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Alex gives Cardo the cold shoulder | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Lola Flora should consider
running for office. – That’s right.
– Sir, good morning. Sir! Good morning, sir. Sir. I hope Lola Flora
decides to run for office. Didn’t you tell us before that she was the former
chairman of your old barangay? Yeah, sir. That way,
Lola Flora can stop Councilor Gina and Chairman
Bart’s illegal activities. Exactly. They’re already
getting on my nerves. We just don’t have the time
to deal with them because we’re too
busy with work. Sir… Why don’t we
arrest them now? Let’s raid their gambling dens
and other illegal businesses… – …so they can get arrested.
– Wait. Wait. It’s not that easy. Remember that Councilor Gina
is holding public office. I’m sure she’s already made
lots of connections by now. Taduran’s right. But that doesn’t mean that
we’ll let them off the hook. If Lola agrees to run
for office and she wins, we will need
to support her so she can restore peace
and order in our barangay. – Ma’am!
– Ma’am. Ma’am, good morning. Good morning. Sir Cardo, it looks like you
and Maj. Romero… …aren’t getting along well. Did you two have
a disagreement? What disagreement? She might be sick
or something. Sir, is she
disappointed with you or jealous at someone? Wangbu, give me a break.
Why would she be? We aren’t even
in a relationship. Sir, you might not think so, but she probably thinks there’s something special
between you two. Drop it, okay? Sir, why don’t you
talk to her instead? She may be having
problems at home. You could help her. Ma’am, can I talk to you? What is it, Dalisay? Ma’am, we noticed that… …you look troubled. Oh, maybe I just woke up on
the wrong side of the bed. Ma’am… We’ve been working together
for a long time already, so we know you well. We know that something
is troubling you. Can I ask what’s wrong? Dalisay, it’s just that… …I feel like I’m doing
something wrong. What do you mean, ma’am? It’s wrong that I always
cook food for you. Maybe you’re just
trying to be polite. And you don’t really find
the food I cook delicious. That’s not true, ma’am. To be honest, your cooking is great.
I really like it. All of us really appreciate
your cooking. Everyone says
you’re a great cook. Really? I thought you guys didn’t
appreciate the things I’m doing. Ma’am, we’re actually
concerned about you. We know how hard it is
to be a police officer and to carry out missions. And yet, you still make time
to cook for all of us. And we really appreciate that. Thank you, Dalisay. Now I know that you guys
really like my cooking. Thank you for making
time for us, ma’am. We really appreciate it. I’ll go back to
my desk now, ma’am.


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