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Anime War – Episode 4: Legendary

Show me your power. Unlock the full potential of the Onni form for me. So that I can siphon all of it. What’s the matter with you? Stand up and fight me. Hero. My…my ribs are broken! That’s it. Ok. Let’s continue. Vegeta’s death… I used that power The power to heal. I was able to bring him back to life. It drained a lot of Ki. It’ll work. The god healing technique Healing the body at the cost of life force. Now, let’s continue. I won’t forgive you. How pathetic. Your power is nothing to me. It’s true I’n at my limits of power So I’ll have to… BREAK MY LIMITS! BAN KAI This time around Things will be different. Are you alright?! Let’s fight him together! It doesn’t matter how many of you join. The result is the same. I hope you’re strong, friend. He’s ridiculously powerful! I’ll use my new form to defeat him! In my future, I’ve become the God of Destruction! You guys…look like you could use a hand. Just…who are you? I’m a Fairy Tail wizard, Natsu Dragneel! I’m Ichigo Kurosaki. My name is Trunks. Let’s crush this guy! Bring as many ants to the fight as you wish. The enemy we are facing is an evil god. Beware If you hesitate even for an istant to use your full power he will kill you. There’s no way I’m holding back! I’m getting all fired up! I see. Show me your strength. We will defeat you together and save this world. Let’s go. You cannot defeat me at that level. I’m going to wipe that smirk off your face. What kind of magic is this? I feel so much pressure! So much power! It’s overwhelming! Behold the grand power… OF THE STRONGEST GOD OF DESTRUCTION EVER BORN!! HOLY SHIT! Impossible! Trunks?! When did he get this strong? Can it be that he’s surpassed me as well Damn. Even my own son. Even my own son is more powerful than me! I’m really glad this guy is on our side. This energy… There’s something strange about those swords. I should avoid them at all costs. Hey, Jackass! Don’t take your eyes off of me! Full Magic Release! Lightning Dragon Mode Dragon Slayer Secret Art Hidden Fire Form! Crimson Lotus Phoenix Blade! I’m up next in this fight! GETSUGA TENSHOU!! A direct hit. This guy is done for. This is the end for you! To protect life I destroy! FINAL FLASH!! U…unreal… Just now people are stronger than me besides Kakorot. I can’t believe it! Everyone’s strength Even Kakorot’s son is stronger than I… Trunks has surpassed me as well! Damn!! It seems that out of the Saiyans, you are the most worthless. When in the hell…did I become the weakest of the Saiyans? Damn it! Vegeta. Do you know why our family has ruled the Saiyans for Generations? Because we are the strongest and no one can beat us. That’s incorrrect. The answer to that question lays in our blood. Do you know the leend of the Super Saiyan God? The Super Saiyan God is a children’s story! Also incorrect. We are descendants of the Super Saiyan God. That’s right.. The blood of the original Super Saiyan God runs through my veins. Th…then why…am I so… Why? I have the royal blood of the saiyans flowing through me! SO WHY THE HELL AM I SO WEAK?! DAMN IT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!! VEGETA! FATHER! VEGETA! He’s done it. Father has done it! Vegeta… Wha…What the… My entire body is tremblind from this overpowering ki. He’s even stronger than Goku! Unbelievable power! How did he achieve the legendary form? Vegeta… I am the true elite, descendant of the Super Saiyan God and I’m going to kill you! You stupid idiot. What did you think would happen Wasting stamina healing My power is fading fast. This fight is over. You’re getting weaker as the battle continues. No! I’m not giving up! Let’s go! To take this much of a beating… I applaud your resilence. I can’t lose! I was wrong about my hopes for you. Damn…my body Do you think he can win, Sasuke? Yeah. His energy is tremendous. However We don’t fully know what the enemy is capable of. If I were to bet My money would be on Our new ally. It’s hard to believe That you achieved that form without the help of gods. So that’s how the other guy did it. A true warrior achieves power by his own will, not gods. I’m not too worried about it. They call me the Dark Sorcerer. Do you know why? Because you’re a pantywaist. I’m happy to see that you still have such a good sense of humor! But I assure you, it’s much sinister than that. I have the ability to manifest your fears into reality. What is this guy talking about? I’ve got a bad feeling. Behold the dark power as past, present and future clollide! What now?! CLOCKWORK OF THE FATED! A giant clock…just appeared in the sky! Come forth my warriors! What the hell is this?! I’ve brought some friend for you to play with. You bastards will know what true fear is! I was summoned here to this plane of existence. I can feel the dark energy flowing through me. This guy is…someone I’ve heard stories about! Don’t worry, they are not quite the real thing. But I assure you, they are quite deadly. That’s…Madara! You’ve got to be kidding me! HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO FIGHT ALL THESE ENEMIES?! Naruto… You look different than last time. Different enemies from… our worlds I can finally… have my revenge! This is the perfect opportunity to try out Super Saiyan White. You all are going to regret being summoned to this realm. You’re opponent #1Saiyan and I won’t hold back! I thought you may be talented enough to unlock an omni limiter. What a waste. I admire your guts But you can’t beat me. You can barely stand. You… Underestimate the will of mortals, and our potential. I will push the limits of the Omni Super Saiyan. It may be possibe to push Kaioken to the maximum While simultaneously using the god healing to repair my body It could tear my body to shreds But I have to risk it! Kaio-Ken His ki is raising at a tremendous rate! 10 times…20 times… No?! You…bastard! TIMES 100!!! D..Dad! Wh..What the?! S..son! Kakorot? He had this kind of power this entire time?! I underestimated him! 100 TIMES KAIO-KEN! To Be Continued MaStar Message from: Jibreel’s Movies – Good job with the animation, Mastar. You’re getting better. Subscribe


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