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Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo Theatrical Trailer – Allu Arjun, Pooja Hegde | Trivikram | Thaman S

My son will “Always” live like a King… Hey! We are middle class people… There will be many tensions and pressures… We should put our head down and carry on… From my childhood, I never felt content and exasperated, “Aha!” in pure bliss! Is your father at home? Father… Asked me to say that he is not at home… If you don’t know how to tell at least simple lies in daily life, how will you live in this world, son? It is scary to tell the “Truth”… … but if we never say it, we will live in fear all-the-time Acha! You always tell the truth? Yes, he speaks out only when it is true! Women and mother Earth are the only TWO things in Universe, who can CREATE. To such heavenly beings, we should surrender completely and follow. We should never fight with them! I will give my son whatever he wishes for If someone tries to stop me, then … “Greatest battles are with closest people” We always fight with people whom we feel like “our” own The msg says, “Call me when free” Yeah, she said let’s talk when we are absolutely free, where is controversy in that? She wrote, “Baby” in the end and followed it up with “red heart” emoji at end of the message Just at that Moment… Tiger entered into the scene… ….And it killed the Goat Pchh … Whistling won’t be enough for this… … We need loud & pulsating BGM with hi-motion frames of coat flying like a cape… I will plan it all … You just follow me brother


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