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ALIF – Episode 08 || English Subtitles || 23rd Nov 2019 – HAR PAL GEO

hello. Hello Renuka. There is a problem. which problem? Can we discuss it inside. Sure. This is the biggest opportunity of your life, Director and team thinks that they
should give you bigger role than this, we want to change your
role in the film. So in this big role, is there any scenes like that where
there is intimacy of nudity? Yes, there are 2 scenes, but it takes no difference. it makes difference to me, please do not change my role,
I am happy for whatever i am doing. Excuse me, are you refusing? yes, renuka.
This is once in lifetime opportunity, your life will be changed, do you understand. my life is already changes, I do not need any more changes, tell you r director that
I want to do this role. you are weird, you know that? yes, I do. If your any scene will not be cut, remember this, you are going to out cut
everyone in the film, I am happy for you. I have put him out of the film, now you will see what
I will do with him, he is unthankful person,
I have given him so money chances and now he is doing this with me? Stupid person. whatever is going on,
is because of Neha, Whatever Akhtar is
doing is because of her, otherwise, he cannot do the
dare of legal notice. Ok, Neha, I will see her too, she is greedy to publicity, she have 50 50 boyfriends, I will also say when there
will be the right time. By the way, the premier of Ehsan’s movie is here, the reviews are bad, I think it Is flop. Finally, good news, his movie is flop, I am in peace now, just do one thing, tell our social media
team to full the internet with negative articles and the prediction of his film
that has been flopped, yes I will reply to you, I will reply on your email, in short while, okay bye. Okay, bye. What are you looking at? you what? I am not recognizing you, the person who was
talking on the phone, were he momin? My kalbe momin? Who used to put unwell bird in his lap, so that she will not die, and today, he is abusing the people. That was the childhood father. Who used to write the letters to God, once he sees the tears of his mother?
So that his father will get the letters. that was my blood grandfather, Who used to pick up stones from the ways,
so that someone will not get hurt? I used to do this to see you, that is why I have done that as well. That momin, wherever he lives, is the star of the people’s eyes. Grandfather, I am still the
star of people’s lives, I am living in the heart of people,
on my birthday, people wish me a lot
and give me many gifts, people likes me,
and I have many followers. is that the same momin, who I used to take the name and
I say to people that he is my enemy and he makes their work easy too? He do not remember any one name. what you want to hear from me? Kalbe momin, you are changed, and you will never accept this. no, I am a balance person; you can come sometime and meet my friends, do not judge me in the room,
on the phone call. you are there to take
the food from people; you can bring the people on roads. No, you do not know, the person, whom I am talking to you,
he is a unthankful person and rubbish too, I have given him the respect and
he is now insulting me. insult is in the hands of God, you are expecting that people
will clap on your success; they will not put an evil eye? Grandfather, right now,
whatever I will make you explain, you will take me wrong,
this industry in very cut base industry, this is common here, and what you feel I s abusing,
that is not abusing here. Just get out of the circle momin, where you all are selfish and heartless. Circle, seriously? You are saying that
my profession is circle. No, I am talking about that that
you please a lot, in which situation you have put all
your life and what is you getting. Jealous, insult and uncomforted,
with all the luxuries. You work for spirit grandfather, so this jealousy, fight and competition
does not happen in your work? No, if you do the work of spirit from that, you will not get the sarcasm, you will get the peace and in our work,
there is no heart, it has spirit, these are things
that you have forget, number one position, awards the scare of hit or flop, who will get how much money,
money and all. enough fathers, please, what do you think that in our work there is no spirit?
Only you know that what is the spirit, I make people crazy from the paper, I make the characters and make it live and
you are saying that I do not know about the spirit. you make people see the body and work from their mind, you resides their imagination and heart, have ever your any character
touches the soul? No momin, your character needs
desperation of mind; your any character did not allow
them to see in their spirit, how can they do it, the hands where these characters are coming out,
they do not know about the spirit. if you do the work of spirit from that,
you will not get the sarcasm, you will get the peace and in our work,
there is no heart, it has spirit, these are things that you have forget, number one position, awards the scare of hit or flop, who will get how much money,
money and all, you make people see the body and work from their mind, you resides their imagination and heart, have ever your any character
touches the soul? No momin, your character needs
desperation of mind; your any character did not allow
them to see in their spirit. grandfather, you say, that I always talks about body,
I always shows body, now I will show you how to make the
movie that will touch the soul, why are you laughing like this? Okay, momin, just make the film this time, in which you will present the roles which touches the
spirit and will make the people helpless to accept their things but when you talk about spirit, then these all the followers, which you call fans,
they all will forget you. It will not happen. You can test it, and if you think that you are alone, you can come here. I will not come here, kalbe momin, can do anything, once I touch anything, it will come in the success,
if I touch the coals, it becomes gold, I have not seen any lose yet. Yes, if you would have,
there is no any proudness in your language, kalbe momin, cannot do anything, unless God will not wish, if he will thank, he will get it,
if he will be proud, he will lose it. You know why you think I am so less, because I am the child of husne jahan, with whom there is nothing
except for beauty and body, and this is the reason that you
were against the marriage of father with her because she was a dancer. No, to stop him from getting married
with husne jahan, the reason was not that she
was a dancer or an actor, this is wrong too that I consider
you as a low person and that husne jahan have nothing
except for body and beauty, she had a virtuous spirit that
you have lost. I have lost, what do you think grandfather, only people like you have the spirit and they only know the spiritual acts because you
always are busy in praying and do this work, people like us do not know anything
because we work for the body. yes. you are saying wrong, you are misunderstood, and I will prove that spiritual
act is not the servant of anyone. no doubt but it is the gift of God and He will not give that to everyone, he only gives that to the people
who will have the value of that. Okay, I will come to you now that when I have the
film on spirit and spiritual acts, and he will get you
closer to the God. If you will win, I will leave the calligraphy and if I will, win, then you will stop
making the movies and you will come here
and will start calligraphy. Sit, here, you are so weak now. Not at all mother, I am healthy now, you look weak. Yes, I will be fine,
now I will be fine. Next week,
I will have to go to America again, I have told you. You just come,
and you are talking to leave, ask her for food, or you will keep her sitting like this? Father, I will take it out myself,
what happened? I am not the guest, you can come,
and I will serve the food. Do you talk to faisal? Why will I talk to faisal? Okay, i normally talks with him, he called twice and thrice. Why? Why do you talk to her? You are going? Yes, I am going tomorrow. So early? I have much work and
my team is waiting in Istanbul. When will you come back? you know very well,
when will I come? I told you that once I
will make the film, whenever you hug me,
I feel that Taha hugged me. I knew that already, you do not get sad for me. What happened to you Momina, when you come back from Lahore, you come here to
give the loan of Daud, and mine, you did not talk
about film or yourself, you just come with the check? I wanted to reduce the
burden of my shoulders, the burden of favor will
always be there in front of you. if you say a sentence,
I will throw something on you, enough, you always made
me count this, 24 hours, just get the food,
you are paying today? yes, I will make you eat today. Next time, I will eat in at least 4 star. Done. When are you leaving for America? the flight was of 6rth. Are you excited? I do not feel anything now, no any excitement, no any happiness. is there any news of faisal? From where faisal come between? Aunt has discussed it with me;
he came to your house? What should I say to mother? She will have the hope again, he came to meet me,
before going to Lahore, you told him about Jahangir? He came for the condolence of that. But aunty was saying that his
engagement is broken and. I do not trust on miracle
and love at all. In fact, all the miracles
happened in love. I am going America, I will also go in Hollywood, your dream was to go there, so many weeks has been
passed Jahangir, but your voice still echoes in my ears, my heart do not het agree
that you are not here, I feel that my goals
of life is not there, but now, leave it, just tell me what should I bring for
you from America, if you would have been here,
you would have said Oscar. May God, rest him peace and
give your patience too, this is not the occasion to say
this but what should I do? Faisal always wants that we
talk to you about momina. I will love to accept Faisal as my son. She is com. Greetings, Greetings, you can come and sit, how are you? I am fine, faisal did not tell me that
you are coming. Why faisal? I thought of surprising you. I will get the bottles,
where is jhumar, left? No, you do not need to do that. No, you can let him go, you came and sit here, it is so hot,
I hate KESC people, and they disappear the light in no time. I do not have the habit to sit without AC,
it is so hot, and what are you doing right now? A movie. No, she is not doing anything; there was a offer of a movie,
but he left. the movie here is so bad, what is the point on working in them? It was the movie of Hollywood. oh, they are bad too. Mother, this is the calligraphy of momina. Oh , so you this too? Yes. I have sent you since long,
you have done 1 hour. Hour, I have not taken an hour,
mostly only 45 minutes, it took, careem store,
people was not giving it, he said you have a big loan and when I tell them that there is some
people came for the proposal of momina sister, then they give and then
their freezer was not well, so I thought of taking the ice, because the next work will be this,
that you have to tell me. Yes, you have done well. And I am saying, I will do the function
of the marriage of momina sister, I am telling you before end, and yes, I will go in the reception with girl family. I cannot leave you.
I will not allow you to leave me; okay go fast now, God. When she was a kid, she used to take out the
makeup box of her father, take the lipstick out and draw
these things in the walls; she always wanted to be the artist. Momina, still thinks to
study more in fine arts, this painting and all. I think that you are talking
about performing art, No, fine arts, yes momina? I have brought the bottles,
just stay away these. I do not drink these drinks, I wanted to do the Rasm, and then we will decide the dates of
marriage together and form my side, this is for you for now, congratulations child, faisal is my only child, I cannot ignore, so we bent , God will do everything better in future, just look at me, I am so fool,
I am sitting here with comfort, I forget you all to give sweets, I will bring, you all brought the sweets, and I will bring it, Jahangir, just wait for some days, faisal came here being the angel, I do not believe that yet, momina, are you happy? yes mother, why, do I not look like? yes, it seems, just tell me,
have you told this to Aqsa? I called her, she is on shoot. I am here, I have given the sweets in the whole area, and everybody has sent
the congratulations. Thank you. just make tea for me, they come in the big car, the whole area was already curious, some people thought that the
producer came in the city. Yes, what fate God have
opened for my momina, the prince will come and
will take her in the big car, she will live in the big house, just there will be now bad sight. yes, now the madam
will come in the big car. no father, I will still sit in
the bus and will come. Why? Do come in the car only, you have enough of the
pushes from the bus, now if God is giving, why are
you being so unthankful? If anyone, snatched
your purse, then? In addition, yes, do not come
with jewelry and mobile, okay? what thinking food are
you making father? My name is momina sultan; I have grown up in this
area since childhood, who will snatch my purse here? The will not snatch form momina sultan,
but they will from momina faisal, this is my tribe, I know them really well. Faisal, is calling, mother just see the tea. yes, I will see, can you see that her face is shining. Say good thing. Yes, I have said in my heart. I have told you that I will come again. How did it all happened? You can see, it happened; now you will agree on my love. I still do not believe that. can we meet tomorrow, we will do lunch together? Lunch or dinner? Lunch. Okay, be ready, I will pic you. Okay. Bye. Bye, master siddiq said right this is my achievement,
but I have get this achievement so early. Nice shot. That commercial is nice; just make the colors more strong,
if the brand is wanting. I guess they look fine. Just check it now, nice. on wrecky, the locations
that I have taken, we have to finalize them and
we have to email the NOC, So basically, we just have
to decide the dates now. I am post ponding this film now. What? yes, I have to make the other movie. Two movies in one year? yes. And what will be the
subject of that movie? spirituality. Yes. Yes, we call it in Urdu,
what we call spirituality in urdu? Belief, No, belief is another word. Let me Google it. Spirituality. Spirituality, we will make the movie on spirituality. the meaning of what we have goggled? We will make the movie on that, and what we will show them? just think. Witch, rascal, you have done so big act,
and I am not informed, I am so happy for you,
I am so happy. I do not believe that,
he just brings his mother. What big change,
how did it happen? It happened and I am happy. I can see that, just see your see
your face in the mirror, it is shining. okay, enough. When are you getting married? it is soon, in 1 or more months, How come in one or more months, you have your film shooting. Yes, that will be finished
in 1 or more month too, I told you that both of us
will get married soon.[ No, Daud and I have to collect money for now,
the we will do something, and he is in turkey now. Why? For the wrecky of momin. Do not take the name of momin
of his film in front of me; I have never cursed anyone in the life, but I wanted that his
movie gets flopped, he will be in loss that.
Momina. If I would have got that movie on time, I would have done something for Jahangir. Momina, forget it. I cannot forget anything. Aunt has made rice and lentils go and
get it for me, I came here straight from shoot, I will bring it, just select the dress from there,
I will have to wear and go, I do not know what people are thinking, I never have gone out of the set
with other man from the shoot, I have taken so big risk. It is the last risk, when shoot is finish,
work is finish too. you know this industry, they are big scandals, and they make fuss of everything. I know, that is why I do not want that you will work. I do not get it. What? this talk of not doing the work. Aunt told me that you are leaving this industry
and you will not work in future, she was also telling me that she and
uncle is leaving this field and industry. She said that they will leave the work? yes, no one talks to you? to me? Leave it, we will do now, aunty was telling me that
she will leave the acting and singing and uncle is
also leaving the makeup. And then what will they do? Where will they eat? I will support them, look, I know if they will leave the work,
we will have the problems but, Jahangir, after Jahangir, they do not want that
big amount to support the house; I will have no problem to support them. for me everything is not easy faisal. I will make it. Faisal, you do not have an idea, this is not all is easy for us, we have taken so many loans,
I cannot leave the job, How much is the loan? 7 8 lac, I have to return the money,
one by one. I will pay the loan, how much it will be,10 lac, 15 lac, just leave this work. Why will you do faisal? However, why?
He was my brother, I have taken the loans, so why I will take the favor from
anyone and will pay off the loans. Will I give you donation? I consider it as a donation. This is not donation, this is not a donation nor a favor. Just see my hands, do you think I cannot invest, or I do not have the strength to pay off the loans
that why should i take money from you? But you do not earn from hands. Then how I earn? you show your face and body, look momin, today, you are doing television,
tomorrow you will do film, how man see the things on television,
you know that better than me, I am not liberal that
I can tolerate this all.

  • Awesome Drama 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼💯❣😍

  • Mujhe to momin ka dada abu bohat ache lagte hain in ki baten dil me utar jaati hain deep 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👈🏻

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  • Apka life partner itny arsy bd b ap s pyar krta h or chahy k acting chor do qarz b ada kr dy tb b lrki na many, yken'n lrki e glt hai

  • کسی نے نوٹس کیا جہانگیر کی بجائے جانگیر لکھا ہوا تھا؟؟

  • کچھ محسوس ہی نہیں ہوتا
    نہ کوئی اکسائٹمنٹ نہ کوئی خوشی

  • Every Umera Ahmad's Novel guides us with life lessons and bind us to Allah Almighty Best Novelist May She live long! Ameen

  • یہ جھوٹ ہے کہ محبت کسی کو برباد کرتی ہے
    لوگ خود ہی برباد ہو جاتے ہیں محبت حاصل کرتے کرتے

  • ہم اتنے خو بصو رت تو نہیں ہیں صنم
    جسے آ نکھ بھر کے دیکھ لیں اُسے الجھن میں ڈال دیتے ہیں۔

  • آعلی زبردست الف بس حرف نہیں 👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • *Very uplifting conversation between the granson and the grandfather.
    **Why didn't Faisal support her for his brother's treatment?

  • A powerful script by Umera Ahmed,well executed by the entire cast n remarkably directed by Haseeb Hassan. Definitely soul stirring..compels u to introspect. No wonder Hamza chose the script..its relatable fr him n all of us too.

  • In this serial HamzaAliAbbassi is deeply affected by DaDas lectures and he also decided to leave the work in real life . i respect Hamzas decession

  • CGI at 21:05 is literally what i was not expecting from this high level drama production! very bad, spoiled the mood for the rest of the scenes!

    ᎠᏌᏌᎡ ᏚᎬ YᎬᎻ ᏚᎪᎪᏴ ᎠᎬKᎻ ᎪᎪᏢNᎪ ᏟᎾNᎠᎾᎷ ᏞᏌᏞᏞᎪ ᎻᏆᏞᎪ ᎡᎪᎻᎪ ᎢᎻᎪ 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😤🤣🤣🤣🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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