America's Generals Salute Audie Murphy ~~~ Presidential Medal of Freedom

  • I'm proud to have served with some of these leaders who've endorsed this award:  LTG Crouch in Korea, Col Keane in the 10th Mountain Division, MG Ellis in Korea, MG Franks in Korea, Gen Luck in Korea,

  • Happy Happy 95th Birthday Audie Murphy! Thank you for your service to your country and for all the films you left behind. You were a good actor!

  • Esses Generais… São recarnacoes de Roma… A maioria foram Cezar…. Os alemães… São recarnacoes de Atlântida….

  • It's spelled A-U-D-I-E.
    I am Audie's 2nd cousin and very proud to share our common heritage. My dad was Audie's cousin but 3 yrs older than Audie.
    He did not lie to get in the Army about his age. His oldest sister was head of the family, at that time, and she signed a waiver allowing him to join early. He tried to financially support his family on his Army pay, to allow them to stay together as a family (12 kids). I don't believe he was able to accomplish that unfortunately, but he tried.

  • audie should have had the Freedom medal before now..He and other men like him fought hard for us…..Or we would be speaking fluent German with some Japanese. ……..Award the service people for their personal acts of courage…..Like while they live

  • Major Murphy was asked what was his favorite memory of the war. His response was hearing the war had ended. This proves what a class act he was.

  • When I was in the Army in the 80's I served in the same Company that Audie Murphy had been in ( Bravo Company 1/15 3rd Infantry) and we where referred to and known as the Audie Murphy Company, there was also a large portrait of him in HQ and his movie was mandatory viewing. Our salute to officers was always with AUDIE MURPHY SIR ! The Army has never forgotten Audie Murphy, a legend.

  • Mr Murphy was a hard-working man since his boyhood days indeed all through his entire life and he was a true hero of the second world war. Intrepid at a boys age and as a gallant soldier. His movies mirror his life. Bless you.

  • Audie was a quite humble farm boy from Texas and knew himself as a simple honest and flat straight human being with no imagination of fake or lies..He told the TRUTH about fear and death..His buddies were more important than anything and he killed for them…He will be always will be an everlasting example of a real man..God Bless Him..RIP Semper-Fi

  • Audie Murphy was the embodyment of what every Soldier espires to be….So proud to have worn the uniform of the US ARMY SOLDIER….

  • what was interesting to me was the number of army generals that had the Combat Infantry badge and the Ranger patch those are the fighters.

  • For all the hard work , dedication, loyalty and sacrifice, America's vets are still treated like shit by the govt. bookkeepers . The US govt. has an insurance policy on all active service grunts in the military. If you come back in a body bag , they get  10 million buks per cadaver….what do the poor families get ?…answer__next to SFA. That's how much the govt cares about its men and women who are disposable pawns.

  • HONORABLE VETERANS—I salute you^>for your COURAGE & SACRIFICE**I OFFER my CONDOLENCES…to the Mothers and Fathers…that SACRIFICED ALL. I pray to God…in the name of Jesus…we have Peace Eternal…("Joe and the Peace Eternal")

  • Truly one and only most profoundly decorated Hero in the History of the United States America.
    1Lt Audie Murphy 🇺🇸
    ✨We Salute You✨
    🇺🇸God Bless America🇺🇸
    Ret, U.S.A & Proud to have served🇺🇸

  • 125 Four-Star Generals and Admirals have endorsed the Audie Murphy Presidential Medal of Freedom!
    See the names and photos of these great leaders who have endorsed the campaign to honor America's most beloved veteran!

  • The list just keeps getting bigger. In this latest version, I see a handful of new additions including General Mattis, a frequent military commentator on televisioin news. Ooooh-rah!

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