you will sow! . What do you want at this
unearthly hour? . I have written a collection
of poems, sirrrrrrrrr! . That will be launched
as a book, SIR! . I’m suffering from dengue
Leave me alone . I will be back, sir . Okay, give . You asked for it! . I told you not to
underestimate anyone . He insults you at the
slightest chance . Be happy he spared your blanket!
. If you escape, I’ll knock on
your door at midnight, sir! . You must attend my function . – Why do you want me there?
– Hold this . You have to be present . Why are you compelling her? . She doesn’t even wash her face Only if
I insist, she’ll dress up well . Pssst! . This is a golden opportunity for her
to know more about your father . You’ve touched the sky! . No flattery, please . ‘Who is the tallest
of them all?’ . Those who deride the
vertically challenged! . Discuss the elevated status
of a heart instead . Those who measure my head from
the ground and gloat . Measure from the
skies instead . I am the tallest then . I will say this loudly for
the world to hear . This is our poet’s st
creative gem . Now the most awaited book launch will
be inaugurated before our eyes . (loud applause) . Malar! When did you come? . It has been a week . I’ll call you later . Please don’t…I’m
happy as I am . To begin this event with a welcome speech,
we invite ‘Black Lion’ poet Yugabharathi . Hearty welcome to all . ‘Who is the tallest of them all? ‘ I am
happy to be here for this book launch . I am in fact very sure
in this sphere… . …junior-poet Mayil will
attain great heights . Ma…hello . Sis, welcome . This is Nandhini’s sister . Hello . Nandhini’s mother . Enough, sir Sit down . ‘We invite Mr Kalai Kumar onto the
stage to say a few words’ . ‘Greetings to one and all’ . ‘What was our pre-nupt
agreement?’ . This man?! . Your husband will be in jail
in the next minutes . I’ll kill him . – Pretend you can’t hear – Ask
him to change his T-shirt . At least change your spouse . If we look for an answer
to Where is poetry? . Poetry is everywhere . Our junior poet Mayil is a
sterling example to this . I welcome this young budding poet to
the world of pen, paper and poems . We invite the accomplished poet Mr
Pa.Vijay to say a few words . Warm welcome to all of you . Even the atom bomb
explodes just once . But it is said every time a book is
read, it flares up the mind . Poets like me write with
the help of a pen . But to think this book has
been written by a pen… . …gives me great joy . Vote of thanks by child-poet
Mayil Vaandu . (whistling) . I feel very happy today . My father brought me up saying
‘We should not be noticed’ . Maybe that is why I’m too small
for anyone to notice me . The person who made everyone
notice me is Dhaya-appa . Maybe if he was my father
instead of you… . …I might have grown tall . Dhaya-appa made me realize academics
and achievement are not linked . There are many way to lead a good life
He made me understand this too . I have a feeling of
standing tall . Even my sister considers it a disgrace
to call me her little brother . Walk ahead or follow me . Don’t tag along My friends
make fun of me . You left your record note
book at home, akka . You sat up the whole night
working…here . Give it to me . Sorry, bro . My poor mother! She cries
thinking of me . I’ll make you proud,
ma Don’t worry . Don’t cry, ma . I feel like crying too . We invite our little poet Mayil’s
father Mr Nadunilayan to the stage . Whatever he said
is 100% true . I am terrified of
everything . I am scared of this society . Petrified of our
civilization . My father and grandfather led
a life of constant fear . Marrying this lucky lady I
got used to city life . If it was a feat being
a city dweller… . …then educating my son was
even more of an achievement . He didn’t grow Neither did
his intelligence . The Principal sent him home saying
he will not pass 10th grade . Vetri, Mr Dhayal’s son
was the one… . …who admitted him in
a private tuition . And made him pass the exam . This man broke all barriers . My deep seated
inferiority complex . My fear . He breached it . Vote of thanks by
Mr Dhayalan . In this world that
we inhabit . ‘You can do it’ . ‘You will do well in life’ . ‘Make impossible possible’ . ‘Be strong’ . To say such words that
build confidence… . …there are very few . Try motivating those
who are depressed . They will burst into action and
achieve the impossible . Words of confidence are the
catalyst for new discoveries . All I did was infuse
confidence . His talent and skill were
embedded in him . I was just a tool to
bring it out . Cheers! . I thank each and everyone here
who honored my invitation . My sincere thanks to all
of you assembled here . ‘Sweet ball’ . (phone rings) . I’ll be back . ‘I didn’t expect you
to call so soon’ . Your sister and uncle
exchanged numbers . I noticed it . The caller ID was
‘Sweet ball’ . Don’t know who it was . Call your sister and check
if her line is engaged . Banu, give me your phone . Yes! Her line is engaged . Cupid is at work here . Did you eat? . What did you eat? . ‘Aappam’ and ‘Paaya’ . Way to the heart is through food!
. Is that why you are so handsome?
. I’ll eat the same
from tomorrow . You can eat right away
I’ll send it to you . (phone rings) . Vetri…your mother . Next bomb to explode! . Ma…? . Why do you pick his call? Let
me talk to your father . She wants to talk to
you it seems . Yes, Malar . You won’t talk to me, huh? . I’m being my usual self . You’ve come back just now So
it all seems new to you . You don’t have to stay
away at night . – Come home – Okay . Howzaat?! . Sixer! . Aiyo! I’m so bored by your
string of praises, Vetri . Don’t flatter me please . Allow me to eat ‘biryani’ . Clean polish your plate! . He’s brilliant with words Don’t
judge a book by its cover! . Ma…ma, listen I’m
not feeling- . Instead of talking to your mother if
you study you’ll excel, right? . He wanted to tell
me something . Why waste time in gossip?
Focus on your studies . Appa- . Achieve first We can
talk later . Finished talking?
Go and study now I’ll call just once . (phone rings) . Who is it? . Looks like a new number . We’ll lend a hand
whoever it is, talk . Chakkarai! Why are you
calling so late? . I don’t like this
place one bit . Warden takes us to a dark room and hits
us for the smallest of mistakes . Why don’t you tell your father?
. Why are you crying? . What is it? . What’s wrong? . He is crying . Want to talk? . Chakkarai, don’t cry . Listen to me, don’t cry
Nandhini wants to talk . Security . He isn’t there . He was there all along . Chakkarai! . Don’t cry . This is a psychological
problem . To be in the place he likes with his
loved ones, in his comfort zone . To talk and laugh non stop . Why don’t you do this?
Tomorrow is a holiday . Go and meet him? . – Okay, pa – Me too . Ask your mother . If she agrees, go . Tell her the truth . Take care and come back
safe and sound . – Akka…?
– Get mother’s permission . Maaa? . Use this for your
travel expenses . I feel sorry for him, ma . Parents can come only in the
time specified by us . Friends! . Did he contact you? . Sir, he- . – He…? – Sir . He didn’t get in touch, sir . We came of our own accord . We miss him a lot . So we came to see him . We’ll see him just once, sir . GET OUT! . They have only one way . With our will, we’ll
find a way . Don’t do anything drastic . Pleading is of no use, only if
we knock the door will open . – Why are we at the rear?
– I have no clue . We can’t reach even if we climb
on each other’s back . Don’t keep looking
up Look here too . Call the cops if I am not
back within an hour . Mayil…? . Hey! What are you
doing over there? . Get inside . How did you land here? . Everybody looks up
only to the sky . Who is this? . My friend . Why are you loitering about?
Go and study . My friend . I am Mayilvahanam . Sriram . Shall we go? . Whaaat? Go where? . Our gang is waiting
out Even Nandhini . Boss, you come along . One of us has to be here . I’ll stay You take him . How can we go out? . Why am I here? . Hey! Wait…wait . What? . Both of you shake hands . – Hold her hand – Idiot!
Change that expression! . Give her your hand . Hello! . He’s talking over the phone now!
. Vetri, st we should
change his dress . Chee! Stop . Pick up the bat . Face the bullet bravely . Bowl now . Hit it! . What? Happy? . – I am sooooo happy!
– Make your father happy too . Definitely I love him . I’ll make the
impossible possible . Run . Go away . (phone rings) . Whaaat? Calling from the school? My dignity and self respect
All gone for a toss . Total disgrace . Do I have to apologize?
Bow my head in shame? . – Where are you going?
– Let me also come . Your son has made a mess and you
want to tell the whole world? . Don’t rile me- . I’ll also come with you- . I knew when you were hiding from
me and talking over the phone . My gut feeling was right . – Your shirt!
– Bring it for God’s sake . Just what I didn’t
want to happen . How did he jump over the wall?
. Our son wouldn’t have
done anything wrong . Please let me come with you . I raised my son so well and you’re
such a bad influence on him . You pampered him . – No – Shut up! . If you get a call tell
them I’m on my way . Take me with you . I’ll deal with you later . Appaaaaa….! . You son is a bad influence on
the other boys as well . Take him with you right now . Father….appa…they were- . Don’t hit him . – Appa – Don’t! . Let go of him . – Pa – Sir . I apologize on my
son’s behalf . Stop acting! Take
him with you . – Sir…? – Hear me out, pa . He’s my only child . He is my future . Be magnanimous and let
him study here . Get lost! . – Who are you?
– Driver, sir . Wait outside . Please save me I beg of you . Don’t spoil my son’s future . Allow him to continue here . – Get up – Take me
away from here . They humiliate me
all the time . They hit me, pa . ‘I take responsibility for my
son’s future actions’ . If they didn’t let you meet him…
. …you should’ve called
me or come back home . Getting inside through
the rear was wrong . Chakkarai was very
happy, pa . So what? Whose idea was this?
. Sorry, pa . How dare you push that kid! . I swear I will- . Sir, don’t . I’ll kill your son
right now . Mind your words! . What bloody ‘words’! . I vacated my house years ago only
because your son is a bad influence . I shifted him 250km away . Didn’t you learn a lesson?
I’ll kill you . These 4 brats have gone and
ruined my son’s life . If you defend them are you
also part of it? . What’s wrong with you, sir? . Why are you accusing
me of conspiring? . If you had sat with your son and asked
him what was troubling him . …these kids need not
have gone there . Trying to advise me? . Not advice Affection! . Be a ‘father’ to him . Fatherhood is a
beautiful bond . Get into his heart
and elevate him . Instead you treat him
like a bloody slave . – Poor boy! – Who are you? . He stood st in class because
I raised him well . He will stand first in
his grade always . One day he will be 1st
in this world- . ‘First’ is all you
care about . What’s so great about it? . He’s1 st only in academics In
his life he is a zero . Teach your son to adapt
to our society . Please tell me in what way have
you led a great life… . …for you to torture him like this? Have a handful of people
blessed you? . Or have you fed the hungry? . You lead a bloody selfish life And
you’re teaching him, huh? . Why are you emptying your
trash on your child? . How dare you call me ‘trash’?!
. Not more word from you! . You or I can’t decide whom they should
befriend, it’s their world, their choice . I choose to decide! . What my son has study and where!
. I decide whom he should
befriend or make out with . Kids are around Mind
your words . Get lost! . If you go anywhere near
my son once more… . I’ll kill you! . Who is on the phone?
Let me speak . We aren’t fighting over
any inheritance . We just differ in our opinion and
the way we raise our kids . I treat your son as my own . Please understand . Let me speak . Tell me . Chakkarai- . Our son Chakkarai tried
to commit suicide . His life is not in danger . But they want us to
come right now . Please come home soon . – What happened, pa?
– Tell us what’s wrong . – Wait – What happened? . Tell us, please . You got a flat tyre . Vetri, bring our car Whatever I did was
for his own good . He meant the world to me and I
gave him the best of everything . Sir, have you seen any father
love his son the way I did? . He didn’t understand
me at all . Why did he resort to this? . We should be in his shoes
to know his pain . Don’t cry imagining the worst . Not the end of the world . We’ll bring him back and
he’ll be with us . I’ll let him follow
his own dream . I was stupid enough to brag I was
the reason for his success . Even if I hadn’t stifled him
he would have stood 1st . We were told a student by name
Chakravarthy attempted suicide, sir . He’s in a hospital close by . – Which hospital?
– 10 km from here . – Why hospitalized?
– He will be fine, come . – Student Chakravarthy
– Not this hospital . He has been taken for an MRI scan to
the nearby hospital, go there . My dearest son! . God! Show my son to me and
let me know he is safe . Please don’t cry . Where are you, son? . Making us go around
in circles . His parents are here . You handle this yourself . Why make us roam around? . Is this how you treat
your parents? . We trust you with
our children . You didn’t even give us
proper information . Talk to my boss He
is over there . Hello, sir Please come . Please take a seat . Sit down . Sit- . Don’t interrupt . Permit us to take our
son back with us . By all means do so This
is our hospital . He is fine, don’t worry, we have
brought in a doctor from Madras . He is being treated now . Don’t be tense . Get them some juice . We just want to see our son . Give our son back to us . Dr Kumaran wants to see you . Come through the
rear entrance . Come inside . Your son? . My friend’s son, sir . How did they let you in? . This whole block is
under their custody . The school’s reputation
is at stake it seems . Big deal, their blessed
reputation! . Kids nowadays are very smart . Only parents and schools
are at fault . Achievers in this world were
only ordinary students . Sachin Tendulkar, A.R.Rahman
Bill gates, Steve Jobs . Why do you never realize this?
. If every child should score 100/100
who will get 80% or 90%? . It’s scary to even read the newspaper
when exam results are announced . From Manikandan, Rohit to Saranya,
Priyanka including Dhairya Lakshmi! . Dhairya Lakshmi means ‘Courage’
If she resorts to this… . …who is pushing her to it? . One never knows if this is suicide
or murder till the end . You shower love on them as
babies and then kill them! . Parents are the last
hope for children . ‘You break that
hope to bits’ . No one has the right
to punish students . He has been hit brutally . He complained of bad food . They stripped and hit him
whole night through . This is the letter he wrote . Read it, you’ll know how much of pain and
disappointment he must have felt . Why are you spoiling for a fight?
. You killed that poor child . ‘Hey Babu! Kill that
son of a mongrel’ . It is 8hours since the boy died!
. They made you wander deliberately
to kill your emotions . Make you numb, so you
won’t yell at them . That’s the usual
procedure here . Vetri, get some water . – Okay, pa – Call the doctor . This boy had some
love affair . It failed and so he
committed suicide . ‘He was using a mobile which
is against our rule’ . ‘He got filthy messages
in WhatsApp’ . ‘ And he has replied too’ . We have all the evidence- . That’s a lie . ‘He’s a student of
that school’ . They are lying through
their teeth! . ‘Come, let’s hear him out’ . ‘Tell us what happened’ . ‘Don’t be scared’ . ‘Tell us the truth’ . He was stripped to the skin whole night
and made to stay that way, sir . Babu, how did he land here? . He went through hell, sir . Let me teach him a lesson . Babu, police Let’s
clear out . Let’s quietly leave . Sir, they are trying
to get away . Hello! Stop . Stop right there . My boss wants to talk
to both of you . Don’t get humiliated in public
Better come and meet him . I want to see him . I have to see him . – See him – Come . ‘Appa’ . It’s alright . Look over there . Vetri is standing there
Be with him . Formalities are over . You can take the body . Who is there for me? . I’m there for you, pa . I’ll be there for you . I’ll be with you always . ‘Your children who are a part of you whom
you have brought into this world’ . ‘Don’t just raise them ‘Gift
them a good upbringing’ . ‘Your faithful friend
P.Samuthirakani’ . Subtitled by rekhs


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