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is the king of the housewives a new dad and our next guest on daily pop please welcome from New York City Andy Cohen so we got to start with the latest rumor of housewives because we have you we got to get the – oh my god these rumors are always not true okay this rumor is that Nene has been suspended from Atlanta for season 12 is there any truth let me tell you this I'm not really supposed to talk about upcoming casting-on seasons but let me put it this way Nene is going to be on the world pride Bravo float with me on Sunday and a bunch of other housewives it's going to be amazing so that should tell you what her standing is with who gives you more sleepless nights that baby are these housewives you cannot go to bed without one of them calling you know what the baby is sleeping 12 hours the 95.1 what is your secret what did you do tell is it great baby nurse secret honestly I mean what do I know she's taught me everything and he's also a really big boy he's five months next week but we were at the pediatrician the other day and she was saying you know he's actually kind of the size of a nine month old so he's he's a big boy yeah what's the latest milestone with him he's really he's trying to roll over he's doing a lot of tummy time he's really focusing I can I can read him a book and he's looking at the pictures in the book he's grabbing he's grabbing up my nose that was that little toy that he had was my son's favorite toy we have two babies now right one and baby baby when human baby but would you want to add another to the mix that's a good that's a good question yeah I'm thinking about it a lot do you want a boy or a girl or a dog I don't know maybe good question I would be happy with whatever's healthy yeah now speaking of adding to the mix we know that Lisa Vanderpump will not be back on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but you know some hot fascinating gay men in LA would you ever add a gay couple to Real Housewives and who would it be woo that's a really good question I always want to see you clean on that show a lot of Queens already on that show no I know you know it's funny my best friend Bruce his his family owns the palm restaurant and they have a restaurant in Beverly Hills and he knows all the Housewives he's married to a big agent in LA and I was always like oh my god you would be the best housewife but it's never gonna happen probably end our friendship but there's got to be a great there's got to be a great guy that would be interesting you're right we almost cast Dina Manzo's gay brother the Jersey housewives early on in Jersey so he almost became the first gay housewife oh and now that you're dead you have to turn in that sports car for a dad so you're you're actually totally correct I mean I have been a mobile unit for my whole life it's like tooling around in a convertible with my dog like yeah I'll go anywhere I don't need anything me flip-flops my dog I'm done now so I actually happen to be working with Auto Trader which is the go-to resource for car shoppers with like the largest selection of cars on the market and they prioritize they list the best cars in every genre so I'm an SUV guy and I an SUV with their help and you know what the truth is I love my SUV I have a lot of gear to schlep now yes and yeah you know so I'm enjoying it but yeah it's wild I turned in the freaking days you'll be able to have two cards [Laughter] [Applause] that's it for today's daily pop but don't worry we do it every day that's right and be sure to click below to subscribe to our emus youtube channel so you don't miss any of the latest videos whether it's tackling breaking hollywood headlines our amazing celebrity in studio interviews daily pop on youtube will keep you pop-culture see you soon


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