well what's the deal guy wants to tell you you don't know what time it is man shit boy Tyco reacts and we back with another motherfuckin right don't send us out so I'm not real to our squad members bro you are another time it is man this is Tiger reacts first vlog lesson with important shit going on today I don't let me let these motherfuckers what a fucking car come on man we're fucking car come on shit you know I'm saying hey I just want to give a quick shots on my real to our squad members bro if it wasn't for y'all I wouldn't be doing all this shit that I'm doing right now you feel me I wouldn't be here doing anything you feel you know and this is my first time logging so I got some special man it's Friday June 21st I got my boy lynnie Ribeira and teaser on the minnow coming to Detroit and Sonic temple to do some pranks I'm not gonna try to leave a lot of shit try to just show you everything I'm going through the day so everything here is a blessing and the funny the funniest shit is dog you know I'm sad I've never been to a fucking concert you feel me you know I'm saying so this is a big step of tackle bro to the fact that I'm even going to this concert as my first concert just means a lot using these as meant to be hopefully we can create more opportunity you know I'm sorry but I go to bring y'all more clicks more content more everything about to be getting drunk as hell money guys gotta be smoking big blunts with money girl no I'm saying Chris gonna shout to my nigga turn easy and filming then they've been looking on many shots of the record for giving me the opportunity to kick you with our hey hey let's get it boy taco we downtown right now about to pull up to the muffin contrary so you know so we're just riding around City trying to get a little nice view of them off the city you feel me bro oh fuck this bitch let me zoom in sweet child but you know I'm saying we better pull up to them off on Casa in a second record that bitch nigga you know I'm saying y'all niggas on the updating yeah you WeDo which is always really be outside so I'm some crazy shit man let's get it man you know I say there's only the beginning almighty our squadron was broke film it's just only the beginning with people waiting the last yeah I'm gonna just cut this vision was on superstar Scotty my brusky with me Douglas in my blog crazy you my boy like you're eight seven cause I had a cool crazy shouts our Maori are squashing this matrix until your baby over the carton is my first blood this piece better game [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you yeah you you


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