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Alex Borstein Wants to Take Her Pants Off at 2019 Emmys | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-Congratulations. You already won — right? — at the
Creative Emmys. -Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. -He beat me. He beat me out this year. -I know. What was that ride home like? -She beat me last year, so we´re even. -Yeah, we trade. We have wonderful makeup sex, so it´s all good. [ Both laugh ] -How long has this friendship been going on for? -Well, we´ve known each other since ´97? But we´ve been friends for about six months. [ Both laugh ] -That´s right. That´s right. -You´re nominated — still tonight — for “Maisel,” which we
love you in. And when you win, it´s kind of, like, an iconic thing when
you walk to the podium. So, mentally, are we preparing for kind of a new walk? What are you thinking there? -Tonight, I´m gonna take off my pants. -Beg your pardon? -I´m gonna take off my pants. I took off the top last time. I´m gonna remove my pants. -Is that an E! exclusive? -That is a promise…and a threat. -Season 3 in Miami. It´s my hometown. I heard it´s getting a little hot down there. Was it hotter in Miami or hotter here? I saw you put that Instagram photo up. -It was very hot. He hasn´t seen the show. We shot in Miami this year. -Did you know that? It´s a big hit, by the way. -In Miami? -The show is. People watch “Maisel.” He´s the only one who hasn´t. -Support your friend. -You know, I know. I can´t figure out how to get it on my TV. -Well, we can talk to someone about that. -He´s 90. He´s 90. Yeah, it was very hot shooting in Miami, and my character´s
in wool and a leather jacket and a hat, so it wasn´t comfortable. -Okay. Well, come back and talk more, because you guys are
my favorite so far tonight. It´s good to see you. Congratulations on the win. Good luck on the nomination. Have a good night. -Thank you so much. -Alright.


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