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Animation of Chandrayan 2 (Best Reply to Pakistan Tweet) | Double Entertainment

Now we are ready to launch the Chandrayan 2 Three.. Two.. One.. Chandrayan is healthy and it is going forward.. It has completed the first stage successfully.. It has completed the second stage also successfully.. Upto altitude 251 we observed the normal performance of vikram Lander But at ground station we have lost the signal from Vikram Lander.. Now we are analyzing data and trying to re communicate with Vikram.. Vikram.. Reply me Vikram.. Vikram.. Do you want insult of us? Vikram.. Now we have only one way to communicate with Vikram.. and hopefully we will be able to communicate with him.. Vikram look at this.. what Pakistan is saying about us.. How he can say this, Who is begging by taking bowl on the road You have to respond.. Pakistan the mother Fu*****r.. I am still alive.. Put a rocket in back of Mawad Hussain and launch it.. then he will know it is falling in Mumbai or Pakistan.. We got the Reply from Vikram.. Mission Chandrayan2 Successful.. If you are true a Indian..If you feel proud on ISRO Then Like this video.. and Share it so that Pakistan can know his value… We will get back with new video so Subscribe this channel.. and press the Bell


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