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Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie – Official Trailer (HD)

– You should review E.T.
– No. They give the game to one person,
to design in five weeks! That’s bullshit! Now that’s what you should say
in the video! I can’t even be pissed off,
and have it mean anything anymore. It’s the worst game, but it’s
the greatest game story ever told. Did you know Atari recalled all the cartridges and
buried them in the middle of the desert,- – because of the game was so bad? When gamers found that E.T. was buried in that landfill,
it became forever buried in our conscious minds. I have to save the fans. We’re gonna find that landfill and prove
that there is nothing under there. Maybe then, everybody can forget about this game. Yeah! How do you like the new Nerdmobile, boys? – Yeah? You love it?
– Great! Out here, in the New Mexico Desert,
something allegedly happened, – – Many years ago. Yeah, we’re talking E.T. It sounds like they’re looking for extraterrestrials. Y’know, we’re only a couple hours
away from Roswell. Oh yes, where the UFO crashed? Yes, in 1947! For the love of Pong, one hoax at a time! After them McButter! Get going! Will you listen to me you numbnuts! This will put a second anus
where your heads used to be! I was a rising star in an aerodynamics program. Go faster!
– Yeah! Come on man, don’t break the code! Nerds before birds! Something tells me you’re not just some gamer… …but the gamer. Are you crazy? You have any clue where Area 51 even is? Between Area 50 and 52? I see now that your greatest weakness
is not your hate for that game… …but the love you have your fans. Well, you’ve ever seen me play Top Gun? Not a pretty sight. What the hell are all these fucking
boxes doing here? What the hell is that? Where’s my fucking arm? Speed up! Speed down! Come on man, haven’t you had enough? A nerd’s work is never done. So what do you think about that, Nerd??


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