Another Fab Star Wars Haul from the Entertainer ๐Ÿ˜

a cabin just been to the entertainer in Kingston and I'm coming back home I'm in Wynwood and now it's so hot you wouldn't believe it I'm just sweating buckets and so I thought to show you the hole before I get home so I've got six of these vintage collection figures I've got the Luke Skywalker American cut us card five pounds and Entertainer got the dr. Aphra like the card a lot it's a Star Wars card okay that's pretty cool five pounds for that she's VC 1 to 9 I've got em fists nest I'm so low when the character designs excellent but they don't like the character in the movie she's VC 1 to 5 but a great figure in terms of sculpting and stuff I got so no I'm sorry Jung Han Solo from solo the movie getting us car these VC 1 to 4 team or left I got a rogue one the pure assault tank driver again a fiber us card the last one I got was the range trooper from solo Star Wars story us card he's VC 1 to 8 again a fiver so cool is this getting them like also got another one of these are shuttles from rogue one that's anyone they had in Kingston that I wanted I want to get the Death Star still looking out for two of those and Ewing okay probably just sunbathe tomorrow it's too hot to go out all right Cheers goodbye


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