All eyes on gold medal in 10th International Abilympics next year

participants for the 10th International Olympics are determined to do their best to make the nation proud in Moscow next year representing Malaysia in the cake decoration category is 23 year old one Mohammad Hafeez own f1 Ruslan one Muhammad who is hearing impaired say he has been training hard to prepare for the contest Dominic le damos a minute I I believe big sigh can't you booster you buy a diamond what bloody hyung yes black Suburbans I believe what diamond what would happen so blue sable cookie a bulimic still the Lucia Santa happened apart the program to get the dinghy dumbu Jaya delhomme Acharya are cancelling the Olympics while Chiron is a Johari who will be competing in the word processing category hopes to score a medal next year after finishing in seventh place in the same category in 2016 momentum but the rank of a proper strategy de Malaysia is aiming to clinch three gold medals and Nexus International Olympics where 15 talented persons with disabilities will represent the country to compete in floral arrangement computer assembly embroidery cooking and photography I have high hopes because they're young and they're passionate about your work and with the proper guidance and skills for many you know I believe in them of course at the same time I'm kata me say at the motto by C and Omega J man there's no ST segment is on the loose computers and kalila make mistake I just said this after a fundraising high tea on Sunday Olympics of disability or better known as AB Olympics is a competition of both in vocational skills for disabled people held every four years

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