Andy the Street Entertainer – Classic EastEnders

what are you trying to do a new form of yoga Kelvin I run at the door with my head then I see Gordon everything we're locked out just what he's trying to say yeah we went jogging here ain't they it's no use knocking there Mike yeah why is that oh you know you know yeah look a we need to go bullion headache oh and who did get out the wrong side of the door this morning yep why'd you try using the case if I could find my keys no only a bear that you would end up them and your teeth me I think the top windows unlatched now you could probably get in there let me get to it my dad's gone later oh come on Ian anything to help with terms and in distress okay sir galahad it's all right mate I'll go no no no she works for the peasants that's what I always say right I'll go to the cattle on the banks have a night of the night always said you're gonna top it in that army climb Mount Everest our way let's not be Everest then that's the nd I could sell you psycho polish a poop while you're up there here Andy boys don't get done for breaking and entering when you finish those Andy my need doing haha when I woke up this morning a little bit I know I'd end up being a street entertainer look I should be charging you lot for this would anyone like to you know add some music to it oh I'll get me ghetto blaster thank you and goodbye they don't expect an encore I shall no make my exit I mean my entrance [Applause] you


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