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Años esperando y esto dijo DiCaprio al recoger el Oscar | Noticias al Momento

years waiting for this he said dicaprio al
pick up the oscar is already after years claiming an Oscar to talk about
the years of ninguneo are the five nominations in his entire career and
there seem to be few a campaign without precedents in media and networks
social issues during the weeks prior to the delivery of the prizes
the protagonist of the reborn has for end an Oscar in his hands made a
massive fan club can rest easy after a night in
candle that has been worth it what if this was the role by which
really deserved the statuette or not better to leave it aside than enough
It has cost to walk around questioning if he has been the character of his life or that
already interpreted it before the case is that the dicaprio has finally the recognition
of the academy and has received it as the sir that is thanks to the team
of the reborn that could not miss but without forgetting that director to whom
He owes him so much that he has supported him so much over the years that he has given
incredible characters and who like him the academy always sidesteps we talk
clear of martin scorsese would have been nice that the oscar change
would have taken for a directed film by him with whom so much and also
worked but has been under the orders of iñárritu director pampered by hollywood
that has the gift of cloning its actors among the nominees
as expected in the case of who is it treated dicaprio did not forget his
adored environment in his speech with included ear pull we’re
loading the planet and I always read take advantage when you leave the microphone
to remind us of course that the actor had a special treatment can be extended
in his speech without the music being interrupted the excitement of course
sincere was seen in the courtyard of the seats when listening to the name of
dicaprio the illustrious public put on standing to cheer the victor between
all that were there a face is the I was looking for the meat in the beds
whistler tremendously delivered to the cause and on the verge of crying some
lagrimilla of emotion should be added his friend would finally have achieved what
so many years had been claimed for him with information from subscribe
to the news below this video the description we leave the link to
the original note if they like to pass to see it thank you very much and as soon as possible


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