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I'm your host Will's founder of all ears dotnet and today I'm joined by co-host windecker hi hi everyone we're going to use this show to talk about the changes in epcot entertainment and as most of you probably know at the end of summer the end of august it was announced by walt disney world that for very popular groups were going to be retired those four groups were moroccan in morocco the World Showcase players from the United Kingdom the Fife and drum corps from the United States and off-kilter from Canada fans around the world were really upset about the announcement of the show's retiring including us yes very much so people came out that last weekend that each of the four shows performed and they came out in record numbers and hopefully sent off those wonderful performers with feelings of love and excitement by their fans and know that they were truly appreciated I think the thing that I was most upset about was the Fife and drum corps to me whenever I saw them perform I stood a little taller I felt a little prouder and I was I felt pride at being an American and I thought they were a great representation of the patriotism of this country and so I think I was most upset about them leaving Linda did you have a favorite group that you're going to miss that that would be the one of course being an American and being a history buff to some degree seeing the the Fife and drum corps go it it kind of tugged at my heart a little bit it was always I was like to stop no matter where I was doing as I was walking through that area and if they were performing I always made it a point to stop listen and just enjoy the show and don't get us wrong we really enjoyed all of the acts yes but I think that was the one that was most disappointing to us and as of right now we don't know there's going to be a replacement for them or do we know we don't okay voices of Liberty continue inside the American adventure pavilion which is a good thing and no replacement and we don't know if one's coming now four acts were announced to be part of a putz live entertainment two of which have begun to perform the Canadian lumberjack show the flag wavers of Italy there's also a Scottish musical trio coming later this year I guess to the United Kingdom and there's also an all-female musical dance group that's going to be performing in Morocco now this past weekend Lynn and I had an opportunity to go see the lumberjack show and to see the flag wavers in Italy so before we talk about our feelings about the lumberjack show i do want to preface it this with a few things first of all no one I'm not sure or care who it was was going to ever replace off-kilter they were in the hearts and souls of many many people who came to Disney and many people who made a point to see them when they came to the day they were extremely popular so I don't think it mattered what act was going to follow them on the middle stage they were not going to be off kilter those were big shoes to fill and it's big shoes they were they choose to film so a couple weeks ago the Canadian lumberjack show soft opened and I actually watched a video of the very first show it was about 20 minutes long and in all honesty I couldn't even watch the entire show and then last week Linda had the opportunity to catch them yeah when she was in epcot and I I stopped and I got the show from the very beginning and I was a little bit disappointed I actually felt for the guys because at that point the crowd that was gathered was not giving them much support and it was kind of difficult for them to I think feel comfortable and get into their they're active you will or get into the show but it just things seemed really forced the because it is a show it's it's it's a it's got comedy it's got a taste of what a lumberjack might do but it's not a real lumberjack show no it's definitely scripted by Disney there's jokes and at least at this point the exact same show is being performed every single time yes when I saw it a few weeks or a week and a half ago and saw it just this past weekend it was almost word for word the same it was and I don't know there was just coincidental because there is a blue team and there's a red team and it's a competition between the two teams there's two members on each team to Lumberjacks and they compete for points and then whoever wins that particular round they flip over the scoreboard and five points are added to the scoreboard well when i was there we can half ago the blue team won and the blue team also won this past weekend so again i don't know if that was coincidental or if that's the way it's meant to be the other thing about this show is it's different it's not your traditional lumberjack show you don't have log rolling in the water you don't have the Lumberjacks climbing up a pole it's like I said like we said it is a show and it's scripted by Disney now the show we attended yesterday was very lively there are a lot of people when it was announced that they were starting a lot of people came over and we're watching them the blue and the red team each had their cheers and urging them on to compete there was a young boy behind me and he said something his dad said to him didn't you just see this the other day and he said yes I want to see if it's the same show and I again if it is the same show every time well here's a suggestion entertainment folks you ought to mix it up a little bit a little bit yes and and I will say that the group that was there this weekend the crowd where we sat was a little more lively like Deb said then the crowd that I saw when I was there the first time people were a little more engaging they laughed at the jokes in the skit and it was it wasn't quite so unbearable I mean I actually felt I really did I felt for the guys up there because it was like a performer who a comedy show and they're just bombing but I did not get that field yes yesterday or this past weekend no this weekend it seemed like people were into it yeah it's were saying is it the kind of show I'm going to go see every time I'm in epcot no not at all especially if it's identical every single time is it a show for families yes because I think kids will enjoy it there's lots of action the host was very lively they have shortened the show it appears from when it first began a few weeks ago that was helpful too it's about 13 14 minutes now and I would like to see the show probably and about maybe six to eight weeks just to see if they become a little more comfortable with everything or if they changed it up a little bit but i would give it one more try just to see but again it's not a particular show that i would go out of my way and it's a must-see show each time I go into the park the other new show that has debuted and soft open right now and I'm gonna I apologize for my poor Italian my mom's side of the family would be embarrassed but the chevre torrini son sick or or low and really I didn't do that right the flag wavers of sense of pro colo which is an area in Tuscany in Italy and this we had no expectations and and I love the show I did too i thought it was well done it was it wasn't very long again what maybe 10 to 15 minutes yeah 12 minutes the guys were really into their their show they were very proud to be doing what they were doing yes I found it quite entertaining and it's something that I would like to see again several times it's very cultural for Italy I mean the flag waving flag wavers had their roots back in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and this is a very traditional show this particular group was started in the 50s in Italy and has become a real tradition in that part of the country as Linda said these gentlemen were very proud of what they were doing they were very excited to share as part of their culture with everyone yeah actually when we returned home I had to look up flag Italian flag waving online because it I wish there was more explanation to the audience as to what the flag wavers are doing and what they are representing and looking it up online as Deb said it dates back to the Renaissance air Florence is primarily or I said should say Florence the Tuscany region in Italy is where you will find a lot of the flag wavers and what I was doing some reading if I read correctly if you're actually remember the book and the movie under the Tuscan Sun that region is where a lot of the flag wavers are just a little trivia and I think they might have even performed in the movie in the background or something if I if I read their website frankly the show takes place in the Piazza area of the Italian courtyard and the group comes marching in from World Showcase which is kind of neat because the drummers are drumming and they have these very colorful flags and they're coming in and it brought people in with them and then they march up on the stage they perform a short act and then the lead comes down first he speaks in Italian and explains about the group and then he speaks in English to explain that they are the flag wavers from Tuscany now the one thing I think would have been really helpful for us there were there were clearly several different acts to their performance yes and it would have been very helpful in between the acts to have someone explain a little bit about the act and say you know it was clear in one point they were fighting each other as if they had swords and so it would have been helpful to have a little explanation of what that was and the other sections yes yeah I agree it because as as as much as I enjoyed watching them I wanted to know more about them but obviously I enough that when I came home I looked them up online and wanted to read more because it is a really there's almost juggling flags so they were and they're throwing them in the air and they're catching them and it was just I I like to hide I liked it a lot too I think it's definitely something you should go see they're not on the x guide yet but maybe by the time we hear their showed they will be I thought they were phenomenal and and I'm looking forward to seeing them again yes very much so oh and both groups both the Canadian Lumberjacks and the flag wavers in Italy when the show had concluded they both announced they would come down from the stage area and we're happy to talk with guests and pose with guests and people did that after the lumberjack show like you were the only one anyway waiver you hear all these gentlemen would their flags came down off the stage area and the drummers were there and they're smiling looking at everybody's like I'm gonna go get my photo taken with him so I did and I congratulated the gentleman and told them I thought they did an exceptional job and welcome them and the culture that they represent to World Showcase yes I I yeah I enjoyed it away well we're looking forward to the other two acts that will be appearing in epcot in the near future and when they do when that's announced you can bet we'll be there will take a look at the shows will find out you know a little bit about what they are all about and hopefully we can get back to you and let you know about those two shows now we have videos of the full shows as we saw them this weekend on YouTube again will put the links at the bottom of the show we would really really appreciate it did you like our show today please like it on the YouTube channel subscribe to our YouTube channel if you don't already you get first notice of any of our videos that get posted online and in addition to our show we have two or three videos every week on a variety of different topics and areas in all of Walt Disney World and sometimes outside of Disney World and the other parts of Disney around so so please don't forget to subscribe we really appreciate it and we want your comments and we want your feedback and we really really appreciate

  • Thank you for ALL that you do to keep us informed!  

    My family and I were at WDW last month and the replacement acts are pretty bad.  Not up to Disney standards. I don’t see how cutting down trees for entertainment aligns with Disney’s desire to be seen as environmentally responsible. Planting 3 little saplings is not going to replace the benefits of a fully grown, healthy tree anytime soon.  

    Seeing the new acts once was enough. But Mo Rockin’, Fife and Drum Corps, the World Showcase Players (“Grail!  Grail!”), and especially Off Kilter kept me coming back. I looked forward to seeing them and brought friends and family so they could understand what I’d been raving about.

    Reinstating those acts could make Disney execs look like they were caving in to public pressure, but what’s wrong with that? It would show that they listen to those of us who love Disney, and that they care about what we think and feel.  Unless, of course, they don’t.

  • I am still in disbelief. I have been watching Epcot's bands since 2000, and have had an AP since 2006-mainly because of Off Kilter. I planned days, and trips, around their shows, and they were among the very finest Cast Members Disney had. Never once have I found their shows to be stale or unexciting, even after 14 years of watching; and their kindness to their fans and to everyday Guests was truly remarkable. Walt himself would have been proud of these gentlemen.

    I went to see the lumberjacks this week, and to call this "plussing" or a "replacement" for OK is a joke. It was loud, corny, smelly, and uninteresting. Do we not have enough dumbed-down reality garbage in this world? It certainly doesn't belong in Epcot. To tell the public that this is "refreshing our entertainment offerings" is an insult to the members of Off Kilter, as well as to every OK fan, park guest, and to the spirit in which Epcot was created.

    My AP is up in September, and I am seriously considering not renewing, if they don't fix this. I also don't intend to return to Epcot at all for the remainder of my AP term, except when the OK band is back temporarily for the holiday season as the Voyageurs. The magic in this park has been waning for years, but now I have very little reason to return. My entertainment dollar can easily be spent elsewhere–am considering jumping over to Universal, which is doing some amazing stuff lately with Harry Potter and The Simpsons.

    I hope Disney will seriously consider bringing back the fine entertainment that was such a huge part of the Epcot experience. I would gladly continue as a Disney guest if this change were made.

  • One of Disney's biggest mistakes. Getting rid of Off Kilter and Mo Rockin, If it aint broke……. So many other things need "refreshed" but it certainly was not the live entertainment. Bring Back Off Kilter. Unfortunately may not be renewing my passes this time either. Just Sad. If so many people are this upset would it be that hard to bring them back?

  • Great show, as usual. My wife and I will be in EPCOT next month and I feel we will sorely miss the shows that are leaving. As you so aptly put it, any new show will have very big shoes to fill. I hope guests are at least cordial to the new performers.

  • Have to agree about the Fife and Drum Corp. It was important for our International visitors to see and feel the emotion of this type of music. Thank you for mentioning this! You ladies always do a great job!

  • I watched the show in Canada felt humiliated that they're there to represent Canada. Canadians are just as smart, just as normal as everyone else, and they were representing the country as a bunch of dumb lumberjacks. (I have family up that way, and they are far from what is represented here) Poor, poor show. I doubt Disney scripted it. Seemed that they wrote it themselves.

  • Dropping Fife & Drum made no sense to me at all. I hope they reappear for the holidays, particularly Independence Day.

  • I've seen the flag wavers and the lumberjack act. The first isn't bad. If I'm in the area when they come on, I might pause a moment to watch. The lumberjack act did not appeal to me at all. It was like a bad reality show, something I would make a special effort to avoid. The act it replaced, Off Kilter, was the opposite. I scheduled my Epcot visits for days they would perform and made sure to catch at least two of their sets each time I was there. I don't understand why Disney would cancel world class performers who drew people to the park to replace them with an act best suited to a county fair. I agree with a previous commenter. I won't be renewing my annual pass. The attractions at Epcot that should be refurbished have not been, and the best acts in the World Showcase have been removed.

  • Have to be honest. Will not be going back to Epcot.  Cancelled passes.  Off Kilter was my favorite and sawing logs is not.  Loved them all but especially Off Kilter.  Disney  has lost my money and my patience.  It's all about $$$$ now.  Oh well.  Will drink butterbeer in Harry Potter Land at Universal. 

  • Thank you ladies for letting us know about the new acts at EPCOT.  I will give the Lumberjack show a look next time I'm there but have a feeling from others who have seen it, that it will be a "done that, don't need to see it again" kind of show.  Hard to believe that the creative minds at WDW Entertainment could not come up with something more than this.  Keep up the great work!  Look forward to your next web gem!

  • nice TV show, did see lumberjacks show last week, and it just bad, will not be stopping at Canada have a beer or two and watch Off Kilter, I think it's a bad move.

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