Wow anticipation is truly growing here mark donor's stretching out those hamstrings doesn't want what happened to his old boss tap into him there's out wasabi warming up looking as children friendly as family friendly as he ever has and they're off for the first heat of this inaugural challenger games presented by halogen in lane 1 we got Steven Spence Steven gaining ground on everybody in the inside track he's really going after it Steven share a better watch out he's gonna get passed quickly bark donors sucking up a little bit of gas there at the back who's been spending too much time at the nightclub I think we got to stand outs right now Spence Steven into Steven sharer their names are so similar which makes it really different but the inside track spent Stephen right now running away with it literally and figuratively it's gonna be all him coming down the stretch right now it's they're just battling for second and it's gonna be spent Stephen taking home heat one in first place even share coming up behind the look of determination on Spencer's face right now it's just absolutely incredible now it was an impressive run right there yes they set the bar pretty high so an incredible first performance by him spent Stephen as he took the inside track and never really looked back on that and just all spent Stephen down the track and he knows it too look how pumped he is he is excited he is and we're gonna go down to Shannon he's actually got a live broadcast going right now Shannon take it away hey with the winner Mac right from the start you jumped out the gate I really didn't know what to expect for the Wow I was impressed I looked at cherry but I was going wild look at this guy you were mad man thank you thank you good I feel pretty good never my life a sign of more guys you heard from Shannon himself so Spence Stephen takes home the heat one medal we're gonna go more to that later so Shannon thanks for that he always animated Shannon Briggs let's go champ himself imagine having a large brick wall talk to you after taking on the first place assignments are as followed number one box boy number four Ryan Trahan number six Dax Dax seven Bryce hall eight by virus nine Nate my name now Dax is definitely the best rapper on the course that's for sure we're on live television right now and you are right in the middle of it thank you so I'm looking at Dax right now definitely the fastest rapper and hopefully he's got the wheels to back it up well he looks the part as he gets set and off we go here heat number two we got the inside track box-boy really giving it all right there and the outside still goes to Nate my name and who's gonna make a pass here Dax axe coming up it's been looping this pretty tight right now no clear winner be honest I've seen mashed potatoes move faster than this it's 400 meters right there is a little bit of an endurance test but Dax axe rounding that corner looks like he's the one in the lead right now but on the outside Nate my name trying to make it competitive but he's running out of gas and it's gonna be dak stacks down the stretch but we do have another competitor coming in right now [Applause] but by virus is pushing for second right now but it's dak stacks in the lead and he's gonna take home heat number 2 followed by dak stacks Wow not only can he rap but he can run guys this guy is really moving another impressive showing to blowouts in a row so far so it's going to be interesting to see when all the heat winners meet each other who's going to be the top dog speaking of heat I hope everyone out there is a feel-good right now I'm under a nice canopy out there I'm not competing I'm just watching them critiquing and just enjoying life yeah it's it's really going great it's turned into quite a wild scene over in the commentators booth we've got Steven Spence he's over here to making a ton of noise over the break and let's go to Britt or it's gonna break right now for hey guys hey man that was an amazing race you took off all today people was like you're going down but guess what you didn't share talk to us say your mother man just meant 2:42 it you know a champ thank you sir a champ you a champ too [Laughter] back to the pool so well said by dakstats right there so he's gonna be one to watch out for in the 400-meter what are your thoughts I would have liked to have seen him freestyle his acceptance speech there I think he came into pretty weak bars to be honest and I think his flow could have been a little bit more melodic it sounded pretty much like he was talking so if you're just joining us heat one went to Spence Stephen and heat two went to Dax tax for the 400-meter men's race and we have the women's 400 meter dash as we get set up lane number two Maya Montoya three Jenny Garcia five mayor bear six Mika Montoya seven Julia Sandoval now who do you like in this this is a tough one I I follow a lot of these girls on Instagram not not really too sure about the running skills I don't really follow them for that reason my homegirl is mayor bear I've never seen her on I'm not so sure she can run but I'll be rooting for mayor bear here we go let's see if your prediction comes true I don't think it's gonna Thomas bullets fake let's see Oh the trucks right now so right now Maya Montoya in the lead book hold up gender Garcia just making a move and a quick pass on the left hand side and looks like she's running away with it boring she doesn't run out of any steam right now and they are definitely thinning out and sitting out fast so Jenny Garcia followed by Maya Montoya and unclear who's in third but it's a runaway so to speak or is that mayor bear I think I called the winner off the first three that's mayor better not only did you call the winner by dominating fashion right here so mayor bear coming out and putting a stranglehold early on heat one I am impressed I am thoroughly impressed so mayor bear is gonna run away with this one followed by what looks like Maya Montoya in lane 2 but coming up is Mika Montoya and mayor berry you were talking a little bit of trash on her but she just blows the competition out of the water she strolls in for an easy victory I am thoroughly impressed I knew she had the ability to do at fashion ovah posts on Instagram but I did not know she could run that was quite impressive to us so it looks like around the 200 meter marks the contestant started to peter out a little bit that goes toward that weather we're experiencing and also the endurance and stamina it's you're very tough to battle that lactic acid you got to remember Thomas a lot of these competitors are very very very strong thumbs the majority of the things they do is posting on Instagram and editing pictures on the face tuned up and so they're not you know not normally yep and I think we're moving over to someone else so we're going to throw it down to let's go champ Shannon right now he's with the winner Mayer bear what you got for us let's go champ guys bat champ it can we get a word with you please the winner here we go na are you doing you did an amazing job be everyone's down I'm going crazy right now talk to the people [Applause] the first official winner of these games the first winner I mean people going crazy at home let's go champ an emphatic victory there she wins the 400-meter for the women and rightfully so she blew the competition out of the water it was incredible and also mayor berry with the first official swear thought it was gonna be myself but I guess it was mayor berry guys we are with the man of the hour Logan Paul he is about to race how do you feel right now horrible horrible how's that hammy not so great not so great but what are you doing to prepare how are you getting in that mental state I tried to warm up I did my best I'm gonna do I'm gonna do as best as I can I said this on my on my youtube video that I make so I can subscribe I'm ready to die out there like if I have to lose a limb racing right now I'm gonna do it and I think I'm up soon so be ready yo let's go donate button yeah I mean is this going exactly as planned are you happy with the results right this is amazing my favorite part about this is I know how powerful internet creators can be an influencer with influencers can be I think with the next wave of celebrity if you will and I know when we get together the thing we we can accomplish are incredible so this is awesome making it happen and actually seeing it come to life like I got to think the fans I got to thank everyone who came out today and trusted me for making this happen like I love it proud of ya all right Diane there is the man the myth the legend Logan Paul all eyes on him today my very best friend in the whole wide world and I'm really pulling for him but unfortunately something else that's pulled there's also his hamstring yeah it looks like he's stretching out that hamstring it's gonna be interesting to see how he does on a 400 so I know he's running the 100 but the 400 also is gonna take a lot of strength and endurance to power through this event so as he sprints down the main football field there he's looking good though he looks good he does look a little hot a little sweaty I'm sure those socks smell just about as bad as KS eyes headband and we're going to go to Ali for a pre-race little blurb right now all right awesome hey guys we are with destroying we've got a lot of fan questions for you especially because you've been really open with your training right now just tell me a lot of people are asking how you got your confidence a lot of sleeps on the mind you know I'm I got one goal in my mind that's winning so I just got to come out execute what have you been doing you know in the past few weeks to Train I mean obviously you've been showing videos but when the cameras are off what are you up to stretching I got to stretch a lot picture I'm flexible ice bad and I'll see what you guys see on film is what I've been doing and I try to be open and real with everybody so who's your biggest competition here today which is that I heard combate used to run track out for the state so he might be up there tope jinsol table G so I'm sorry if I mispronounced your name brother this has been a lot of back and forth on how you say that but you know other than myself I think Kenny bats and talked is awesome so no Paul brothers in there I think the clickbait aspect of it you know okay okay I got you I got you alright guys back to you well thanks Ali for that update as the sprinters are getting into position we want to thank fashion Nova thank you so much the world's hottest selection of styles for men seven women fashion Nova features the latest trends in every size and style shout out fashion Nova wow the trash-talking has really picked up a notch here our last contestant there I'm on the camera calling Jake Paul and Logan Paul clickbait we've all heard that one before but uh Wow day of action this is this is really getting crazy out here folks let's get it he's excited Busey is excited he's back ladies gentlemen who's he making one of the biggest comebacks in internet history I'm really excited to see how it's running stylus today I don't care who you are I don't care how many news you get I don't care how many subscribers you got you see me on the track today I'm gonna leave you in the dust and that's it about that phousi the classic smack talker of all time I know he's got a ongoing beef with one of our other contestants today vitaliy see how that pans out Logan walking around with his flowing and this is what you want to see this is what everyone came out here to witness and as they're in the blocks interesting starting position from lane 3 that's cool lamp rat Nana see false start so everyone gets one or there's one false start attributed it to the group and the next one to do it is disqualified so as they get back set the crowd goes quiet but the heart start racing at this point I can barely contain myself Thomas and fast out the gate looks like Logan oh we have a tumblr but looks like it's neck-and-neck it's between funny Mike and unclear that is but it looks like funny Mike's gonna take it brennentaylor also there nope not funny Mike we've all eyes on Logan Paul it looked like he got up limping as he crosses the finish line and in bad shape he carried by phousi ladies and gentlemen this is not good as we look at that looks like right out the block and phousi takes a dive there with him phousi takes a dive Logan turns directly into a robot it looked like there yep he's a robot do we have a official winner I do believe brennentaylor takes a killer takes the first seat yup that's Brennan with a 12 second point for 300 meter – which is pretty good Jorge Janko in second : Brent in third what's good guys my name is Brenna Taylor I'll tell you visit all Bros television here with Logan um you're not on camera but um oh yeah you are how are you doing what just happened I feel so dumb don't fit two minutes before they called the heat I pulled my hamstring again I heard it pop and then then I went into panic mode because you know I said I bet like $100,000 and all and then I like I'm immobilized so I'm kind of just like panicking right now but it's a great event like please donate to the Special Olympics I think we really did it and there's still a lot of good competitors out there but I'm I'm just disappointed and honestly I blame Snoop Dogg because I was guarding Snoop Dogg in the in the basketball game that I tore my hamstring and like I don't know this is it for me I think our you know you're out the rest of the day I might try to swing swing another event I got I got the 4 by 100 meter relay I got a fast team so we'll see what happens but like I I mean you can imagine I'm so sorry not really I'm I'm so disappointed that my leg couldn't hold up I do like pan down I have like chicken legs sorry I got skip leg day I'm kind of just focused on boxing now like chaos out your bitch we know but no it's it's fine but I think I'm just gonna focus on ricing of course rest ice cover recover hell of a I love where so where are you gonna be the rest of this this day I mean your real a team like you said but just just watching rooting for Jake now I hate to say but I think so all right well we are going to Shannon Briggs now who is right here with me I'm disappointed no you are very disappointed I heard you say your folks in our boxer now that's the next step put a box of fans around the world looking forward to you this big talks with all the networks and everybody with you taking that step in the box I promise I will be healthy when that happens next year challenger games I mean at least I have something feel like we're so grateful what'd you do today hope we'd be back showing in the rain knocking them out let's go champ thank you thank you man we're getting heat number two and 100-meter dash here as the competitors take their marks Jake Paul so all eyes on Jake Paul it's unfortunate that his his night might come to an end s get off right now and it looks like a close race down to the wire it's gonna be late for o so a little slip-up there Jake anisette Jake Paul finish in it was a neck and neck between three guys looks like purple drink was pulling up with an injury and we're gonna go to the official scores table to see what the and it looked like he got it down the stretch a huge burst of speed terrible off the start about midway through he starts to get his speed that right there it's leaning back it looks like he's in a recliner while running this is incredible it looks like Jake Paul the official stats are in he ran a 12.25 second hundred this is how close was tope gisle Jake Paul's the winner table gisle in second twelve point two six and we have Shannon with the winner Shannon let's go people at home they really decided right now you talk a lot of guys I'm sorry that this is just the first heat I move on to the final now I got a bad start terrible terrible start by the way I came back pulled through cuz I am the fastest youtuber on the planet every team and I really want you guys to hit that donate buying to charity right now this is her good cause great quality you guys I'm coming in for the final vs. whoever wins these next heat let me get a good start this time I'm gonna take home this W and Logan's gonna give me a 300k thank you guys and it married tomorrow let's go to Wow and you can you can see Logan Logan's face right now he is not happy this is the last thing he wanted to see was a little brother Jake he take the heat and he is he's smiling but I know that he's really hurting on the inside after that uh torn ligament I believe we're working on getting him a peg leg so that he's actually able to get out of the stadium today so instead a bionic man we're gonna go to peg leg we're gonna throw back to the olden days so the pirate times yes something of a pirate I live with um and I you could say he's walked the plank many times so that was Jake Paul an impressive run for him out even after stumbling out of the blocks he regains composure and takes heat number two speaking of your brother halogen is the only place to watch J containers wedding tomorrow night the pay-per-view event will include the red carpet cocktail our ceremony and reception nobody knows what's going to go down in Vegas but you'll be able to see it live go to halogen TV / J container for that trip I'm going as well and it's gonna be rowdy so make sure you tune in for sure well like how this is like the pre bachelor party going toward the west how many how many bachelor parties does the best man pull his hamstring actually probably a decent amount I don't have the stats on that but I'm gonna throw out 8% yeah alright we get set for Heat number three right now a lot of competitors for the hundred meter that's the big money prize we're gonna get Lane assignments up to you shortly and Logan's gonna go start ricing so here we go we got faith sensei Austin McBroom nope awesome Akuma's hurt and he's certainly in the 10th we'll try to get him in here I know you're and sorry for the some of the mishaps here we've had quite a few injuries lance210 is out there the tally is out there can batch the favorite and destroying this is a big heat guys and their and they are off and it's a great net out with that I believe that's destroy and destroy just running away out of his mind oh and batch is slowing up d strolling with an impressive 3 fast out of the gates fast down the stretch the man is fast that was that was incredible matches hurt manager Jeff is telling her and other King batches actually hurt but at this point doesn't matter destroying is the fastest man on the planet who's saying bolt you've got nothing on this guy who and really quick out of the blocks that's so important for the hundred meter dash in the maintain of speed throughout impressive and he didn't look back impressive by destroying I mean what's that is there any reason to look back at that point that guy's about to have a gold medal around his neck unless Ryan Garcia or maybe Jake Paul if he's able to get some sort of mechanical device installed in his legs before the next heat well again if you're just joining us Jake Paul took the heat number two and destroying took Heat number three an impressive fashion they got their work cut out for him I just don't think I've ever seen a man move that fast before Indies throwing with an official eleven second 100-meter dash that's impressive we're gonna go down to Shannon he's with the winner I got it I got him but we okay where's the camera where's the camera turn around let's go chat okay okay I'm here with the winner guys look at him y'all you broken his fingers together what does that mean people going crazy I mean how you feeling like I could have done a little better I'm always hard on myself but hey we got the job don't know let's go chat give me a shower you want to shout out shout you out cause you did a hell of a job let's go champ back to the booth so I think we found our favorite going ahead for the hundred meter dash destroying with an 11-second hundred meter dash that's impressive for anybody I mean that's impressive for a SpaceX rocket ship to be honest with you Thomas I'm pretty sure the the SpaceX Mars rover made it to Mars in the same time I mean this guy is some sort of super planetary I couldn't have said it better myself that's Ayla Woodruff we're looking at guys Logan Paul's ex-assistant I'll be quite honest we've had a crush on this girl since the dad batters she's absolutely beautiful it's about four foot two somewhere between three foot six and four foot – Jennifer ohms is next to her another another great person absolutely love her oh and we've got summer a down at the end there summer Rae the glue queen her legs are made of steel and protein she is absolutely incredible rocking those cheetah shorts dancing around hair bopping around this is gonna be an exciting thomas was all right yes all eyes are on summer Rae if they're in the leopard shorts she looked really calm right before going on she has just been stretching out getting ready to go uh she told me that she's very excited to be here and she's ready to smoke them so uh we'll keep our eyes out for that back to you microphone is incredible we're actually joined in the booth right now by Daisy Keats one of the other competitors days you could probably stand right here for a second you could stand right here now get on camera this is kind of like the part okay we don't need to we don't need a mic here but Daisy's gonna you're gonna be running in a little you haven't run yet right hurdles daisies Daisy has actually absolutely never done hurdles in her life I'm gonna I'm gonna put put my daughter are you are you excited you scared high feeling I think it's about time I look at him good idea on the field for the women's Heat number one we got lane number nine thanks Laura dy Taylor Alicia odd summer Kinsey's Charlie Jordan Jennifer umas Roz is in the building and we got Isla would drop ladies you guys ready to race I'll go the first of the women's 100 meter dash so here we go this is the final no heat Wow settle it right here who you got on this one there's your crush I I think it's gonna be summer I think it's gonna be summer a summer Rae's got so much power in those legs it's like a it's like a Ford f-150 coming down the track and I can't imagine that she's not able to oh I am so sorry Charlie Jordan is gonna win this heat this this whole race charlie Jordan wins it so Lane number six summer ready to watch out for guaranteed if you're in Vegas right now put your money on Charlie Jordan it's a guarantee there's a Charlie Jordan is in lane for ourselves watch the middle lane summer-rae and Charlie Jordan the starts gonna be the utmost importance and here we go charge or it's Charlie George I think she's a running in the wrong heat we need to put my god Charlie Jordan Michael Jordan Wow that girl is a freaking lightning bolt she's way too easy right there I mean let's be honest who's gonna compete and she ran at 12.94 on the hundred and she's gonna take home gold right there my god and she said the first thing she says is good job guys what a sport that's the sportsmanship you all want to see out of these competitors but then again I'm sure it is pretty easy to say good job guys after you absolutely smoked everyone in your heat absolutely incredible just ride after stripe of pure fury fire burning like a gas powered steam train coming down the track and really nice for Amal then finishing or run from the get-go and then a maintaining acceleration good top speed there and like you said you're picking them but we're gonna go to Shannon with the winner right now Shannon what do you got said hey I mean I did an amazing job I mean we're we're looking at the replay should have talked to us but that was so much fun Scott my track scholarship wasn't for nothing wow that was so impressive man everyone's going crazy man it what's next for you people get an animated down there on the sidelines yeah I mean there's a lot of a lot of energy coming off the track and Lear excited and they're excited to give back to their cause and wow what a what a run by Charlie Jordan that was exciting to watch we're gonna go check in with Ali right now Ali sorry chanson maybe you can find another area to stand worthless thank you make sure he's a trash talk coming from all those in this booth I mean you gotta expect it you know I'm a very heated personality Jenko Brendan wants to come here for a sec we got another surprise guest here we've got Brendon North who was a the infamous videographer for Logan Paul famous you know a real great guy all-around great guy what happened originally I'm not the original you're not mark was the Mark Toner was original what happened that I was extremely disappointed I was not expecting him to give up that fast I don't know it seemed like he really did just give up I mean he's claiming there's some sort of pain some sort of explosion happening in his leg I've seen explosions that look more like someone just becoming a robot out of laziness right are you thinking it's an excuse or I wouldn't call it an excuse once again these Paul brother's famous marketing play it's kind of the feels like a draw kind of you know like there's gonna be a rematch of some sort but what we'll see how it goes right just do this whole thing again and by the way I'm kidding everyone at home Logan has been in therapy every single day he's very hurt and I'm sure he's very distraught this injury it's a real injury so we're gonna go down to the track right now the 1600 meter run is just getting off now this is the endurance one this is got some basically sub-array is on the ground she's falling and this is good and test their endurance more than anything is that guy not know he can go into the inside of the track he might not these guys are youtubers and Instagram abusers he's staying out there well he wanted jockey for position early it looks like the pack is spreading out a little bit yeah that guy has no idea he can leave his lane no I figured it out I believe Spencer Taylor the third impulsive host is in this he is a long-distance truck he has run a couple iron mans and so I'm watching him right now to see when he turns the heat on he's right here in the third position okay so he's just kind of conserving energy right now you think is he a sprinter toward the end subarray is doing cartwheels right now okay so we've got Ryan Garcia and Jeff with tech or at Jeff on Instagram leading Ryan Garcia the the endurance you know champion boxer extraordinaire he's leading right now and I'm not so sure he's gonna give this back guys make something that's no that's not somebody to the short side yeah so as they cross the first lap of the 1600 meters you just have 1200 to go and this is where it gets tough the heats pounding down but we got to separating from the pack yep that's at Jeff in and great cartwheels who is that Ally judo who's doing that she's got to work on her form a little bit she looks she looks hurt but it's definitely not summer ready Jeff I'm very impressed by at Jeff Jeff would text you know staying with Ryan Garcia and we just keep showing this this poor hurt woman in the back here now how did Spencer do let Spencer Spencer's in the third spot Spencer's drop back behind Brian Trahan right now but all eyes are really on at Jeff to see if the power of the vlog squad could pull through here david dobrik probably at home rooting him on and they're about to lap this poor woman I think we got a little bit of a runway show going on now more I wouldn't call it a runway show I'd call it a security risk pretty sure we need security and blame three to remove this stretcher yep oh and she's picking it back up now she thinks she's winning the race she is running and and you know by the looks of it she's taking this thing home dedication and she's about to get lapped last time I saw somebody get lapped was in Mario Kart on n64 this is just this is incredible we need her out of the way no there she goes pull it off exit 13 sure there's a chick-fil-a over there or something and the race continues now what happened here we had a slight is there a trade here I've got Ryan Garcia still leading the way but who is this I believe that's Ryan Trey is that Ryan Tran yes that's Ryan Trahan he also had a career as a track and field runner back in the day but as you can see Ryan Garcia is not giving up and Spencer looks very good too Spencer's really hanging in there and I think you may turn the Jets on he's got a career here yeah I think he's waiting till the very end to give it to him he doesn't want to show off too much you know that's not Spencer's five that said he is plant-based and he's probably running out of fuel at this point since he hasn't eaten a carb or a you know Mike he started some beef with me today on Twitter so I don't really know if I'm ready for him I wouldn't call it beef alley he's like I said he's plant-based so if anything would be impossible burger okay okay so we are coming toward the last 400 meters of this race and the competition is spinning out a little bit it is a tough race it's one mile basically of running and in this heat it's got to be tough out there for the challenges especially the ones that have competed in multiple games but that's going to bring us to thankings fashion Nova thank you and become your own fashion icon with fashion Nova today check them out fashion Nova Mike's already on it Lauren – Scala by the way is the girl who's leading but I mean this is this couldn't be closer wow this is that looks like Ryan is nine Trahan and Ryan Garcia – Ryan's what are the chances are pulling away with this Ryan Garcia I mean I wouldn't want to be the guy that beats Ryan Garcia by the way he could really sock him well Ryan Garcia maybe he's conserving a little bit of energy you mentioned he's the boxer so he's used to running these long distances my goodness the security risk is back on the track chick-fil-a works fast and it looks like Ryan Garcia on the outside and Ryan Trahan in the inside they got a jockey for position here it's coming down to the final lap it looks like Trey hands turning the heat up a little bit on Ryan Garcia but of course we just keep going back to this woman of the better cake and here we go say crazy lady making a book but Trahan with the impressive polo afterburners right there this looking like an Olympic runner out there I'm sure with ease Ryan Trahan impressive 1600 he is the champion for this event followed closely by Ryan Garcia so the Ryan's take one and two and then who do we have as the female winner Alli you might be able to help and Spencer coming over the over the finish line now boy do I love Spencer Taylor what a great guy great job rod Trahan youtube star marketing genius and we got some other competitors finishing up right now and it's tough to finish this event I honestly like a dead sprint 1600 meters in this heat it is uh it's tough to accomplish and hats off to everyone who's participating in the 1600 meters that's not the one I would want to participate in but you got to give it up to these folks well not in this weather either Thomas I mean it I don't remember it being this hot since the last Stone Age you could you could fry an egg up on the turf right now it possible even cook a a large turkey if you had to and I feel like competitors are just coming out of nowhere at this point yeah I don't believe you that any of these people were even in the race I'm pretty sure they just jumped in about halfway through well here we go this is the start of the event and they're coming out a little bit slow you'll see the girl on the Left just trip and take an asset or take an absolute tumble but you got to love her being a good sport about it there she goes on the runway flex opposed BAM just absolutely incredible what an athlete what an overall competitor and just it's incredible to watch her move from athleticism to runway modeling to just overall you know being the biggest security risk we've had so far so kind of the Challenger Games triple threat Runner model security oh wow we've got Ryan Garcia walking over here so we actually have shannon with the winner of the event we're gonna go to shannon right now hey let's go something here with the winner Ryan man you did a phenomenal job what a race may I talk to the people at home all right thanks guys I was a tough one that was fun I used to run a high school you really pulled away it was like nothing I've seen I've been running all my life as a boxer and that was the one that was incredible man you do this well so I'm donating it front steps Austin we raise $20,000 a few weeks ago still chance guys playing Minecraft and it basically helps all the homeless population in my city and it's great you're real champion let's go champ let's go my name is Ryan Trahan we made it to the Challenger games I want to win so bad you have no idea how bad I want to win it's like it's concerning I'm gonna kick Logan Paul's can I see but I'm gonna kick it and I don't think we're even competing so that's gonna be really weird whenever I do that please support me so Ryan Trahan taking the modest approach there he was just happy to be here but then he goes and takes home the 1600 meters impressive showing and also man a few words very another family friendly reminds me a lot of Alex wasabi I think we've got a Ryan Garcia over with Ali and we're gonna go to Ali right now with Ryan Garcia Ali take it away hey guys we are we are with Ryan Garcia he was leading the way until the other Ryan came and kind of took over what happened there you know he probably just had a little bit more experience in the mile run he waited to the end and he went and got me but all props to him he deserves it he raised good would you have done anything differently yeah I probably would have just sprinted that last lap and hope you don't catch up but I don't know I thought I was kind of farther away than I thought but he was very hungry did you feel like you ran out of fuel there at the end or could you have gone a little more krantz I caught one my stomach I cover in my leg but I fought through it like a champ would but he got my ass it's okay second place is good not better than first though right right come back next year thanks Ryan love the competitive spirit right there Ryan great showing for you we're gonna throw it back to Dylan the height man use they're doing the medal ceremony for Ryan tray in the winner of the 1600 meter and Mayer bear the 400 meter winner for the women's track shout-out mayor Barry so we're getting we're getting set up for the women's hundred meter hurdles right now actually we have both Jake and Logan with me so the brothers here we go you're gonna talk to we are brothers right here and the adopted brother um guys okay we're about to watch some hurdles what are your thoughts right now I am so excited to watch everyone fall on their face it's going down like like it's someone's gonna eat it's going down this isn't about speed this is entertainment this specific event I mean what went through your mind when you had these hurtle hurtle errs doing this I got scary it's a scary thing why aren't you guys doing it actually I'm saving for the final I still have one more race in the hundred meter to be destroying I can't really walk I'm working on it well in the promo for this you are over a hurdle did you know Sean who's winning this mine who's winning this one I will say this Charlie Jordan the girl who won the hundred meter dash got a track scholarship to go to college for the hundred meter hurdles like this is her event and I also want to say she is on me and Jake's 4 by 100 meter relay team which I will be running by the way I'll be anchored oh he's the anchor who decided that I was he running he is a bionic man donate down below all right you heard it here first guys he is running the relay all right well we're gonna have to uh wait and see what happens with that Wow 1600 meter run in third place Julia Sandoval in second place Lauren the Scala and in first place in the 1600 women's meter run make some noise for Rebecca's Imola that's your winners take some photos but guys we're gonna keep it right here on the stage for a very special announcement are we going or we stand with Dylan okay wow what a great what a great performance by those three women just incredible athleticism and we're gonna go we're gonna go to the 100-meter hurdles now so Charlie Jordans fresh off the podium right back onto the track she's the heavy favorite the betting favorite for this event she's gonna be running in Lane five we got fat flower friendly in three case Boone in four and Daisy Keach in six all very good friends of mine I'd love to see Daisy key to take this case boon also a great friend of mine but Charlie Jordan is just a I'll be honest with you Thomas they should just give her the medal now and just and you know these guys could all get some water you know a salad whatever they want to have something to eat Charlie Jordan is a monster so I think we got a birthday surprise somewhere down on the track we're gonna pause for that my pleasure to be here with everyone on my birthday and to spend it with my boys I love you thank you guys keep donating hope you look like in the games I will be running the 4/100 Logan good thing he's rich he can afford a lot of microphones ladies and gentlemen Pam Paul happy birthday Pam what a weekend for the Paul family's we got a wedding we got a birthday we got the challenger games action-packed this weekend and here we go and the hurdles these are the most dangerous at the games right now it's Charlie Jordan in Flour friendly outlet but it's Charlie Jordan just down the stretch is just too much to overcome but flower friendly hanging in there Charlie Jordan back-to-back gold medals for her she's just I mean we should start her 30 meters back god she's absolutely you know listen a great performance of all the competitors Daisy really keeping up at it this is not easy event Thomas for someone who's never run it before hurdles are very difficult I couldn't make it over one of those hurdles with this paddle feet and very bold to attempt the hurdles without ever actually trying them out before so you got to give a lot of shout out a lot of credibility to those competitors look at all those hurdles it looks like a some sort of Domino rally you know you tip over one of them and the rest could fall and just this is just incredible to watch brief big smiles knowing that you know the winners gonna donate some money to charity and Charlie Jordan focused like she's taking the SATs as she runs so we're gonna go to Shannon who's with Charlie right now Shannon what do you got for us again guys talk to his chat back so bad it's operational underground Grove railroad and they deal with sex trafficking for underage children and women such an amazing cause so dedicated to you really you see you out there you really pushing man can I get a let's go check for the girls and boys at home rowdy chant we proud of you let's go champ wow I am really excited about this right now I got I'll be honestly I've never seen a cheeseburger run before let alone rock a rock a dressed up as a cheeseburger and he is just looking his dumb as I've ever seen him and I've seen him it's a pretty dump situations it's hard to argue or hard to add anything there as he's flexes for the camera that's his little Usain Bolt get up best imitation right there let's see if he could take that energy and put it to the hundred meter hurdles right here but definitely the least favorite in this heat yeah I don't think anybody's gonna be losing to the giant cheese burger I don't think he really has any chance whatsoever well destroying is running in lane three he's the guy to watch for he blew away 100-meter dash so another 100 meters but this one in club entails jumping as they get set and here we go Ronald McDonald out to a slow start Wow oh and is that destroying is it I mean he's literally levitating is that destroying this is the Charlie Jordan destroying games I feel like he's just showboating out there look at him go Wow in lane to Jeff Jeff Witek pulls up but it's a halt destroying up not that's not Jeff I don't listen in front of watch we've had some lane confusion today that is not the fault the announcer and the cheeseburgers down raka raka is is on the field he's hurt put his back up Oh knocked over the third as I said watch the boys game he's knocked over the last nope and he now he is just running it through hurtles at this point he is out of control and once again I think we do need sick of that security to the track so we're gonna take it to Shannon right now he's worth destroying the man of the games thus far I'm here with you champ amazing come on we don't you I guess I do it oh it's my first timer and track it's great man it's good you know have all these careers out here you know kind of for one big cause not think about ourselves not trying 100 grand for ourselves before charity that people who need the most so it's a great event man shot said appalled brother for throwing this I'm excited for next year already you feel champion appreciate a man stole champ thank you thank you thank you and subscribe do showing that crew at the cruise so I just got word Ally is down there with kuzey right now so we're gonna throw it to Ali Ali what do you got hey guys I am here with Suzy how do you feel I mean you have been kind of staging this comeback the past few months so you know how do you feel I feel great I mean I was happy to be here Thank You Logan for bringing me out I didn't do too well in my race if you saw I fell but then I did get to help Logan up and carry him to the finish line so I'm happy about that what was going through your mind at that moment I mean that was awesome camaraderie we saw within this YouTube community um I was thinking about Drake the whole time so I just knew that I wanted to make Drake proud so I needed to do something in that moment to really like show him that I'm a good guy so I thought helping Logan would be a good opportunity yeah that's really on brand for you I like that I like that now you and Vitaly had a falling-out he's here today have you crossed paths with him have you seen him I actually have crossed paths with him and nothing happened I think we both moved on from the situation and then just chose to go our separate way so I was happy about that because I'm not looking for any more drama this year you know I'm just looking to be peaceful be happy I do have a boxing match coming in September but aside from that I'm all loved yeah you've been training for the undercard huh no no different boxing match that's coming but I do have a big boxing match in September all right awesome well we can't wait to see thank you yep one more thing I love you Drake my job you heard it here well I guess we're gonna find out soon enough this is the hundred meter relay so four contestants running 100 meters each 400 meters and it's a dead out sprint so this is the fastest team wins the only challenge is handing off the baton they got to do it clean and they got to do it in the restricted zone we've got mayor Baer back on the track and of course we've got this absolute psychopath rock a rock that dresses I'm just gonna go ahead and say it who's ever on rocky Rock esteem I'm sorry you drew the short straw and your team probably won't win yeah that's a really sad happening maybe she's maybe he's on destruct destroying and Charlie Jordans team it kind of offsets it to make it fair for the rest of them that would be a great handicap actually since they have separated themselves from the pack it would make sense to put raka raka on their team and see if they could overcome that severe handicap so as we get a live look at the baton the runners will be getting set soon and remember you cannot drop the baton upon handing it to the other person it's an automatic disqualification so you're gonna need to be handsy with that Charlie Jourdan just looking like she's ready for war right now and they're off raka raka actually with a great start as how's the inside he's actually gaining he must have heard us my goodness he's really moving there are people on the truck and there we go with the handoff and it's unclear who's leading right now but Lane 7 looks like they're pulling out in front big time here we go here comes summer-rae for the handoff to Jake Paul take Paul turning the heat on we've got a fall take Paul in the back in the recliner and who's doing the anchoring but of course is that destroying Jay Paul looking like a duck billed platypus as opposed to and the batons are ended off absolute horror and destroying there's no one in dream right there that was unfair serious guy three four three that's your champion for the relay race right there I mean this guy's gonna have so much gold around his neck and whatever charity he's donating to it could expect a big check in the mail just mind-blowing works on destroying so destroying still undecided on what charity he was going to donate to but whatever one it is he's the right horse for this race and we look at Charlie Jordan right there handing it off to summer Rae summer Rae really turning the gas on one of my favorite people on the earth summer Rae and here's the home stretch of course handoff to jake paul who instantaneously gets back in that it just doesn't matter though I mean why talk about someone that that that's that far behind just absolutely incredible but there's a lot of smiles out there it looks like everybody's having a good time all for a great cause Jorge Janko just with a face of utter determination I if that's a gold medal face fans if you're watching that out there and you can get me a screenshot to my Twitter of George zanko's face during that rap during that round that was absolutely incredible face from Georgia wide have been the shot of the day right there absolutely incredible well destroying three for three in today's games took home the hundred the hurdles and now the relay race with the winning team guys the bunny team they call this uh the money team [Applause] guys we are here with Jake Logan George Jenko what is going on guys I saw you just shake hands we are looking up there at this camera I saw you guys just shake hands what's going on what you just make a deal about he's just he's trash on the field I destroy me let's go right now George George thinks his 4×1 team got second but really Logan can't run and we were lightyears ahead of them no he can't run period so it doesn't matter of him being able to run or not you're a bully yeah Logan anything yeah you're a bully also first time Jay goes a bully trended on Twitter now Oh George Anka I also just throwing it out the first time I ran a second place and it felt like nothing I was wearing regular shoes now have cleats can I drop this micro quick Wow he didn't even pick it up for me uh you heard it here I mean that's what happened so I don't know why are we gonna have a rematch maybe we're good at disguising it I will say that but that takes us to the hundred meter dash this is the event everyone came for this is going to dub the fastest man on the internet and I think we already know who that is I think it's destroying but anything could happen out of the blocks we have destroying clocking in and at eleven point seven hundred meter dash officially and we have taupe Jizzle at twelve point two six in jake paul at twelve point two five so those are the three main competitors to watch out for destroying a full second ahead of those guys it's gonna take an insurmountable effort to be thrown in I mean I'm calling it destroying taupe gisle Jake Paul destroying is the fastest man in the entire planet it would take a intergalactic boomerang to destroy his lane completely would have to fall into the ocean forever lose I mean this kid is gonna destroy everyone soon as they get to the blocks the crowd settles and there we go Paul slow out of the blocks and there you go destroying just no one within him it's just mind-blowing how fast that man is destroying the star of the show thus far four four four on events get this guy at some handicap over here I mean it's just my boy he's he's sleeping on the course now so you know signifying that he could do this in his sleep he might as well have been shot out of a goddamn cannon this dude is quite honestly being hussein bolt of the well that's your champion right there you having a live look destroying as you put the competition to sleep he's the fastest ever chatter of the world and you know it takes you back to times when God Logan Paul was talking smack about being the fastest entertainer in the world and man was he wrong well Paul's pretty quick out of the gate just couldn't maintain acceleration but there you see destroying just as soon as he gets those first couple stabs he is just gone I mean he looks like some sort of fighter jet that's just breaking the sound barrier as he runs everyone around him just looks absolutely terrible Jorge Janko again once you know once again with the world's ugliest you know look of all time just a real tragic situation for everyone except for destroying and an emphatic win to an impressive evening destroying four for four in these games definitely the star of the show yeah now he's just taking a nap and rightfully so I mean listen you win it you win a contest like this you we here with the champ the fastest man on the Internet looked at him y'all talk to the people and now I talk too much trash on the Internet's and not come out here prove myself today man I just like that phone I'm just glad come out here 100k for charity okay I don't even know if they don't give it to me but if they don't what's the charity champ and look at your beautiful lady talk to the I'm glad I want to do something for you know kids in Florida man who aren't as privileged I'm from floor time from the crib Little Miami answer your I want to do some for the kids I couldn't have said it better myself destroying list of accomplishments for tonight hundred meter champ 400 meter champ 100-meter hurdles champ and you on the relay with his team as the anchor just just mind-blowing running away with the entire event here and it's you know it's incredible to watch and now Jake Paul probably reading some sort of apology letter for letting everyone down and we're gonna go to Ally right now as a disgusted Jake Paul throws a piece of paper all right guys we are here with Jake Paul he just threw the standings down what's going through your mind you got third place if you're not first you're last baby shout out to Ricky Bobby I'm sorry sorry mom sorry team ten sorry team everyone I lost I'm disappointed I'm sorry Jake Pollard's YouTube this is it's an embarrassment why do you feel like you're an embarrassment I think you put your you put everything you had into it didn't you yeah but it just wasn't good enough you know sometimes sometimes in life you know you just got to take it now I'm gonna come back next year come back next year and I'm gonna win the 100-meter men's relay any words for destroying well I offered him $20,000 to lose the race and he didn't take it so he's a good guy so Congrats destroying you're a good kid I actually yeah what happened out there I mean third place Jake got third place you got last place but I put this event together bro and it's not about you and it's not about me it's not about destroying it's about charity it's about the Special Olympics I think we did a good job I think that you guys did a great job I'm really proud of you how how do you feel right now the games are done you know the crowning is about to happen just tell me a little bit about how you feel I I want to get drunk saying there's a after party at my house I'm gonna put this behind me and get married tomorrow and just take that W and go on my honeymoon and just forget about this and come back next year that's right any for next year what training any differently not pulling hamstrings facts we were to start with the ham sorry to everyone gonna start with the healthy hamstring I just want to say thanks everyone for watching this event has been incredible also surprised at how smooth the first one was and you know every year we are gonna get better thanks for thank you to everyone who donated to the Special Olympics do you have any idea how much money you guys have raised I don't know but also each each winner got to donate I think you're like five thousand so the money has been diversified it's been spread out and like I said the goal of this was to show how powerful creators could be when we come together and for charity I think I think we did good I'm happy today even though I heard I lost embarrassed myself in front of the Internet you didn't but I would say the same thing when phousi picked you up and helped you across the finish line that's what happens when creators come together like I'm gonna post it on my Instagram if someone got it like yeah and then ya know I'm content I'm really happy and also seeing the fans of real live like you guys oh I love you that's it great job Logan Congrats thank you thank you so much well say Jake mentioned his wedding in our sponsor halogen is the only place to watch Jake aunt Anna's wedding tomorrow night the pay-per-view event will include the red carpet cocktail our ceremony and reception nobody knows what's going to go down in Vegas but you'll be able to see it live go to halogen TV slash Jake in Tana tune in tomorrow night I mean I won't have to tune in obviously Tomas cuz I'll be there but everyone else should I do want to speak quickly on Logan and Jake's little announcement there you know I we took we joke around a lot but what an incredible event put on by Logan and what a great show put on by Jake he really stuck in there with with some pretty serious runners and you know I it looks at this point like little brother jakey maybe a little bit quicker than Logan hopefully they could both you know get real healthy and come back and show up next year you


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