AJ Gives the Coaches Their End of Series Awards! | The Voice Kids UK 2019

how are you I'm super fresh are you always okay yeah your nightdress the same yeah we like coordinated glad you got the memo chocolate and chocolate and men the live final of the kids voice can't you care scheana I wanna see everything's been by [Applause] one day two days I'm here yeah no but yeah like I mean it's been amazing it means we've done great things we've done all sweetened twice we do lots of fun sergeant's you really have me I was joking around like just for entertainment you know how to add an entertainment to the show you know yeah Jesse you feel pushed out right now don't worry I'm about to bring it back because today is like the graduation night it's graduation I've got awards for you all okay this is a school I've got Awards right so the first award goes to the coach who is literally the best picture this person has not dropped the ball that's been singing there's been rapping there's been motivational talks that what goes to the one the only Jessie J it's useful now just watch watch the obstacles that we can widen it for the crew good sorta award goes to the coach with the fastest finger in the game is not wasted a single seconds to not say boom it goes till I am I'm sort of there there's a daddy and mrs. Jones the next one bye this one goes to the biggest fan this person has just been very fun fun very exciting very excited about the contestants my mistake the winner is [Applause] more of a fun then I couldn't even find go of like Danny and Jesse of will I was like yeah that's me is fun bug they're always lost in this final award goes to the person he was really giving everything to that burden they have pressed that bone with their chest with their feet with their baby who that award goes to press the button with your baby yeah baby baby the best button-pusher I'm the fastest finger on the button yeah you're the biggest fun bestest and you're the best pitch yeah and I'm the bestest you're just the best

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