An Award for Copyright Offenders

hey guys back today with the video where I reward some of the most persistent copyright abusers in the game with an award they truly deserve since I only use open copyright songs as background music in my videos I haven't had too many issues with copyright claims but I do know this is a persistent problem in the community but about a week ago I was letting known that wmg was claiming a 2018 CES video of mine saying that the song titled let me be your angel by Stacey Lattisaw was present well I had no idea what that song was so I went ahead and googled it ends up it's a 40 year old song that I've never heard I won't be playing it here so they can't actually copyright claim a video but you could see for yourself what it sounds like it is nothing like anything I would use in one of my videos and here's the timestamp in my video where they say the song is being played heads between just released Tuesday so we still use our printers for printing themselves so we're sort of replicating that here so we've got these nine printers printing you look the week before that offered well for the majority there there isn't really even a song being played because I'm interviewing people near the end a song by joachim kar rude which has opened copyright plays and only for a brief moment but the song they are stating definitely never appears well I figure this must be a mistake but the persistent people over at wmg decided that the claim was still valid allowing the people making the claim to have final say is pretty rich and might I say ballsy this is the type of persistency that I think deserves an award since wmg and UMG are some of the best at copyright claiming I figured they could share the award since I'm no good a 3d designing I just went ahead and made my award on Photoshop I start with their two logos side by side brothers and arms I then make the tower for the award since it should be tall to really reward their hard efforts I decided to go with a bit of an organic shape for this just kind of letting my pen tool flow where it goes yes yes this is starting to look really good I think to really emphasize just how much they deserve this award I go ahead with adding some fireworks coming off of their logos all that was left was to turn this into a 3d object and get to printing and the final product I would be happy to ship this to you mg or W mg so if you're watching make sure to message me with a good shipping address I think it would display perfectly in your offices as proof that you truly are the best at what you do I hope you really enjoy that 10 cents you'll make off of my old video keep the change ya filthy animal


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