And the Oscar Goes To …

with tomorrow's news today this is headlines with a voice as I'm forcing myself to watch the robert muller proceedings I can't help but note based on the former special counsels general air of confusion when presented with the most basic questions about his final report a Robert Muller legendary DC fixer swamp protector Hilary's personal delivery boy delivering a sample of enriched uranium to an airport tarmac in Russia and 9/11 cover-up facilitator didn't write a single sentence of that report not one word and he he didn't read it either or B he missed his true calling and should have been an actor because if his lost in the headlights attitude is an act it's worthy of an Oscar from Muller's canned responses if it's in the report I support it that's beyond my purview I can't speak to that to this expression of utter confusion on his face after Ohio congressman Chabot asked Muller in reference to the special counsels report on the investigation on page 103 of volume 2 of your report when discussing the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting you reference quote the firm that produced steel reporting unquote the name of that firm was fusion GPS is that correct that look right there on Bob's face is telling for me after years of reporting on this Clinton funded sideshow and the corporate media singing bob's praises a man of integrity unimpeachable character a patriot that look tells me and anyone that's been paying attention that Robert Swan Muller the third is a sellout and that he's clearly lost his edge how fitting it is after all that the fools that hung all their hopes to impeach and remove the president from office on this were the ones that insisted on the proceedings thus facilitating his public embarrassment a fitting conclusion to Muller and his report if you appreciate my work consider subscribing and sharing thank you for headlines with the voice this is Nancy Morgan Hart

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