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Alan Walker wins 2019 Norwegian Grammy Awards (with subs)

Vote for this year’s song! go to Alan Walker, AU/RA and Tomine Harket for dark side Astrid S for Emotion Ina Wroldsen for strongest K-391 Feat Alan Walker, Julie Bergan and Seungri for Ignite Kygo and Miguel for Remind me to Forget Mads Hansen for sommerkroppen Ruben for Walls Seeb and Dagny for Drink About Sigrid for strangers Sondre Justad for IKKE SOM DE ANDRE To award the prize this year’s Spellemann will be against last year’s Spellemann Astrid S I think I have been here for one year I think winning this prize last year is well worth remembering for the rest of my life I am very proud of having had a prize here and now I am really looking forward to giving it a Service Certificate that is 10, that has been extra visible and active in the music year 2018. And here is the jury’s reason And the winner This year’s Spellemann is for a veteran to count on in his genre despite his young age This is an artist who have collaborated with the largest international stars and played for full houses throughout the world The person has been filmed over two billion times This year’s Spellemann is for one of the most famous artist we have at the same time one is usually on the back logo or face mask we know him again This year’s Spellemann It is Alan Walker!! WOW OK Now I was so insanely nervous. OK. I would first of all like to thank you very much. I do not know how Get it all I want to say in such a short time as I got it But after trying we take the best The last four years The last four years have been completely surreal. Sometimes people ask if I can describe what has happened. It’s totally impossible Everything feels like a dream and just go The boys room would get some of the at least three major music festivals to spread joy through common languages ​​like we all know as a music and therefore should give a big thank you, to the manager, so it says that Gunnar Greve He is my best friend, friend and business partner and further that will hold my management and company with an incredibly talented manager A very special thanks to Jesper Anders and Fredrik and
all the others who have the same goods in stock in the song we have slept all over the world recently And I would like to wish that I can continue this journey It has been absolutely magical My gratitude to all the vocalists of all the artists who have contributed and participated in my songs and in this so many will specially the top Iselin Solheim Julie Bergen Tomine Harket Emilie Hollow Isak and Jesper Borgen together together we showed that one can make international hit songs with Norwegian Vocalists and at the same time grab such things with here in Norway so fantastic job and are very grateful for that effort Both those who slaughter and those who praise my songs criticism is an important part for me and my career in this music industry Dear mom, dad, Viivi, Camilla, Andreas and the whole extended family thanks to make the world’s best supporters to keep the calm of the madness we find together and in the end so thank the spellemann’s committee And every one we fan out there looked a bit for my music and one thing that one hundred percent sure is that without seeing it nothing possible Thank you very much

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