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show of hands anyone still watch American Idol well the show is a huge deal before hunter hit puberty so we're going to ask which is the all-time best Idol Carrie Underwood Jennifer Hudson or I feel like we're forgetting something who is the best Idol to you guys and Hunter you can go first as you were a massive fan of yeah I guess my favorite would be a tie between William Hung o sanjaya Mellark Taylor Taylor ticks well let me finish Fantasma and Kelley Hudson I did watch the show you know I think when I was younger my parents would watch oh my god how long ago was season 1 what year did that I don't know telly 1 in 2000 2002 I'm not in high school who's your favorite idol is it Kelly Clarkson it doesn't have to be a winner it does have to be a winner right so many wonder like I'm leaning towards Fantasia I like Fantasia do you know who Fantasia and of course I know Fantasia what's your last name Fantasia Fantasia Barrino Fantasia and be solid you got the syllables want more nightly pop you know what to do yeah just send us your nudes no don't do that just subscribe to our news YouTube channel for highlights and bonus content will have a new upload every Monday night so you can catch up on everything yeah and just to be clear are they sending nudes or not I wasn't following oh god


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