Ajju Goat Farm Wins India's Most Popular GoatMaker Award

hi welcome to FSA entertainment this is the next edition of the a physical calming award Cinda this time they're giving away the award for the most popular goat makeup based on the 2018 performance and we have mama that we can to give away the award Allah muhammadun AV over that again the most popular good Meghan award and we entertained from FSA entertainment off this is the award lemme show his most popular it's laminated looks like this does not mean it's a channel 3 Ibaka banana Mallahan whoa no bunny OpCo person via yogi object is a performance for the TV both ot interaction later to some other h.e.r.b.i.e so yeah Dania Manito meteor thank you so much my hobby how much you appreciate catering Jellico etiquette euphoria party so much thank you


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