Another impactful game from the rookie Oscar Mercado in the Indians' 7-3 win

that seemed like they were tough for you but to bounce back and be able to get a couple hits huh what do you what goes through your mind set this to keep study I mean it's a long game just gotta stay locked in you never know when the team's gonna need you any time one big you know one big play one little moment could change the whole outcome of the game so you can't it's easy to just check out after two uh bats like that but you got to keep grinding and understand that you got to keep your mind in it and it's just a part of the game they can turn like that on the triple were you thinking for possible and I'm like I was just running hard and looking at our view and then I just saw him kind of keep moving I was like oh man like I might he might send me and then like he shot me so but it was and there was no chance I could to go for so yes yeah first game in a dome you and I talked about it before the game just anything that stood out to you about playing heat in here yeah I mean you hear the sound of the bat you know it's loud sometimes kind of makes you want to take a couple steps back on every ball that's hit but you know just reading balls and batting practice you know how bouncy the turf can be none of the environment it like the outside factors really kicking in like the wind the Sun you know rain any of that so it's more of like a place true obviously but you still got to be aware of you know everything everything that goes around it Tita says you're collecting up advance now figurin pastry was breaking in 2015 like 63 hits through 54 games something like them so does that help you relax when we get to a certain level and advance of that yeah you still gotta take every of that the same way though you know every have that's important you can you know take a deep breath knowing do you have enough at-bats under your belt and then you know over there you have success or not you gotta understand that now you know what they're trying to do with you and you got to put it put it into work Mike's put together the area under two so he's been he's been unbelievable uh uh this is my first time you know watching him pitch and after he came back from that injury took him took him about to start to kind of get his legs under him but he's been unbelievable ever since and you know he's such a competitor and it's uh it's fun watching him pitch


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