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  • Angel <3
    It's a real shame that Glenn Quinn and Andy Hallett are no longer alive because they both deserve just as much credit as David, Charisma, Alexis, J. August, Amy and James do for making this series more than just a Buffy spin-off. It became it's own dark and mysterious story of redemption and making the world a better place.

  • I still remember Cordelia and Fred's deaths it was sooo sad, great performances. I wish that Buffy would made a last appearence on the last season.

  • There’s been some good tv shows out the last few years, but none of them touch my heart the way that Buffy or Angel did. Truly great storytelling and written to perfection.

  • Bad news bears! Glenn Quinn (Doyle) and Andy Hallett (Lorne) diead.
    Quinn from a drugg overdose 3 years after the show
    Hallet from heart problem 5 years after the show

  • loved Angel!! one of my favorites!! was so sad when it ended. cried like a baby. too many favorite characters to choose. love them all.

  • The pink helmet scene landed so well and was very funny for Wesley’s character….”stop bein a wanker and put it on”

  • alexis is American ? he has the worst American accent since chris helmsworth in every American character hes ever played lol amy is impressive, Angel doesn't see it like that angel thinks "I'm gonna fight i'm not gonna bow and i'm gonna win" even if your against an army its still a set number of people all you gotta do is beat them 10,000 ememies 10,000 blasts angel wins

  • Been a die hard buffy fan since I was 7 when it first aired in the UK but due to not liking the character of Angel so much, I've never gone past Season 1 of the spin off but I'm gonna give it another go. Can't wait to get stuck in!

  • This show was my life. Kept my sad boring teen years fun and interesting. Every week I had something to look forward to! Thank you Joss!!!! ❤️

  • This was so great and really brought me back to my Angel fan days. I do wish they'd talked about Andy though, he was such a huge part of the show!

  • Angel was the show i always looked forward to than Buffy the Vampire Slayer when i was a kid tbh!!, this makes me want to binge all the seasons now. Happy 20th anniversary!!

  • My childhood! (And pre-teen years.) I recently deleted my Angel archive by accident and I'm still bitter about it D´:

  • Throwback weekend- I am glad to have met James & David 🔥 in person albeit for 30 seconds. They were my high school crushes- brooding vs confidence edgy. James hair looks a bit more Elvis Spike. They all are still looking good. 🙌 Lot of nostalgic feels. Wish they acknowledge more the cast members that have passed- Lorne … but thank u for making this reunion dodo more than 30 mins long.

  • The way the vampires look in Angel/Buffy spoiled me. If a movie or shows vampire don’t look similar, they aren’t good.

  • If they made an Angel movie Cordy could bring Wesley back with her. Perhaps as a higher being (again) Cordy is watching over his soul and protecting it.

  • We need this season 6 the shows 5th seasons end was left on a really sad end, it could be completely possible as they all still look exactly the same

  • Phenomenal show. The last season was an emotional roller coaster. One of the best seasons of any TV show ever.

  • I still think they could do a new series with Angel, Spike, and Illyria. It could be set hundreds of years in the future which would justify the guys ageing. And she would not look any different with the makeup. Make it happen!

  • Marsters was so good as Spike that he was in less than 30 episodes of Angel and still got invited to the panel!!

  • I mean.. Gunn was already on borrowed time during the end. Illyria said herself that he was fading, only had a matter of moments. So really Illyria has a Ancient god of her time, Spike and Angel, those 3 would of survived. Pending on how long it rained before the sun comes out..

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