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Anna Chlumsky Recalls Emotional “Veep” Cancellation Moment | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-I was just talking to Tony Hale.
-Oh, yay. -When you found out the show was over,
you had to pull over… -Yeah.
-…you were crying. It was quite the moment. Can you bring me back if you want to even go there? -I mean, that´s what it was. I was on my way to my fantasy
football league´s draft. -How´d you do that day? -The draft was great! But I have not figured out how to do well in a season ever,
so I just — It´s just a fait accompli at this point. Um, but on the way there, I was driving.
Anyway… ´Cause, you know, sometimes you take the subway,
but I was driving. And, um, and Julia called me and– and told me that this was
gonna be the last season, and, you know, I told — I was just like, “Thank you for telling us.” ´Cause sometimes a lot of shows don´t know that, so this was
like I knew right away we were gonna get to savor the whole season because we knew
that that was the last one. What a gift. It´s just such a gift, so, you know, tears in
our voices. crying, whatever. But, you know, held it in. “Thank you.” And then, yeah, I pulled over the car ´cause I was just —
I just felt the catharsis come on. My whole life changed, all of our lives changed ´cause of
this show, you know, and, um, yeah. So that´s what that was for. -You get to celebrate tonight, right?
You got everybody back together. Is there a plan for an afterparty situation?
Who´s in charge? -Well, HBO does a party and that´s still who, you know,
aired the show, so we´re all — I´m sure we´ll all show up there. And I don´t know. You just find out.
You just see how it goes. You see how it goes. -Who´s your football team, by the way? -Who is my — Well, I´m from Chicago, so Bears.
-Go, Bears. -Yeah. Go, Bears. Exactly.

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