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Airaa Movie Horror Scenes | Nayanthara | Kalaiyarasan | Yogi Babu | Kulappulli Leela | Tamil Movies

Okay, sir Open up, it’s the Police! Open up! We might have to do it our way How did the door open on its own? Come Is someone there? Come out! I said, come out What was that sound? Open the cupboard Sir? – Go on
– I’m scared, sir Stupid cat! Sir, what is that sound? – Sir, let’s not go further
– We’ll see what it is – I think someone’s just switched it on
– What? Yes sir – Inform the Station
– Okay sir Who’s that? – Sir, I can’t run
– Come on… What is all this? Sir, I’m scared.
Let’s leave – Call for backup
– Yes, sir We aren’t getting signal Start the car! Hurry, let’s go! Good job, grandma! Yamuna! Grandma! Yamuna! Grandma! Grandma! Granny… Granny… – Yamuna, save us!
– Open the door Mom! Dad! Leave us Why are you torturing me? What did I do to you? What do you want? I know your childhood was harsh Everybody wants happiness in life.
But not everyone gets it Everybody aspires to live happily But when happiness eludes you
all your life… …life in itself becomes an aspiration


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