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Alex Honnold of Free Solo Tests His Hand Strength at the Oscars

– Anyway, it tests your grip strength. And I seem to be very
weak with my right hand. Well, that was 75 pounds or so. Squeezing. Let’s try it on this left hand. Oh, that’s weird. My left hand is at 95 pounds. Huh. Let’s try that again. That would explain why I was feelin’ sort of weird in the gym today. I’ve got something. Oh, now, it says 83 with this hand. That’s very unusual. And then 93 again with this hand. Interesting, I’m, like,
it all kinda, like, huh. (muffled speaking) Or my suit is too tight on one side. Yeah, see, it’s like
78 again on this side, but see, my right arm feels a little, I kinda wonder if I’m havin’
like a shoulder thing.


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