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Amtrak – Pioneer Award Eloise Greenfield

I was born in a little town
called Parmele, North Carolina. My family moved to D.C.
when I was still an infant and I’ve been living
here ever since. I attended Cardoza High School,
graduated from Cardoza, Well, I went to the library
and got lots of books, I kept going back, reading books
on the craft of writing. In the beginning I was writing
for children and adults. And then I realized the dearth
of books for children about African-American life,
and the need. So that became a mission, and
it’s been my mission ever since. I want children to know
how beautiful they are, how intelligent they are, and I want them to know
that they are loved and that they should
love themselves. It’s very special to
receive the Pioneer Award. Um, all the awards mean that
people are feeling that their work means
something to them and they are benefiting
from having them and that’s always
very exciting to me.


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